What to do if your pet is missing

Act immediately! Do not assume your pet will return home on its own!

Contact all local city and county pounds to report that your pet has been lost and to see if your animal has been impounded.

Animals don't know city boundaries so it is important that you contact all surrounding pounds. Also, animals can be picked up by good Samaritans who transport them elseware and then the animal gets away from them.

West Fargo  701-282-2898
Fargo & Cass County 701-232-7312
Moorhead & Clay County 218-236-9059

Impounded animals are only kept for a few days before they are either euthanized or released to an animal rescue group. If your animal has been impounded, be prepared to pay necessary fees. Typically, you will be charged an impound fee, a boarding fee for each day it is cared for, and an additional penalty fee if your pet is not properly vaccinated and licensed.

It is helpful if you actually go and visit the local pound every couple of days. Your description of your pet and theirs may not necessarily match. Thus, you must go look. Provide them a picture of your pet with a phone number that you can be contacted at.

If you adopted a dog from 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, please notify us ASAP at 701-367-8217.

Advertise that your pet is lost.

KFGO radio station will announce your lost pet on the air and place an announcement on its website at http://www.kfgo.com/kfgo-pet-patrol.php

Place an ad in The Forum newspaper classifieds in the Lost & Found section. This can easily be done from their website https://classifieds.forumcomm.com/forum/wfcategory.aspx Monitor the Found section to see if anyone is advertising finding your pet http://www.inforum.com/event/classifieds_results/classification/0080

Post flyers at area businesses and appropriate places in your neighborhood. Include a picture along with description (breed,sex,age), location your pet was last seen, and your phone number, on the flyer. Consider putting your cell phone number on the id tag. This way you can take your cell phone with you when you are looking for your animal and avoid missing a call that gives you a current location of your pet.

Most grocery stores have community bulletin boards on which you can post flyers. You may need to go to the Customer Service desk to ask permission or to have an employee post it.

Hand out flyers in the neighborhood in which your pet was lost or last seen.

Notify all vet clinics in your area as a good Samaritan may have come across an injured animal and brought it in for medical treatment.

Advertise your lost pet on various pet-related websites such as Petfinder.com