3rd Annual Pet Portrait Contest ~ Announcing the Winners!

Beauty and the Beast

1st Place: “Playing Dress Up” – Kristi Torgerson

2nd Place: “Little Girl and Yellow Lab” – Brenda Sukut

Honorable Mentions: “A Girls’ Love for Dogs…”- Kylie Nissen and “Jed & Roxie” – Randi Heller

Picture (Too) Perfect

1st Place: “Betty at the Horse Show, ‘Can we go home now, Mom?’ ” – Julie Zaun

2nd Place: “Mia & Jayde” – Lindsey Peterson

Honorable Mentions: “Curious with Nature” – Amber Sharp and “Today was a Fairy Tale” – Justine

LOL – Laugh Out Loud

1st Place: “Is it a predator? No just a napping bulldog!” – Alicia Graves

2nd Place: “Will the real bear please stand up?” – Susie Wiedl

Honorable Mentions: “Oliver Getting Chased by Bruzer” – Stacie Folmer and “Better Than a Boppy!”
- Laura Kahn

Winning Photo Entries

Click the image for a description.


Thank you to everyone who entered the contest.
It was fun to see all of the adorable pictures!

To see all the photo entries… click here!

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