Happy Tail Stories!

Below are “Happy Tail” stories about dogs adopted from the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who have found their forever home. If you adopted a dog from us and would like to share your “Happy Tail” story with us, please email pics and a brief write-up to happytail@4luvofdog.org.

Happy Tail for Ozzie (Gus)

Ozzie (fomerly ‘Gus’) has made a quick transition to living in his forever home. Any doubts about his interaction with other dogs have been alleviated as he has made great friends at the local dog park. He goes on frequent walks around Concordia’s campus, so I’ve made him an honorary Cobber, complete with gold collar! He loves his treats, especially when it comes to learning sit, stay, and lay down – skills he’s learning very well. He loves to be brushed and got his first professional grooming, and boy is he a stud now! Anyone who knows him from his previous pictures are sure to agree!

Thank you so much 4 Luv of Dog and especially those who helped me most (you know who you are). I am so grateful to have a wonderful companion like Ozzie in my life. And we can both agree “there’s no place like home.”

~Corey and Ozzie



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Happy Tail for Char

Char seems to be adjusting well to our house. She’s keeping our 10 1/2 year old lab on her toes because Char wants to play so often. They get pretty wild together sometimes!! Char loves being able to run around the yard and find sticks in the woods – much different than her puppy days in an apartment. Our girls really love her and she is very affectionate with them.

Char went out hunting with my husband for the first time. She had fun following the seasoned hunting dogs and just sniffing around. And, even though she’s too young to really hunt this year, she’ll still get to go out pheasant hunting in ND with my husband. I’m sure she’ll enjoy getting out in the fields.

~ Terri

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Happy Tail for Molly

Molly is the little gray teddy bear in the picture. Max is the little fox, Ellie is the beautiful little pug mix and Leo is my little referee (cuz he’s black and white and helps keep everyone in line).

Molly is a joy to have in our house and fits in well with our other three. Of course, they are not dogs to us, but our babies. We always wanted a big family and I think we are set. I am so glad that you guys rescue animals and give them loving homes and I am glad that I am a crazy dog lady that checks your website all the time because those two things helped us find Molly. I love how she is the youngest in the house and she is the one to lay down first. It is adorable how when Ellie is sleeping that Molly will go up to her and give her a big sloppy kiss and then they chase each other around until its time to flop back down again.


There aren’t words to express how much I love these babies of ours and Molly has made us feel complete. Sometimes four dogs is a lot to handle but the rewards that come out of it are worth it. Thank you so much again from the bottom of our hearts. I didn’t think we could find another dog with such a goofy personality to fit in with this house full of weirdos (me and my husband included LOL) but she is a perfect fit.

Thank You !!!


~ Love, Greg, Darcy, Ellie, Max, Leo and Molly

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Happy Tail for Riley

Just wanted to thank you again for finding me such a great home. My family is so wonderful and I keep reminding them that it wasn’t me who was rescued…..I rescued them!

They even renamed me the perfect name because I’m now…

…living the life of Riley!

Love, Riley E.

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Happy Tail for Kieba

We adopted Kieba 3 months ago. We can’t imagine what we did without her! She is the sweetest dog. Kieba gets along great with her little sister dog, Josie. They LOVE to run and play together!

Thank you for the good work you do to match up dogs with new homes.


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Happy Tail for Labeau

We are so thankful to 4 Luv of Dog for bringing Lambeau into our family! When we adopted Lambeau he was only 3 months old and had the biggest paws we had ever seen on a puppy. He is now 9-months old and hasn’t grown into his paws completely, but he has grown very much in the past 6 months. Lambeau LOVES to fetch tennis balls in the water. When we take him swimming, he has a difficult time deciding if he should chase the tennis balls, the birds, or the kids. Usually, he opts to chase everyone and everything equally. It’s been an excellent way for Lambeau to burn off much of his puppy energy!!

Lambeau has also been going to doggie school. His manners aren’t always reflective of his family (wink, wink) so he’s been learning to walk nicely on a leash (a challenge), stay on command (nearly impossible), not jump up on strangers (way too difficult), and sit nicely for a rub (this is actually coming along nicely)!! We’ve already decided that Lambeau would benefit from a couple sessions of doggie school!

Lambeau has brought so much joy to our family. He was the missing piece in our family that we didn’t even realize was missing until he came into our home.

We are so looking forward to all the years ahead with Lambeau and again want to thank 4 Luv of Dog for all they do!!

~The Manson Family

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Happy Tail for Carter

I thought it was about time that I write in an update about Buddy (formally known as Carter!!) We adopted this happy little boy back in March, his tail has not stopped wagging since!

Buddy was very thin when we adopted him (He was found wandering in town and ended up at the pound where no one claimed him….4LuvofDog came to the rescue!) but he has since filled out and looks much healthier. Buddy has three playmates to help keep him busy, Mimi Jo (pictured with him in the backyard) and Bridget.

He is a bundle of energy who loves to play with his toys and chewtoys. We have a fenced-in backyard which allows them lots of area to run. He never stops showing his affection and has such a good disposition. The only problem we have had is occasional “excitement peeing” which we are working on with him. He really is a sweetheart and a great addition to our family!

Thank you 4LuvofDog for rescuing him so that we were able to give him a good home and for all the other work that you do!

~ Audrey

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Happy Tail for Dixie

Dixie is adapting well. We are having a few problems but thats because of her being in the puppy stage. She’s chewed through 2 pairs of slippers, 2 remotes, a cushion on my antique couch, and the bottom of the metal kennel we keep her in during the day. Otherwise she doing good. Very loving and needs to be the center of attention. She’s actually getting, Revo, our 8 year old lab, to play a little more. They’re starting to become like family to each other.

She gets to sleep with Tom and I at night. During the day, she’s kenneled. But thats only during the week. Otherwise she’s free to roam.

She loves to eat the raspberries off the bushes or out of the bowl while we’re picking. She’s made a path through the patch. She lays in there while she waits for the bunnies to come out. She hasn’t caught one yet, but keeps trying. She seems to be very happy. We just love her.

~ Denise

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Happy Tail for Lucy

Lucy has been doing great. She loves Addy to death. We think she is very happy at her new home. She greets us whenever we come home and is still very excited to go on long walks and runs. She even got us more active which will benefit us. Camping was great, she was a hit at the campground. Everyone commented on how good looking she was.

Again thank you for everything you did with her.


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Happy Tail for Bubba

There are no words that I can type here that can express how much our family LOVES him. Bubba’s daily routine starts out with a joyful greeting from him with a random toy in his mouth. Bubba goes for a walk, bike ride, and/or jog everyday. He is looking pretty fit considering how overweight he was when we first got him. Bubba loves his kitty friends and sometimes our cat, Tom, will come and tattle on Bubba because he has one of the cat toys. We will see a little toy mouse tail sticking out the side of Bubba’s mouth and it is hilarious!

We took Bubba to Shaggy’s Dog Wash. He was so happy to be there, I have included pictures. We were told that he was the best behaved dog they’d seen in a long time. He got to pick-out a “cookie” and a bag of Waggy Tail’s treats.

I could go on and on all day about Bubba….he is the BEST dog and BEST friend a family could ever ask for. We are so glad that we saw his picture on the 4luvofdog website.

Thank you, ~~The Kjono family

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Happy Tail for Bailey

We found Bailey the Beagle on the 4 Luv of Dog courtesy posting page. His former owners loved him every much but decided it was in Bailey’s best interest to find a home that had more time to devote to him, since they have a small child and both work full time. We are so fortunate to have found Bailey and love him so much. His former owners obviously put a lot of care and work into this little guys life and we couldn’t ask for a more well behaved, sweet natured dog. Bailey now spends his days going for walks, cuddling, and playing with his many doggie park friends and his new family. He seems to love his new mama and papa as much as we love him. He sleeps with us every night, under the covers at our feet. The best foot warmer ever! And he ever runs out of kisses and love to express to his many admirers!

Thank you 4 Luv Of Dog for all of your hard work and dedication to our area dogs! We wouldn’t have found our new Beagle Bailey without it! Bailey says a big OOOOOOoooo! in his best Beagle bay in your honor! Thank you!!

~~Sara, Brian, and Bailey Abrams

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Happy Tail for Luna

I just wanted to write you and say thank you so much for Luna! She has been such an amazing dog and so loving! She fits right in with other dogs and loves everyone! She picks up on commands very quickly and has learned so many tricks! She knows to bow, wave, high five *both paws*, play dead, touch, and many others! It only takes a day or two to teach her things, she is still very puppy-ish though and gets confused sometimes. She tries her hardest to please everyone and always puts a smile on your face! Whenever I go out, I get the usual stares and “your brave for owning a pitbull” but it only takes a few minutes for them to be around her to completely change their minds, she is an awesome role model for Pit Bulls everywhere! So thanks for saving her and letting me adopt her! Keep up the good work!


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Happy Tail for Romando

Romando has got quite the personality now, and also loves “playing” (touching noses) with my guinea pig Tort. He’s got a few stuffed toys that are his favorite. He’ll pull them out of the basket where I keep them, and chase them all over my apartment. He’s made friends with most of the people in my apartment building, including a group of ladies who sit in the parlor in the evenings by the fireplace. As we go out at night, he looks to see if they are there, and he then has to visit each of them, getting as much attention from them as possible. We’re waiting for the snow to finally melt so we can go for walks in the park. My sister bought him the St. Patrick’s bandana, and he wore that when we went to the Fargo St. Patrick’s Day parade. He met a lot of new people there, and got lots of attention from them! His skin owies have all healed now, and there is hair growing back on them. It is amazing how well things healed. He now looks like a dog now, instead of a scared little dog. I’m so glad I was able to adopt him!



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Happy Tail for Hugo

Hugo is such a great dog! I’m so happy I was able to provide him with a home. My family and everyone who comes over loves him! He’s always ready to lick your face and give you big hugs. I have been training him ever since I was able to adopt him. When people come to my front door, I have trained him to sit at the end of the stairs and wait for them to get up the stairs and then he can say hi. A few tricks I’ve taught him are roll over, beg, sit, lay, pray, crawl on the floor for a treat, and he also knows how to stay. Hugo is a very smart, but sometimes stubborn puppy; it did not take very long to accomplish these tricks.

Lately I’ve been taking him on walks outside to get exercise and he does well. He even has a best friend named Lybie. She is a 3 year old pure-bred red nose pit bull just like Hugo. They are always playing with each other and having a great time. Neither Lybie or Hugo show aggression. Once again thank you for letting me adopt Hugo. To me, adopting an animal is the greatest thing that anyone could do, and I’m glad that I was able to adopt Hugo.

~~ Courtney

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Happy Tail for Ruby

I thought it was about time I wrote in with my happy tale on Ruby! She is a wonderful dog. Right from the start she was a good fit in my home. She quickly became the favorite with the cats, I think because she likes to nibble on them and they absolutely love it. It’s just like someone giving them a good massage. They often will groom her in return. She puts up with Taffy’s rough housing and also with Angel’s attitude! As you can see from the photo, they really are good friends. I thought my four legged family was complete with two dogs, but Ruby proved me wrong and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you so much for all you do to help homeless dogs. Keep up the great work!

~~ Karen

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Happy Tail for Stormy

Just thought you might like an update on Stormy! Storm is a wonderful dog! She has grown a few inches taller and longer, and gotten a little bit wider, and is really healthy. We just had her spayed through PAAWS this fall, and she did great. Although it was a little tough to keep her activity level down while healing, as she is a really playful and active dog! Plenty of rawhides helped her though that! Her and our other dog Blue play constantly, they are definitely best buddies.

As for her training, she is crate and house trained and she knows sit, stay, up, off, down, backup, and leave it. We are working on high five, but shes not consistent with it just yet! She is a very funny dog, every now and then, when we are at our shop, she will just jump up on something and sit or lay on it, like on the hood of the car or a table! She follows you everywhere you go, and will even get in the shower with you given the opportunity! She also loves car rides, especially when we open the moon roof in the car and she can stick her head out the top and feel the wind! Again thank you for allowing us to adopt Storm, she has been a great addition to our family!


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Happy Tail for Sammy

My husband and I adopted Sammy a year ago this past December. When we first brought home he was a very scared dog, not even being able to play with the dog toys we bought him. Through the months he began to realize that we are his forever home and not at all like whatever he was exposed to in the past. We took him to obedience training and got all the way to novice (yay Sammy!) and also began therapy dog training.

Sammy is a very lively dog and loves playing with his toys and his humans. He is a very sweet dog as well, cuddling with anyone that will have him! He loves giving kisses and playing fetch. He is the most himself when both “mom” and “dad” are with him and does have a habit of looking out the
window for our cars!

The pictures we have sent in are Sammy this past Christmas as well as Sammy at the lake (the fish really intrigued him!). We really love Sammy and are so happy that he has found his forever home and has blossomed over the past year. Thank you so much!

~~ Katie

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Happy Tail for Zeke (Bill)

I thought I’d send you our blizzard picture. Zeke (left, formerly known as Bill) is feeling better, but I’m not sure he knows yet that he is home for good. He had a tough time staying out long enough this weekend to do his business, but he didn’t mess in the house. Over the last week, he was been able to hold his urine all day while we were at work and he has never pooped in the house!

This morning he actually stood in between Stella and Too for “treats” (actually a vitamin). And when my sister’s dog came over for a few hours Satruday night, he and Zeke got along very well.

Anyway, we love him a lot and enjoy seeing him come out of his shell a little at a time (we just wish he’d hurry – no kisses yet). Thank you for letting us adopt him. Merry Christmas!

~~Karen and Wayne

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Happy Tail for Aiko

Well, it’s only been almost a year now and I am finally getting around to thanking you for letting me foster/adopt Aiko. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him, and soon after starting as his foster, it became apparent that I couldn’t let him go.

Telling my parents I was adopting a Pit Bull made them a bit leery. They said I should be careful when adopting “Damaged Goods”, dogs that in their mind, might have been in the pound for a good reason. Not believing that any breed is “created evil” I took the plunge and adopted him. Everywhere I go I get compliments on how gorgeous he is and how well behaved. Aiko is an amazing dog, patient ,happy-go-lucky, and always willing to please. He is changing people’s perspectives with every kiss he gives and “paw” he shakes. It is because of his temperament and determination to make me, his owner, happy that he has excelled in Obedience classes and has even earned his AKC Canine Good Citizenship.

He gets along fine with other dogs and cats, as well as kids and strangers. I never thought my first dog would be a Pit Bull, but I am sure glad he was. It’s just a shame that the eagerness to please and do whatever the owner wants is this wonderful breed’s gift, and curse. Slowly, the world will convert, one blind eye at a time to the wonders of adopting “damaged goods”. Your organization is simply amazing and You are changing the world, one happy wagging tail at a time. I thank you from the bottom of All our hearts, Especially Aiko’s. ~~Renae

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Happy Tail for Chester

Thank you so much for allowing us to bring Chester (formerly Gizmo) into our home! He is a wonderful dog, and we can barely remember what life was like before him. He a very happy boy and adjusted in no time to his new living arrangements. Some of his favorite things are sunbathing at the lake (but not swimming!), going for long walks, and playing at the dog park with Tina and Karen’s dogs. We also have three rescued cats in our home and while they took a little longer to accept our new canine addition, you can see Chester’s sweet personality even won them over. With Chester being our first dog, we had lots of questions. Everyone at 4 Luv of Dog was extremely helpful and patient to us as new dog “parents.” You all do such an amazing job. We are so grateful you were able to save Chester and let him be a part of our family. THANK YOU again! ~~ Laura

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