Happy Tail Stories!

Below are “Happy Tail” stories about dogs adopted from the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who have found their forever home. If you adopted a dog from us and would like to share your “Happy Tail” story with us, please email pics and a brief write-up to happytail@4luvofdog.org.

Happy Tail for Pierce Brosnan!

IMG_5956Pierce 2015Hello my friends at 4 Luv of Dogs! This is Pierce Brosnan checking in. It’s been exactly a year since my adopted family took me in. Boy, has it been an exciting year! I have been featured prominently on Facebook for my many escapades, but I want to be clear that Daddy DID replace the new book that I shredded. And that second doggy bed really did have too much stuffing in it to be comfortable. And the Christmas tree REALLY fainted with no help from me, I was just trying to keep the ornaments from escaping the house. When I overheard Mom say, “He’s not very smart, is he?” I decided to change my image from lovable clown to sophisticated graduate. I received diplomas from two obedience classes and became the smartest dog in the neighborhood, responding to hand commands and reading human minds. Don’t worry, I still have an irrepressible joy of life and enjoy being a goofball. My parents rewarded me by moving us to the country (more running room!) and adopting another rescue dog from Nebraska for a running companion (she’s not as smart as I am). And my name? Is still Pierce Brosnan, which always raises an eyebrow or two, but nothing else seems to fit my impossible good looks and my irresistible charm. Thanks for everything you’ve done to make me the happiest dog in the world!

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Happy Tail for Utah!

unnamed (31)My plan – adopt a white & black Pit Bull. What happened  - we adopted a Black Lab then a white Shih Tzu & this year we adopted a brindle Pit Bull … all together we have black, white and Pit Bull. Utah is a spirited, energetic boy who reminds me to pause and be in the moment when I see him bouncing around the yard with a stick … ears flapping, tail wagging, just loving life. 

We named him Utah after the first state to make breed specific legislation illegal. His bright copper colored brindle markings also remind us of Angel Canyon, Utah where Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary resides.


Bringing him into our family wasn’t an instant success. He started out fitting in perfect but soon became too rough with Cass (Shih Tzu) so we’ve helped Utah learn to play nice or walk away. Recently Utah decided it was time to challenge Hilo (lab) when Hilo indicated he was done play fighting so we went back to basics of parallel walking, monitoring interaction and interrupting play with treats to decrease intensity.

Utah likes cuddling but too much and he would give a mild growl. We didn’t punish the growl, we respected his comfort level and worked to increase his of sense of security. Utah’s relationship with the dogs and humans in our family has taught me to reach out to those who know about dog behavior and utilize their knowledge to train both humans and dogs how to live harmoniously

Today Utah is very accepting of cuddling and petting but we are mindful not to overdo it. Utah would like every dog who comes to our home to play with him so he’ll go get his favorite tug toy to entice them into being his buddy. I’m thankful I didn’t get our black & white Pit Bull and instead got Hilo, Cass, and Utah.

Brenda Olson-Wray (& Darwin Wray)

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Happy Tail for Dozier!

Dozier 1My wife and I adopted a small terrier mix when we lived in Florida.  We had only been married for short while so this was our first child.  He lived for almost 14 years and in that time we had moved back to Fargo and had 3 children.  He brought us so much happiness and enjoyment, so it was a difficult time when he passed away.  We had discussed getting another dog, but with our busy agendas and 3 very active kids we thought it would be best to wait a while.  As the children got older, they began to ask about the possibility of getting a new pet.  We had a good discussion about what it takes to take care of a dog and they would need to help out.  So we began to look at possibilities, but we were in no hurry.  We wanted to find the right dog for our family.  We were leaning toward a puppy until we saw some of the older dogs available on the 4 Luv of Dogs site.  After looking at some of the comments from the foster families on some of the available dogs, we came across Sunny (now known as Dozier). Dozier 4

We had the initial meeting with Dozier and he was the perfect fit.  Especially after we performed the 2 week trial and he was able to get used to us and we got used to him.  The whole family loves Dozier and we love him.  He as such a nice personality and so well mannered.  He hasn’t met anyone that he doesn’t like.  He loves to cuddle and be petted and loved.  He waits patiently every day for the kids to come home from school so he can get more attention.  He enjoys going on walks and exploring the neighborhood.  We told the children that since Dozier has had 2 ACL surgeries, he will need to have regular exercise to stay healthy.  The children have responded by making sure he gets walked every day.  We are looking forward to having a great future with Dozier and making many happy adventures.

Thank you 4 Luv of Dogs for helping us find the perfect dog for our family and making the adoption process such a great experience.

Go Bison. Go Mustangs. Go Twins.

Mike, Kristin, Leo, Eden, and Eli Smith

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Happy Tail for Nina!

n1Nina (formally know as Charlotte) came into our lives on June 6th, 2015 and I have got to say she has made our life so much brighter. She is a ball of joy no matter what you do. She is perfectly fine with laying around at home or going on walk for hours (I think we all know what her favorite is, though). Coming home to her after a long day at work makes my day all the more better. I have never seen a dog wage their tail so hard that they can barely stand because their butt is waging along with it. She is happy as long as she is around you, such a lover. 


Her favorite activities include; chasing chickens at our farm, playing Frisbee, hiking, swimming, tarring toys to shreds, and of course cuddling. She even gets to visit her foster parents from time to time. She recently graduated from beginner classes at Red River Obedience Club with her dog friend Yuna. She will be returning shortly for Advanced classes. Nina isn’t the best with other dogs and is very dominate. But she has accepted Yuna into her ‘pack’. I think the classes are helping her become more social with other dogs as well. 

We have had very few issues after adopting her (the cat would tell you otherwise). We were nervous when adopting her because of our cat, Mr. Fenny. He is a very shy cat and doesn’t like dogs all that much. It has taken a while for him to come around but it seem that we finally had a break through. He is slowly starting to come around Nina more. Although I think they won’t be friends (sadly) they seem to be cohabiting with one another. 

We would like to thank everyone at 4 Luv of Dog for all that you do! If it wasn’t for you we would have never found the perfect dog for us! We simply couldn’t have hand built a better dog. 


Charlie and Christina 

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Happy Tail for Frannie!

f1Hi! My name is Frannie! I am a cute 2 year old pittie mix that was adopted in January of 2015. I have learned so much since I was adopted and continue to learn new things every day. I now know how to sit, stay, leave it, lay down, roll over, and shake hands. All of this learning has made me more confident. I even took puppy classes to help me with my anxiety and reactivity to new things.  I LOOOOOVEEE to bark, but my mom is teaching me that not everyone and everything requires me to be scared or anxious. My mom takes me on runs all the time and I’m getting a lot better about not barking at the people on bikes or trying to chase cars. What can I say, I have TONS of energy!

I also spend a day or two a week at Rover’s Playhouse for daycare while my mom goes to school and work. Daycare is so fun for me because I love playing with the other dogs and getting attention. This week I was MVP at the daycare Puppy Bowl and won myself a free bath for playing so good with the other pups and the toys J Daycare is so great for me, I always fall asleep in the car on the way home because it makes me so tired! 


I also got boarded this summer when my mommy went away for a weekend, and the staff there loved me! I’m a pretty likeable gal if people can get past my barking when I meet them. I guess I need to work on that because some people don’t like when I bark, but I just get so excited and I need to learn better ways to show my excitement.

My mom says I have a goofy attitude and that I can sometimes be a Diva. I’m not quite sure what a diva is, but my grandma, grandpa, and dad say it’s because my mom spoils me so much. I like being spoiled though because it usually means I get peanut butter kongs or treats! I really don’t like rain or snow, and usually refuse to go outside and potty when it’s icky out, so my mom had to get me a jacket and some booties. My dad says I look ridiculous, but my mom sure thinks I look cute!   

Overall, my life is pretty great. I have lots of people that love me and get to meet new people and dogs all the time. My mom takes me for lots of car rides and on vacations which I love because I really like to sniff out new things and ride in the car. I am a happy go lucky pup and I can’t wait to see what the future holds with my forever family!

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Happy Tail for Friar Tuck!



We would just like to thank 4 luv of dog for giving us the opportunity to adopt Friar Tuck! We have had him since late March and he was about 8 weeks old when we adopted him.  He is growing fast and he was just into the vet recently and he weighed in at 67 pounds.  Big paws and thick shoulders give us the impression he could grow to be a big boy!

It has been such a blast becoming dog owners and he is the perfect fit for our family.  He is a shy dog but he warms very quickly and is very sweet and well behaved and loves to play.  And play, and play!  He loves his new doggy door and takes full advantage of the yard to run around and find spots to dig, fortunately its usually in our sandy fire pit area so he’s not too hard on the lawn!  


He loves our walks in the evenings and playing whenever Sarah or I have the energy, he always does!  He likes cuddling with Sarah in the mornings as apart of her morning routine before she heads off to work and when I get home from work we usually like to have many tug of war battles and games of fetch.

He has quickly met our families and loves going to the farm and to the lake to see each of them and visit, and stay a few nights on occasion.  He has fun with all his cousin dogs, and his grandpa golden retriever at the farm!  He has learned some good lessons from him.  We are trying to make him a champion swimmer at the lake and he is taking his sweet time getting his sea legs but he has fun splashing for now, and lounging on the boat, maybe swimming soon haha.  

We are very proud of the dog our puppy is growing into and hopefully we are giving him and teaching him all he needs to be a good dog and to have a healthy happy life, thank you again to 4 luv of dog and we hope you like the pictures!

Kent and Sarah Sannes

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Happy Tail for Charleigh & Teddy!



These two cuties are Charleigh and Teddy.  We first adopted Charleigh 4 years ago and he was such a sweet little guy.  I remember when his foster parents brought him over to our house and I picked him up and he put his head on my shoulder, my husband said he knew before we could even discuss it, Charleigh would be staying with us.  As the year went on, we knew Charleigh loved playing with other dogs, so we thought he needed a friend.  We contacted 4 Luv again about some puppies that were posted on their web site.  We changed our minds on puppies and they suggested we meet a cutie named Bennett (now Teddy) at the time.  We went out to his foster home and met him and he even tried to leave with us.  We left him there, but a few miles down the road, we turned around and went back for him.  We couldn’t even wait one more night to scoop him up.  Years later, these two little guys are the best of friends and and we are so thankful to 4 Luv of Dog that we were able to adopt them and make them a part of our family. 

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Happy Tail for Sully!



Sully has been such a great addition to our family – it’s hard to think what it was like without him! He has adjusted to having a home to live in, couches to nap on and a backyard to roam very well. His favorite thing to do is sit and look out the window – he is always on alert. Beans (our Boston Terrier from Prairie Paws Rescue) has also adapted very well to having a brother around. He has shown Sully how to play tug and that they each have their own food dish so he should stay out of his :) s2

Thank you so much to 4 Luv for rescuing Sully. When we saw him on the website we knew we had to meet him and now he is part of our family – we LOVE him!

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Happy Tail for Lupin!

lupin1lupin2I’ve been volunteering with 4 Luv for almost two years and desperately waiting for the right time to adopt a dog. Three months ago, I finally moved into a dog friendly apartment and Lupin (formerly known as Travis) came to live with me three days later. I was so excited to adopt that I filled out the application before I even moved. Though we’ve had our rough patches (he has some resource guarding and potty training issues), adopting Lupin is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Lupin is a great dog. Even though he’s only about a year old, he’s the perfect mix of active and laid back. He’s always up for a good long walk and loves being outside. Lupin is a perfect hiking buddy and is the best partner for outdoor adventures. When we’re at home, he’s content to just chill on the deck, chew his nylabones or antlers, or play with his squeaky chicken (his all time favorite toy). I’m fortunate enough to work in a dog friendly office and Lupin absolutely loves coming to work with me. He likes to run around the office visiting everyone and trying to convince the other dogs to play with him (which, unfortunately for him, never happens). 


Because of his background as a stray, Lupin is still a little timid around things that are normal for most dogs (he’s afraid of doors and still doesn’t understand what the shower is). But seeing him come out of his shell and become a happy, energetic, and loving pooch has been incredible to experience. 
I am forever grateful to 4 Luv of Dog and all the work they do for dogs in need. The wonderful people involved in the organization are always so helpful in answering my questions and they clearly care so much about every dog, no matter their age, behavior, or health problems. Because of them, I now have the best friend I could ever ask for. Lupin is wonderful and so is 4 Luv. 
Anne and Lupin 

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Happy Tail for Carson!



Carson has been with our family for a year now. He is the second member of our family that came to us from 4 Luv Of Dog Rescue. When he first came to us he was nervous, scared and working to get through several health issues.  Over the last year we have seen him blossom into a sweet, healthy, happy, funny little guy.  Adopting a senior dog has been one of the best and most rewarding  decisions that we have made. He brings so much joy to our family and has been the perfect addition to our pack! Thank you for the work that 4 Luv of Dog Rescue does. Thank you for saving dogs like Carson who are so deserving of a second chance at a wonderful life. Carson is paying it forward by being a wonderful foster brothers to the 4 Luv of Dog rescue foster dogs that spend time in our home! 


Thank you!
Natalie, Randi, Gage, Emily 
Aspen, Ginger and Carson



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Happy Tail for Cedrick!



Cedrick, now Zeus is a very spoiled little pit. If I didn’t volunteer at 4Luv my boyfriend and I never would have found this sweet boy. When we first got him he had many accidents, hated the kennel and growled at people (who didn’t have dogs) constantly. But we never gave up and now he is the most well behaved dog that loves everyone and everything including 4 cats! Zeus has been such a great addition to our family of four paws. We love him greatly and wouldn’t trade him for anything. Our other dog Kita seems to love her big brother too! Thank you 4Luv for letting me be apart of your team and giving Zeus a second chance in life. I don’t know how anyone could ever give up on this sweet, calm, gentle little man.

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Happy Tail for Worm!

worm1I adopted Worm a year ago this month and it was the best decision I have ever made.  The past year has flown by with him always by my side. When his foster parent came over for me to meet him I instantly knew he was my dog. He is the biggest sweetie, and I couldn’t have asked for a more well-behaved, loyal dog. 


He loves to play tug and fetch with his favorite toys, going for walks, camping, salmon treats and cuddling on the couch. Thank you 4 the Luv of Dog for giving me my best friend.  


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Happy Tail for Bonnie & Midge!




We first adopted our Min Pin Bonnie about a year and a half ago. It took about 2 days for her to get comfortable at our home.   She is the sweetest little girl and is very protective of the kids.  Bonnie is also very  motherly and protective of our Chihuahua Midge.   We adopted Midge about 6 months ago.   When she got here she was very nervous and timid.  We weren’t sure if she even could bark.   After about 2 weeks she started to come around and now she barks and makes all sorts of silly noises.   She’s definitely a mamma’s girl!  They definitely complete our family!

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Happy Tail for Artie!

Happy to Announce I Am a Foster Failure!!! I Adopted Artie in February of 2015 and he’s a Wonderful dog! Artie was adopted by his Foster Family. Artie was my first Foster and I can honestly say that I had absolutely no intention of keeping him. I already had two dogs. But after having Artie for over 2 years, It was getting very difficult to give him up. I was getting attached to him. Artie has been Spoiled with treats, toys, and lots of Love!!  He is such a Joy to have around he makes me laugh every day. Artie has a few Health Issues and I was not sure if wanted to take that on.. But  it didn’t take us long to figure it out, Artie needed us as much as we needed  him.. Artie found his Forever Home with us… we Love him very much!!!   Artie has two sisters he has to put up with but that’s ok. he likes to hang out with them and  go for walks and  just lay in the back yard sun tanning himself..  
Artie is Enjoying  Life as a Happy dog!!  
Thank you 4 Luv of Dog  for matching me and Artie up.

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Happy Tail for Nordy!

Nordy1Nordy2We adopted Nordy (formerly Ambrose) in Dec 2014. We can not get enough of this cutie! He loves his king size bed, snuggling, burrowing under blankets, and stealing his dad’s pillows or his mom’s heating pad.
Nordy loves going for walks, chewing on bones or stuffies, and playing with his best friend Sophie! Nordy gets nervous around new people and new things but his friend Sophie is showing him the ropes and he is improving.
Nordy is learning all about lake life and we can’t wait to see how he likes the water!

Nordy is the perfect addition to our little family, THANK YOU 4luvofdog for all the hard work you do and to his foster momma Amy for taking great care of him!

- Jess, Matt, and Nords

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Happy Tail for Cheeseburger!

ch2ch3Devlin and I have wanted a pet for a very long time. Due to apartment restrictions, job obligations etc. we were not able. Finally after years of wanting a rescue doxie of our own we were ready. We rescued Cheeseburger in April 2015 and could not be happier! He was very afraid of us (he came from an abusive home) at first but what a difference 48 hours makes! Cheesey is the happiest little guy ever. He loves to run free at the lakes and is starting to enjoy swimming too. He loves to lay in the sun and is always up for a long walk at night after work. We cannot even remember life before Cheeseburger and are so grateful to have the opportunity to love and spoil him. For anyone out there considering rescuing a pet please don’t be intimidated by the process. It can seem tedious but it’s there to make sure these pets go to good, loving homes. Thank you 4luvofdog for all you to do help animals and especially for bringing Cheeseburger into our lives!

~Robin and Devlin 

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Happy Tail for Piper!

piperI want to thank you thank you so much for letting my family meet Piper! She is a wonderful cuddle buddy, and loves her games of tug-o-war! Piper also loves our lake and pontoon. Piper is so photogenic and enjoys playing with our golden retriever Chloe. Piper came here a little skinny and  now is a healthy ball of joy!

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Happy Tail for Thea!



Thea Jayne’s journey with the Andersons

What can I say about our little girl that everyone else doesn’t know? Thea is a delight and the perfect addition to our home. We have battled a few hurdles in the 3months we have became her family. When we got her we knew she was dog agressive. I took extra precautions but someone let her sneak out the front door and she caught a little guy (puppy). Thankfully, his parents were very understanding and such a pleasure to get to know. Although the vet bill was high some of the lovely ladies of Thea’s life pooled together to help pay the dogs bill. They also worked with me on the payment. She has gotten mad at mom a couple times (when theres something different about our house) and took it out on my bed by trying to mark it (whoops) She learned after 2 kennel nights that we dont do that and sleeping with her mommy is so much better.

Ok those were her hurdles, lets talk about her progress!!! Thea can now go out in the fenced yard off leash!! Yay! And she loves it. Her anxiety still kicks in when she sees a little dog, a bike, bunny, or her kids are out of her sight. She LOVES LOVES LOVES her human siblings. She gives tons of puppy kisses and even more puppy cuddles. She is now very gentle with them and loves to play! Going for walks has become a little better, we found evenings are a better fit for her. At her babysitters/moms friends place, he has a huge fenced in back yard. With around 5 dogs that connect in the other yards. (Chain link fenced) she loves to run back and forth with her boyfriend and his brother. Its actually extremely adorable. She has been trusted to be near other dogs through the fence and them walking by when she is in the front yard and she has not been naughty!! THIS IS HUGE FOR HER! Thea loves babies. My god daughter has sleepovers (shes 1) and she loves to fallow baby around and get some of her snacks she drops along the way. She also lays down by her bed and make sure she is ok. She is definitely a momma bear. She also loves baby pups. She is not affected by them being around her and actually wags her “happy tail” checks them out and goes on about her business, checking on them periodically. (She met a pitbull/lab mis girl pup last week) She also does wonders at her groomers! First time we walked in there were 3 roaming cats and she didn’t even let that bother her, and she shared a room with a lab while getting dolled up. All in all her progress when it comes to animals has tremendously changed. Although, i still have the same precautions set in place for her safety.

Thea’s favorite treat is an animal cracker. She still loves rawhides and peanut butter, and her dental bones. She will show off all her tricks for one! More like 5 because she is so cute! She has mastered sit, shake with both paws, give a kiss and working on lay down and roll over is our next one.She still snores like a grown man and loves her belly rubbed. Any opportunity she gets to cuddle she will plop down and not move. She is known to try be a lap dog and usually gets her way. She also loves to go shopping and car rides. She even puts her head in her leash if you grab it and open it for her. Sunbathing on a nice afternoon when its quiet in the neighborhood is one of her favorite things to do.

All in all Thea has brought such joy to our family and completed it. She wins over everyones heart who meets her. I knew from the moment she walked out of her bedroom at the shelter that she was the perfect fit to our home. So much so that she literally brought tears to my eyes the moment I laid eyes on her. She does wonders for my sons mental health. Plays dress up with my daughter, even wears one of my coach purses lol. she knows when they are sad and need a kiss, she listens when we tell her secrets and gives her hugs. As i write this she just opened her kennel to get her toy to play fetch. She even brings it to you and puts it in your hand or lap. That’s  her cue that she wants her playtime. Anywho I hope to have an even better update on all the progress and wonderful things she will accomplish down the road.

Lots of wet kisses from Thea, Danielle the pitbull mommy and her human siblings.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a sweet, and beautiful girl. We will continue to give her love, guidance and patience. She trusts us now and knows we are her “furever” home :-)

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Happy Tail for Twiggy!



We adopted Twiggy (a lab mix) in November of 2014. She was born to fellow 4Luv Rescue, Paris. Twiggy has made her sassy personality known from the day we got her. It has been so wonderful seeing her grow not only in size but intelligence. Twiggy graduated beginner obedience class in February and is currently completing her intermediate course at Pet Smart. She greets us every morning with a ball in her mouth. Nate and Twig enjoy going to the frolf course for hours on end. Twiggy is our first dog together and she has brought so much love, joy, and a bit of exasperation into our home. I’m sure we will miss the puppy antics as she continues to grow. Her nicknames include: Twig, Iggy, Diggy, and Baby Girl. Thank you to 4 Luv of Dogs for rescuing our pup and to Lauren Teske for taking such good care of her prior to adoption.

Tori & Nate Rerick

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Happy Tail for Moxie!




We adopted Moxie (previously Buttercup) about two months ago. We were planning on waiting a few more months before adding a dog to our family, but once we met Moxie, we knew she was perfect for us! In our short time together, she has learned to sit, stay, shake, down, high five, roll over, and play dead. She will do anything for a treat! She loves to eat and we think she will grow up to be a pretty big girl. Even though she is still a puppy, Moxie thinks she is our protector and lets us know when someone is at the door. She’s a tough pup until kids come around, though – she’s not so sure about them, but we’re working on it! In addition to learning new tricks, Moxie loves to go on runs and car rides and play fetch in the yard. She is also a pro at chasing tumbleweeds and leaves blowing in the wind. Whenever we are out on walks, we get stopped by people asking what kind of dog Moxie is – I wish we knew for sure! She always gets compliments on her beautiful coat and is such a pretty dog!

We want to thank 4 Luv of Dog for taking such great care of Moxie until she was old enough to come home with us. Although it’s been an adjustment and a lot of work, we couldn’t imagine our lives without our smart, sassy, independent pup! Moxie is the perfect addition to our family.

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