Happy Tail Stories!

Below are “Happy Tail” stories about dogs adopted from the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who have found their forever home. If you adopted a dog from us and would like to share your “Happy Tail” story with us, please email pics and a brief write-up to happytail@4luvofdog.org.

Happy Tail for Nigel!




This month marks a year since I adopted Nigel. He was a very nervous dog in the beginning. He is still apprehensive around new people but he is totally relaxed at home now. He very quickly showed that he is a big snuggler at night. Nigel enjoys playing fetch with his toys, chasing bunnies, pointing at birds, and barking at squirrels. When Nigel arrived Rupert gained a snuggle buddy and shadow. Nigel loves having Rupert as his leader. He also finds Rupert convenient as a pillow when they nap and as his hurdle when he zooms around the yard. Thanks to 4 Luv of Dog for taking care of him until I found him!


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Happy Tail for Bram!

PicsArt_1483206462468In late October, my dad, who has volunteered with the rescue for many years, told me about a road trip he was taking to rescue a male dog. A few days later, just out of curiosity, I checked the 4 Luv website to see if the dog he’d rescued was listed. I saw Bram (formerly Braham), and, based on my dad’s description, thought he might be the one. Turns out, he wasn’t. I showed his picture to a couple of my friends, because I thought he looked like such a sweetie, and that was that. Or so I thought. 

Three weeks passed, and I had not been able to get Bram off my mind. I wasn’t looking to adopt a dog. His wasn’t the first listing I’d seen from a rescue. Lots of dogs, sadly, need homes. But there was something about him that wouldn’t leave me alone. After more than a week of questioning myself and my capabilities, and talking with friends, I decided I had to try to give him a home. He’s large, he’s black, he’s a senior, and he’s cosmetically flawed, which, to many, means he’s unadoptable. I knew I could not sit back and not at least try to save his life. So, I submitted an application.
Bram and I met on November 22, 2016. A friend of mine captured our meeting on video. It was love at first sight. He gave me his ball – something I was told he just did not do, and I knew I was chosen. He came home with me on November 23. On the drive, he didn’t stop smiling. He leaned over and licked the side of my face. I cried, and promised him (yes, out loud) that I’d take care of him for the rest of his life.
Today is February 15. To this day, he has not had one accident or marking incident in our home. He hasn’t chewed anything he shouldn’t, damaged the apartment or anything in it, or been aggressive. He greets people at the door with sniffs and kisses instead of barks and jumps. He’s been a great listener and learned from the start, and only improved with his weekly classes at Down Dog, from which he’s since graduated. Everyone who’s met him loves him, and he’s become something of a social media star. Facebook and “Instabram” posts about him are always hits, and I get requests for pictures and videos of him on Snapchat almost daily. This “unadoptable” dog is the ultimate good boy, despite a rough history.
In addition to the notches on his ears, Bram has a lot of external scarring around his neck from either a chain or a rope being used on him at some point in his life. He also has internal scarring, which caused a limp and limited mobility in his back right leg, from some kind of injury. There are a handful of physical and behavioral issues that point to an unfortunate history of abuse.
Still, in spite of these things, he dances when I scratch or rub his rump and hips, and he perks up his ears, smiles, gives me kisses, and wags his tail when I scratch or rub his neck while telling him that he’s my beautiful boy. He now sits, lies down, and climbs stairs with ease, and his limp is long gone. His resiliency inspires me. I love him so much, and am so grateful that I found him. We’ve been together for almost three months now, but it only took a few days before I had a hard time picturing my life without him in it. 4 Luv didn’t just change his life – they changed mine. We are both “furever” thankful.

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Happy Tail for Barrett!



Barrett has been in his forever home for almost a month now, and already we can’t imagine our lives without him! Barrett really enjoys running and playing in the snow and coming to work with his moms. He touches the lives of the residents living in the nursing home we work at with each visit. Barrett has done amazingly well adjusting to his new home that is so full of love for him. He also enjoys watching animal planet and making new friends on our walks in the park. Barrett loves to cuddle and currently weighing in at 49 pounds, somebody forgot to tell him that he’s not a tiny lap dog haha! Also included is a picture of Barrett from one of his first nights home with us and we soon realized his passion for makeup particularly my bronzer haha!  We have never met a more friendly and silly pup before and we are beyond blessed to make him part of our family! 

Posted by admin on February 15th, 2017 @ 11:58 am

Happy Tail for Vader!




Vader (previously Thatcher) came into our lives on July 26 when he was just 8 weeks old and we couldn’t be more thankful! He is truly a blessing and growing into such a smart and adorable dog. 

He spent his first summer at the lakes and loves it out there, but not too sure yet about all the water since he was so young. However, he ABSOLUTELY LOVES sunbathing. He also enjoys going for walks/runs, working out with mama, going to doggy daycare and the dog park. He is extremely friendly and plays well with other dogs. Vader also found his way up to our bed (which we said we would never do haha) and he quickly claimed his spot between us. Vader is a quick learner and doing very well with training.
We are forever grateful for 4 Luv of Dogs and everything they do for all the dogs they take in.
Thank you,
Shannon and Tyler 

Posted by admin on February 11th, 2017 @ 8:49 am

Happy Tail for Matthew!

Desktop12Hello friends, it is Matthew here checking in. When I first came to 4 Luv of Dogs, I was in pretty bad shape, but boy has my life changed since then! Thanks to 4 Luv of Dogs rescue and my wonderful foster moms, I am a happy and healthy boy and I live everyday to the fullest! 

I moved into my forever home in April and it didn’t take me long to feel right at home. My mom and dad chose not to rename me, but have given me the nickname of Matthew McConaughey (I am assuming it’s because I am so handsome).  

In my forever home, I have a brother Simon and a sister Daisy. My sister Daisy is my best friend and we have so much fun playing together, we could play all day.  Since being in my forever home, I have really come out of my shell. If one of my humans forgets to play with me,  I am sure to remind them of how much I love to play. In my spare time, I enjoy chasing after chipmunks, taking my human’s for a walk, and taking naps on my favorite blanket.

I am eternally grateful to my friends who saved me at 4 Luv of Dogs rescue! Without the dedicated volunteers and donors from 4 Luv of Dogs, I would have not had my second chance. 

Much Love,


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Happy Tail for Betsy Rose!



 My name is Betsy Rose; I was called Betty White when I was living with you but when I came to live with Grama Jo, she changed my name.  I love to sit on the back of the couch and look out of the window where I can see a lot of the neighborhood.  A beagle named Lucy lives next door and we don’t hit it off too well.  I like to go for walks with Gram and also for rides in the car. 
We go to the Dairy Queen once a week and I get a puppy sundae with a milk bone.  Gram gets a pecan mudslide and one day when she wasn’t looking, I took a lick of her sundae; it was very good. 
My cousin Amber volunteers and she is an officer for the MN Humane Society.  She is the one who told Gram Jo about me and so here I am loving my new home.
Gram says that I am definitely a keeper and I haven’t had an accident in the house in the 16 months she’s had me.  She tells everyone about me and tells people to choose a pet from the shelter, you won’t be sorry !!
Betsy Rose

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Happy Tail for Simon!

 Simon snugglingI’m Rosemary and just wanted to let you know that Simon the Chihuahua, who was adopted by me in August 2014 from 4 lov of dog, is really doing well here. The last 2 years have flown by.

Simon is 10 years old now and shares the home with my husband, our other rescue Frankie the Minpin (from Marshmallow Foundation in DL)  We’ve had Frankie for 6 years now.  We have a 13 year old cat since she was a kitten, Bella, as well.   Simon doesn’t like cats (he ignores them totally)  NOR does he like men with baseball caps on.   We all have our quirks.

Simon is enjoying either sitting in the sunspots with his brother (Frankie) or napping contentedly in bed with Frankie.  And then he likes to protect us all from baby bunnies that are outside and then also loves to snuggle in the evenings.  He also enjoys eating,  ear scratches and walks in the yard. 

I wish everyone would know that to adopt a senior dog is all pure joy and I’m glad that I get to have them in our lives.

Thanks again for allowing us to have Simon join our family.  He has a great retirement! 

Rosemary Sandau

Posted by admin on June 24th, 2016 @ 3:26 pm

Happy Tail for Milo!



Milo, formerly Tricks, is approaching 9 months and has been with me for 6 now. He has grown into a goofy 40 pound puppy. Milo graduated puppy kindergarten and loves his trips to the park. He gets to attend doggy daycare on rainy days and crashes as soon as he gets home from playing with his doggy friends all day. He is truly one of the happiest dogs. After our lab mix passed away, Milo made our house a home again and I am one proud dog mom! Thanks, 4 luv of dog, for rescuing Milo and all the other wonderful dogs you find homes for!

Posted by admin on May 31st, 2016 @ 9:19 am

Happy Tail for Jack!




I adopted Captain Jack Sparrow (Jack for short) on March 5th, and could not be happier! He is the best snuggler, and loves to chase birds! He was a little nervous at first around other people and other dogs, but I know understand that his bark is more than his bit! He loves attention, and loves to chase my parents’ three dogs around their yard!

Jack also loves going on car rides with me, and we go on lots of walks to see all of the little critters that he wishes he could chase. He LOVES his squeaky bone, and he is the goofiest little dog that chases a flashlight around the house! I am really glad that I could give Jack a comfortable home where he has been able to relax, be extremely loved,and grow into a better behaved dog! 
Jack has been a great thing for me in my life, and I know that I will love him forever. He has definitely found his forever home in my heart!

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Happy Tail for Poppy!

Poppy (formerly known as Paisley) came into our lives in January of 2016. She has been such a blessing in our household and it is hard to remember life without her here. She is truly one of the family! Poppy is so smart and loving. She is a pro at all sorts of tricks and is learning more and more each day. She is a people pleaser and loves to perform, she is even learning to sniff out deer sheds! Some of Poppy’s favorite activities and tricks include: playing fetch, going on runs, completing commands: sit, stay, shake, rollover, wait, lay down (that might be because of the treat that follows!) But just as importantly, Poppy loves a good nap and boy can she snore! 
There has been absolutely no learning curves for Poppy and she has been an absolute dream. We are excited for warmer weather so we can enjoy even more outdoor activities with Poppy. We learned recently, on my parent’s farm in Montana, that she is a fan of hiking and having some unleashed roaming time in the openness! A group picture has been difficult to come by because we are always out actively having fun and it is hard to sit still, but we included an attempt as well as a few others!
We would like to thank 4 Luv of Dog for helping bring Poppy into out lives and a big thank you for doing what you do everyday!
Jenna & Jared

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Happy Tail for Buddy!



In March, we celebrated our one year anniversary of the adoption our four legged baby, Buddy (formerly known as Chandler Bing).  He is a lab/retriever mix who is about 4 years old.  He is the most kind, gentle, most loving companion one could only dream of.  He absolutely loves to play ball and doesn’t go very far without one.  His “smile” always put a smile on our face.  He is the one constant in our life, always giving unconditional love.

When we decided to look for a dog for our home,  we originally looked around and kept our options open.  We then discussed that we wanted a rescue dog.  We reached out to 4 the Luv of Dogs and the rest is history.  Words cannot describe how thankful we are that we did.  The love that a rescue has for their furever family is a love that one can’t describe,  only experiance.  It’s truly hard to imagine life before our baby, Buddy.

I would like to thank 4 the Luv of Dogs volunteers and for the work that you do for these dogs.  There is a special place in heaven for each and every one of you.  I would also like to thank Buddy’s Foster family and foster mom, Karen, for the loving home they provided Buddy during his adoption process.  It was very evident the love and care you gave  Buddy during his adoption process.

Thank you again,

John, Janelle, Noah and Buddy

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Happy Tail for Rose!

Rose came to us as a foster in July, 2014, from a local pound; they told us she was a horrible matted mess before they shaved her down.  It must’ve felt great to get all that yucky stuff taken off!  She was nearly blind but an ophthalmologist determined she had a disease called SARDS (sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome). 
It took a few months but she learned to trust us and realize that she was safe.  Our dogs had to learn how to give her space because she treated anything that bumped into her as a threat.  We have all come a very long way since then!
In December 2015 we decided we just couldn’t let her go so she became a Merkel!  She definitely has her quirks and can be grumpy and grouchy but she is our little cuddle bug, grumps, grouches, quirks and all!

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Happy Tail for Freyja!

Desktop5Freyja (previously Michonne) joined our family April 6th, 2015 and it has never been the same.  Our time together started out a bit rough, as she had not had much in the way of behavior training and had no idea how to let us know what she wanted.  After joining training classes and spending lots of time working with her, Freyja has come leaps and bounds from where she was when she first stepped into our home.

Since getting her we have learned that Freyja will do just about anything for food, except roll over.  She loves to swim at the lake, go out on boating trips, and loves long walks.  She has even made a few dog friends at the dog park, which is somewhat difficult for her. 

In October of 2015, we went on a road trip to Boulder, CO.  Once we were in Boulder, she got to go on a hike in the mountains and we even found a fenced in dog park with a walking trail and a lake.  Needless to say, she was in heaven!

Freyja has changed our lives so much in the year that we have had her and we cannot imagine ourselves with any other dog.  She has tons of energy and it has inspired us to become more active, to spend more time doing what she likes to do.


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Happy Tail for Merle!




Hello, I’m Merle ….formerly known as Bono.  Just wanted you to know I’m loving my new home with my mom and new brother Odin. I have lots of fun with them both, I love my food, bed and toys. Odin and I play in the back yard and lay in the sun on the porch.  Mom takes us for rides in the car and it’s awesome because we each have our own dog bed in the back seat, but I prefer to lay right next to Odin cuz I love him.  I would like to thank 4 luv of dogs and my foster mom Corrine for taking such good care of me.  The picture shows me in my new shirt with my brother. Love, Merle

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Happy Tail for Watson!



It has just been a month since I found my new family and I have settled in pretty darn easily.  My name is Watson (formerly Tank), and I am the pumpkin colored, four year old Bullmastiff chillin’ next to my new brother, Fawkes.  Fawkes, the Wonder Pug,  was five when he joined this family seven years ago and he found them through 4luvofdog too.  I think we’re pretty smart pups and very happy to finally be home, loved, and happy!

Posted by admin on March 17th, 2016 @ 5:04 pm

Happy Tail for Gretchen!



This is Gretchen. We adopted her almost a year ago. She and Ginger our other rescue get along great. Gretchen adjusted to the farm and the freedom of going in and out the dog door. She does not leave the yard and meets us nightly out at the mailbox and races us back to the garage. Loves sleeping on our bed and we can not thank 4 Luv of dog enough for this wonderful addition.

Leon and Maggie Heller Leonard ND

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Happy Tail for Xuba!



We adopted Xuba from 4 Luv of Dog last April. (You had him listed as Zubas). He has lit up our lives and we are all having so much fun. He is truly a wonderful companion for both Don & I & our cat, Maybe. When he meets other dogs he’s respectful and a peacemaker at the park, walks, and visiting new people. He’s developed a type of epilepsy that we are treating with the good vets and vet techs at the Animal Health Clinic, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun all the time and enriching our lives. He always wants to play and learn. Xuba has graduated from beginner obedience with ease. He loves going to class so much, he will lead us over to the building on our walks & sit at the door waiting to go inside (we live in the neighborhood). Xuba has such a thoughtful demeanor, gentle disposition, and he learns very quickly. We have noticed he learns words very quickly too. We think he would enjoy and excel at training to be a therapy dog once he completes the next obedience classes and the good samaritan certification.  He seems to know when people are sick or unwell mentally, and he presents himself naturally in a comforting way to them. Oh, and did I mention he is a world class snuggler!  Thank you all so much for the good work you do for he FM community!

Anna, Don, Xuba & Maybe Renner

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Happy Tail for Rome!

Rome2We met Rome, a 4 year old American Bulldog, in August of 2015 through fostering with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue. It took approximately 3 seconds before we fell in love with those droopy cheeks and big brown eyes. From that moment we knew that Rome was meant to be a part of our family! Desktop10
Initially we were a little hesitant to introduce him to our resident shih-tzu as they are 95 pounds different in size. However, after just a few days they had become the best of friends. Rome may look like a big tough guy, but he is a gentle giant at heart. He loves people of all ages and is especially gentle with his little fur brother. The two of them love to wrestle and Rome does a great job of controlling himself so that he doesn’t become too much for Bentley.
Some of Rome’s favorite things include: sleeping, eating (especially treats and whatever he can reach on the kitchen counter), going for long walks, riding in the car, and daily wrestling matches with Bentley. Life with Rome is pretty great and we are so thankful for all that 4 Luv of Dog Rescue has done for the dogs in our community and surrounding areas!
-Ben, Caitlin, Rome & Bentley

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Happy Tail for King!

KingIt is me, King!! Checking in after being away since Halloween! I wanted to let everyone at 4LuvofDog know that I am doing fantastic in my forever home. At first, I was a little bit nervous because it was a new place and new people and there was this little-sized human who followed me everywhere and a small furry, feisty creature who wasn’t very happy about me coming into her space. But after time – and some training with Dad – I am happy to say that all members of my new family are happy I came into their lives… except, Lola, the small furry creature, she still isn’t too fond of me. But working on it. Take a look at the picture I sent, we can lay on the bed together and she doesn’t get too mad, as long as I don’t interfere with her sleeping space! 
Besides Lola, Mom was the hardest to win over. She was worried about how strong I was and nervous about taking me outside or on walks when Dad wasn’t around because I pulled on my leash. Dad worked really hard to get me trained and now I can go on walks without a leash – when we are in a safe area of course! 
The little-sized human has become my best friend. She is always happy to see me every morning. It makes me feel like a rock-star! She cheers my name, “King,King!” and always tells me I am a “good boy!” She loves to climb on me and sit on me and I enjoy it, too! She sneaks me food, which Mom and Dad are working on stopping, but is it my fault if I just happen to be walking by and my mouth falls open at the exact time the little human drops some food? I don’t think so either. 
 I am happiest when I get to go on walks, especially when Dad takes me down by the river because there are so many things to smell and chase! 
Needless to say, I am so incredibly happy to have found a loving home to grow up in. I know my family loves me and will always care for me and cannot imagine life without me now that we have gotten used to one another! Thank you for everything you did for me while I was in your care and for finding me a family to love! Oh, and my family says thank you, too!
Steve, Rachele, Madison and Lola

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Happy Tail for Magnolia!

Oscar and Daisy


Here is our happy tail about Magnolia, now known as Daisy!

We couldn’t believe our luck when we found out there was a St. Bernard puppy that needed a new home.  Our other dog, Oscar, is part St. Bernard and our family knew that we would eventually welcome another St. Bernard into our family so we filled out the application right away!  Daisy has settled in perfectly with our family! 

Family XmasHer favorite things to do are run around the yard with Oscar and take naps upside down which makes us all laugh!  We are working on training and she is learning more everyday.

Thank you 4 Luv of Dog Rescue and all of the volunteers that make adoptions like Daisy possible!  A special thanks to Daisy’s foster family for taking such good care of her and making the transition into our family smooth and wonderful!

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