Happy Tail Stories!

Below are “Happy Tail” stories about dogs adopted from the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who have found their forever home. If you adopted a dog from us and would like to share your “Happy Tail” story with us, please email pics and a brief write-up to happytail@4luvofdog.org.

Happy Tail for Piper!

piperI want to thank you thank you so much for letting my family meet Piper! She is a wonderful cuddle buddy, and loves her games of tug-o-war! Piper also loves our lake and pontoon. Piper is so photogenic and enjoys playing with our golden retriever Chloe. Piper came here a little skinny and  now is a healthy ball of joy!

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Happy Tail for Thea!



Thea Jayne’s journey with the Andersons

What can I say about our little girl that everyone else doesn’t know? Thea is a delight and the perfect addition to our home. We have battled a few hurdles in the 3months we have became her family. When we got her we knew she was dog agressive. I took extra precautions but someone let her sneak out the front door and she caught a little guy (puppy). Thankfully, his parents were very understanding and such a pleasure to get to know. Although the vet bill was high some of the lovely ladies of Thea’s life pooled together to help pay the dogs bill. They also worked with me on the payment. She has gotten mad at mom a couple times (when theres something different about our house) and took it out on my bed by trying to mark it (whoops) She learned after 2 kennel nights that we dont do that and sleeping with her mommy is so much better.

Ok those were her hurdles, lets talk about her progress!!! Thea can now go out in the fenced yard off leash!! Yay! And she loves it. Her anxiety still kicks in when she sees a little dog, a bike, bunny, or her kids are out of her sight. She LOVES LOVES LOVES her human siblings. She gives tons of puppy kisses and even more puppy cuddles. She is now very gentle with them and loves to play! Going for walks has become a little better, we found evenings are a better fit for her. At her babysitters/moms friends place, he has a huge fenced in back yard. With around 5 dogs that connect in the other yards. (Chain link fenced) she loves to run back and forth with her boyfriend and his brother. Its actually extremely adorable. She has been trusted to be near other dogs through the fence and them walking by when she is in the front yard and she has not been naughty!! THIS IS HUGE FOR HER! Thea loves babies. My god daughter has sleepovers (shes 1) and she loves to fallow baby around and get some of her snacks she drops along the way. She also lays down by her bed and make sure she is ok. She is definitely a momma bear. She also loves baby pups. She is not affected by them being around her and actually wags her “happy tail” checks them out and goes on about her business, checking on them periodically. (She met a pitbull/lab mis girl pup last week) She also does wonders at her groomers! First time we walked in there were 3 roaming cats and she didn’t even let that bother her, and she shared a room with a lab while getting dolled up. All in all her progress when it comes to animals has tremendously changed. Although, i still have the same precautions set in place for her safety.

Thea’s favorite treat is an animal cracker. She still loves rawhides and peanut butter, and her dental bones. She will show off all her tricks for one! More like 5 because she is so cute! She has mastered sit, shake with both paws, give a kiss and working on lay down and roll over is our next one.She still snores like a grown man and loves her belly rubbed. Any opportunity she gets to cuddle she will plop down and not move. She is known to try be a lap dog and usually gets her way. She also loves to go shopping and car rides. She even puts her head in her leash if you grab it and open it for her. Sunbathing on a nice afternoon when its quiet in the neighborhood is one of her favorite things to do.

All in all Thea has brought such joy to our family and completed it. She wins over everyones heart who meets her. I knew from the moment she walked out of her bedroom at the shelter that she was the perfect fit to our home. So much so that she literally brought tears to my eyes the moment I laid eyes on her. She does wonders for my sons mental health. Plays dress up with my daughter, even wears one of my coach purses lol. she knows when they are sad and need a kiss, she listens when we tell her secrets and gives her hugs. As i write this she just opened her kennel to get her toy to play fetch. She even brings it to you and puts it in your hand or lap. That’s  her cue that she wants her playtime. Anywho I hope to have an even better update on all the progress and wonderful things she will accomplish down the road.

Lots of wet kisses from Thea, Danielle the pitbull mommy and her human siblings.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a sweet, and beautiful girl. We will continue to give her love, guidance and patience. She trusts us now and knows we are her “furever” home :-)

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Happy Tail for Twiggy!



We adopted Twiggy (a lab mix) in November of 2014. She was born to fellow 4Luv Rescue, Paris. Twiggy has made her sassy personality known from the day we got her. It has been so wonderful seeing her grow not only in size but intelligence. Twiggy graduated beginner obedience class in February and is currently completing her intermediate course at Pet Smart. She greets us every morning with a ball in her mouth. Nate and Twig enjoy going to the frolf course for hours on end. Twiggy is our first dog together and she has brought so much love, joy, and a bit of exasperation into our home. I’m sure we will miss the puppy antics as she continues to grow. Her nicknames include: Twig, Iggy, Diggy, and Baby Girl. Thank you to 4 Luv of Dogs for rescuing our pup and to Lauren Teske for taking such good care of her prior to adoption.

Tori & Nate Rerick

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Happy Tail for Moxie!




We adopted Moxie (previously Buttercup) about two months ago. We were planning on waiting a few more months before adding a dog to our family, but once we met Moxie, we knew she was perfect for us! In our short time together, she has learned to sit, stay, shake, down, high five, roll over, and play dead. She will do anything for a treat! She loves to eat and we think she will grow up to be a pretty big girl. Even though she is still a puppy, Moxie thinks she is our protector and lets us know when someone is at the door. She’s a tough pup until kids come around, though – she’s not so sure about them, but we’re working on it! In addition to learning new tricks, Moxie loves to go on runs and car rides and play fetch in the yard. She is also a pro at chasing tumbleweeds and leaves blowing in the wind. Whenever we are out on walks, we get stopped by people asking what kind of dog Moxie is – I wish we knew for sure! She always gets compliments on her beautiful coat and is such a pretty dog!

We want to thank 4 Luv of Dog for taking such great care of Moxie until she was old enough to come home with us. Although it’s been an adjustment and a lot of work, we couldn’t imagine our lives without our smart, sassy, independent pup! Moxie is the perfect addition to our family.

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Happy Tail for Goose!




Goose is living the good life.  He has a playmate in an 8 month old husky/lab mix.  He’s a sweet and spoiled little guy who has to bring half the toy box to bed at night. 

He’s such a joy.  Thank you again!

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Happy Tail for Jack!



This is Jack! We adopted him in February of 2015 and he’s an amazing dog! His anxiety has gone down tremendously since we got him. He’s also an amazing fetcher! Our resident dog, Koda, loves Jack and are now inseparable. 😊 They do everything together like, playing with toys, walks, and they even share the same dish of food! Thank you 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for Jack!

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Happy Tail for Sadie!

S1We adopted Saint Sadie last August. I had already rescued a cat (12 years ago), so once we finished the fence around our house, I knew I wanted to seek out a dog as a companion for her. I’ve always liked big dogs, yet never had one of mine own. Sadie’s profile was shared with me, and it was decided that she’d be a perfect first dog for us since she was older (9).

My cat Sushi was not a fan of such a monstrous dog, but now they put up with each other and even sit next to each other once in awhile. :) Sadie has been the best dog; I just love coming home to her face everyday! She loves playing with her many toys, napping on the couches, and her daily walks around the neighborhood (when kids call her Beethoven and ask to pet her).

We are so lucky to have her. Thank you 4 Luv of Dog Resue (& Sadie’s foster home!).

{from Sybil}

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Happy Tail for Toby!

t1We have a Happy Tail story for you.  On Christmas Day 2014 we received the best present ever.  He came to our house with a big red bow around his neck.  He is a 9 year old black lab named Toby, who Cam and Julie and family had fostered on at least two separate occasions doing a fantastic job.  Toby had been a nursing home dog at Elim Nursing Home in Fargo and so many people there were in love with him.  Unfortunately he had separation anxiety when the staff went home for the night and so things didn’t quite work out.  We first learned about Toby from a friend who worked at Elim and she felt we would be the perfect situation as a forever home for Toby.  I’ve been retired for 2 years and my wife only works a few hours a week meaning separation anxiety won’t be a problem for Toby.  We also have other dogs so he has plenty of buddies.  The day he walked in I could tell it was meant to be. Not one of our dogs barked at him and it seemed like they knew he belonged here too.  He walked straight into the family room, got up on the couch and went to sleep.  That is now his couch.  He has got to be the sweetest dog; Never anything but happy.  We were so lucky to be chosen his new family.  He had major hip surgery(Femoral Head Osteotomy) on March 5th, which 4 Luv of Dog Rescue had already made arrangements for along with pre and post physical therapy and any necessary medications.  


The veterinary care was provided by Casselton Veterinary and covered by 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, which demonstrates the kind of commitment and dedication this organization has to the health and well being of their sheltered dogs.  He is recovering now with pretty much constant supervision so he doesn’t lick the incision or jump or run.  He is making great progress and we continue to work with him on his physical therapy.  The right back hip had been pretty much bone on bone and he had a lot of pain.  When they performed the operation they also discovered he had a 1/2″ to 1″ round piece of calculus in the joint as well, that literally popped out when they opened up the joint.  When they perform this operation it is not unusual for the top of the femur to split slightly.  Unfortunately, in Toby’s case the entire femur split for some unknown reason.  This required that a plate with screws be attached to the femur and his recuperation time be lengthened to 4 to 6 weeks.  At this stage in his recovery he appears to be coming along very nicely and its a challange to slow him down.  We take turns watching the “big lug” so all should be back to the new normal soon.  We can’t thank 4 Luv of Dog Rescue and Cam and Julie and family enough for taking such good care of Toby.  We could see how closely attached Cam, Julie and family were to him when they brought him to us that Christmas Day.  We also want to thank them for all their willingness to help with Toby in any way they can.  We love our Toby and hope we still have many many years with him.  Adopting older senior pets in itself is so rewarding.  They have so much love to give.

Phil and Patty Franzen

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Happy Tail for Hershey!

h1My partner Jake and I had been looking for a second dog, but wanted to wait until we moved from Pennsylvania and were settled in Minnesota before increasing our family.  I was researching dog adoption places in the Fargo area, and when I found 4 Luv of Dogs, we were so excited.  After a month and half of searching through the available dogs, we saw Hershey’s picture pop up on Facebook.  My partner said, “I like his name; it reminds me of home.”  (We lived near Hershey, Pennsylvania.)  

We officially adopted six-month old Hershey in September of last year, and are super thankful we did.  Hershey is friendly and plays with our shih-tzu Lucy Q. Story, who was our impetus for adopting a second dog.  


Normally we crate-train, but because Hershey was kept in a crate constantly with his first family (he had rubbed off the top part of his skin/fur from his nose from being cooped up so much — thankfully, it’s healed), we now want to ease him into the crate training process.  Presently, he feels safe enough to eat and play with his chew toys in his crate, and that’s fine with us!  

Hershey loves loves loves his sister Lucy.  He is super cuddly and loves burrowing (I’ve included a picture of his burrowed self) under blankets.  Hershey is also my running buddy, and has improved my pace by over a minute!  Jake and I are so pleased with the 4 Luv of Dogs adoption process, that we plan on adopting another dog within the next three years. 

​Thank you so much for your kindness and patience, and finding these amazing pups good homes.​


Sally Story and Jake​ Shade

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Happy Tail for Opha Mae!

Deja2Deja1Hello from our Miss Opha Mae (formerly Deja)! She has been at our home for three months now, and we couldn’t be more happy to have her! She and her new bestie Gunny the Pug were immediate friends and are “attached at the hip!” Her days consist of playing, cuddling, and napping. Oh, and eating: she has put on more than 7 healthy pounds and looks great! She is a blessing and a joy every day, and we are grateful that we are lucky enough to have her in our home! She is absolutely a perfect fit with our family!

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Happy Tail for Taco!

Taco2Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetIt’s been a few months since we adopted Taco and things couldn’t be better. Taco was our first adoption and he’s definitely won our hearts. He’s even inspired our family and friends to look into adoption in the future. Seriously, everyone loves him. What got us instantly was his little underbite and his quirky personality. He gets awkwardly excited to meet new people and loves to play. He loves every toy he has (dozens of them!) and enjoys “burying” his bones in our laundry and bed. He gets along with every dog he meets, kids and his BFF at our house is a kitten named Bill. If he could, he would be held in your lap 24/7. Taco has been the perfect addition to our family. We can’t thank 4 Luv of Dog enough for what they do. <3 

Carissa + Gabriel Wirtz 
(Plus — Taco, Bill, Paul + Rowan) 

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Happy Tail for Dennis & Papa Bear!

d2In a little over a year, my husband, Andrew, and I have adopted two perfect dogs from 4 Luv of Dog, and we couldn’t be more thankful to them for giving us the opportunity to love and have them in our homes.  We adopted Dennis in late December of 2013 and Papa Bear in December of 2014.  Unfortunately, both have since passed on, but we are so grateful for the time we were able to spend with them.  This isn’t just a happy tail for Dennis and Papa Bear, but a happy tale for Andrew and I and a letter of thanks for all that you do.  I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to rescue dogs every single day — the heartbreak you all encounter at taking in abused and neglected dogs, at giving them to new families after you’ve surely fallen in love with them, and sometimes, the thanklessness of the job you all do.  But you volunteer your time and energy and love anyway, and my husband and I are so glad you all do.  d1

When we first began talking about getting a dog, we weren’t both on board with adopting — Andrew took a little convincing.  When I found Dennis on your site, I was won over.  It was love.  He had a quirky name, huge funny ears, and only three legs.  Andrew was still a little leery, but finally gave in to my begging and offered to meet him.  After our meeting, Andrew was in love.  We couldn’t wait to get him into our home.  Dennis was our first dog together, and what a great dog he was.  Though not much of a snuggler, the fifteen to twenty minutes he’d cuddle with us in the morning before dropping a toy to start our daily fetch let us know how much he loved us, and he knew we loved him by the absurd amount of fetch we played with him. Hours of fetch. Every. Single. Day.  Looking back now, I can’t believe we weren’t only considering adoption — because of the love and care he was shown while with 4 Luv of Dog, I think he knew he was safe and would forever be loved.  After he passed, Andrew and I knew that adoption would be the only choice for bringing new furry family members into our home and hearts.  

p2We adopted Papa Bear in mid-December of 2014.  He was so lovable and always down to snuggle.  He would curl right up into you, and we’d gladly get down on the floor to make it easier for him.  He also had some quirky habits — like stealing one shoe and hiding it in his bed.  He’d never chew it, but just wanted to keep it close to him (or maybe keep us from leaving the house). He was the perfect amount of playful for our other dog, Gus, and even when he was supposed to be resting, they’d lay on the floor facing each other and playfully paw and poke one another — like two kids who knew they were supposed to be kept separate and quiet, but just couldn’t resist the temptation.  Unfortunately, his health problems were too much to bear, so he had to be put down three short weeks after we got him.   It’s crazy how quickly he worked his way into our hearts, and we were devastated to see him go.  We really treasured the time we had with him. p1

Dennis and Papa Bear were perfect for us.  They gave us so much love, and in return, we did all that we could to show them we loved them.  They made our home a place so full of life and love and joy.  They saved us, and despite the loss and heartbreak, we’re looking forward to adopting again.  

Holly and Andrew


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Happy Tail for Russell!



Russell has been a part of our family since last July 2014.   Russell was very shy, and skittish when he first arrived to our home.  He had ZERO manners, nor knowledge of commands.  At first the task seemed daunting to acclimate Russell and our boxer/diva Marley. After  2 weeks of patience, and discipline;  our efforts were finally paid off.  Marley are Russell are now inseparable!  These soul mates wrestle from morning till night. Our house has become their personal playground.  We are so in love with Russell, and can NOT imagine our lives without him. 

Dawn, Phil, and Marley

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Happy Tail for Hans!

hans2Hans3A little over a year ago Hans came to live with our family. I had been wanting a dog for years and causally perused the 4LuvofDog website looking for a dog to fit our family.  One day I saw Hans’s profile and thought he would be a perfect fit. We met him, fell in love, put in our paperwork, and then got the news that Hans had already been placed. We were so bummed. Fortunately for us, that placement didn’t work out and on my birthday Hans came to live with us. Got to say it was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten. Hans was very anxious the first month but slowly he came out of his shell.

We had ordered a bed online for Hans but it didn’t get here before he came to live with us. In the meantime we made a bed out of old quilts at the foot of our bed. Hans slept there for the first three nights, but on the fourth night he jumped onto the foot of our bed and snuggled in. My husband  had said he didn’t want a dog on the bed. But Hans gave my hubby the sad eyes, licked him, and curled up by his feet. Well the hubby’s heart melted and Hans has been sleeping at the foot of our bed since.


Our little boy has a speech disorder and Hans has made the biggest impact on him. Before Hans came to live with us it was hard to get our little boy to talk about anything. Our little guy is now always talking to Hans or about Hans to anyone who will listen. They are such good friends.

Hans brings joy to our family every day. He is always grinning from ear to ear. I enclosed one of the few photos of Hans not just beaming. We included Hans in dressing up for trick or treating. He was not impressed with our choice of butterfly wings. I guess they just weren’t manly enough for him.  But, he has gotten over it and forgave us. He adds such a layer of joy and love to our family. Thank you for rescuing him until we could find him.

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Happy Tail for Roo!

roo1roo2Roo (formerly Pepper), our beloved canine companion, came into our family July 2014 on the cusp of many changes in our lives. It is our luck that after 4 years of searching for the right dog and right time to adopt, we found her a few short weeks before we moved from Fargo, ND to Des Moines, IA. We were starting new jobs and taking on new adventures, but Roo stole our hearts and we wanted her to be a part of our journey. Our families thought we were slightly crazy for adopting a dog at this point in time (and by slightly, I mean completely nuts), but, as a family we prevailed and the transition was nearly seamless. We cannot believe how much our lives have changed for the better because of Roo’s presence in our family.

Roo is a special dog for many reasons, but one of her memorable attributes is that she’s a tripod. Before we adopted her, Roo was in a car accident and unfortunately, she was left untreated for too long. By the time the wonderful people at 4 Luv rescued Roo, her right hind leg was unable to be saved.  We thought this would be our biggest obstacle, but we are amazed that this is the least of our worries. Roo runs like the wind, loves to wrestle with her dog friends, and jumps in and out of cars like a pro.  People are amazed at her speediness. Once she finally slows down for people to notice, we are often told “My, I didn’t even realize she was missing a leg!”. We are convinced Roo doesn’t know she’s missing a leg, because she is just so incredibly active!


Roo loves going to the dog park and meeting new friends, chasing balls, catching sticks in the water, cuddling up with every blanket and pillow we own, giving kisses to everyone she meets, and learning new tricks (she is incredibly bright and has mastered roll over, sit, stay, down, shake and balancing treats on her nose).  She makes the most adorable snoring sound when she sleeps and greets us with the biggest smile and wiggles when we get home. We both photograph her so much that we feel like paparazzi. We just can’t stop ourselves.

We are so grateful to 4 Luv and Roo’s foster family (hi, guys!) for taking her in and connecting us with her. Without your support and dedication to her well-being, she would not be the dog she is today. Her foster family saw her through the leg amputation surgery and introduced her to a world of unconditional love. They will be in our hearts forever. Roo is our world and brings us so much joy. We are forever thankful she found her way into our lives.

If you’d like to see more paparazzi (read as obsessive) photos of Roo’s adorableness, please visit: http://www.ronniemillerphotography.com/roo/

Ronnie, Kari, and Roo

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Happy Tail for Beatrice!

b1 Desktop2


Four months ago we added our Beautiful 4 Legged friend Beatrice to the Family. She’s an amazing companion that loves to steal your lap and kisses. Since we’ve adopted her we’ve taught her how to shake and high 5, and we are now currently working on role over. She has also taken a few trips with us across the country. We recently went to the west coast where she met and played with new friends, got to go on hikes up the mountains and also see the ocean and play on shore. She wouldn’t take a swim but we don’t blame her.. The water’s cold. We are so grateful for 4 Luv of Dog Rescue in giving Beatrice her second chance where we stepped in to give her the forever home, love and attention she deserves.

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Happy Tail for Scooter!

scooter1scooter2After losing my life long friend, Max, at the beginning of November, the search for a new friend was high on my list. My fiance, Jake, has to travel a lot for work; which means a lot of lonely nights for me. Jake and I agreed that adopting a young dog that was house trained would be best for us. Jake is a big hunter and his family has two chocolate labs of their own. Jake really wanted a dog that would have the potential to be a hunter. While looking through the dogs online, there was no doubt that Scooter would be the dog for us. 
From the moment I picked Scooter up from his foster home, he has brought 


so many laughs and smiles into our lives. He loves to be around people. Every day when we get home from work he “yells” at us. We then make it up to him by giving him plenty of cuddle time on the couch….Scooter is a big lap dog! After he has gotten enough cuddles he’s all about getting outside for a long walk or running around out by the Jamestown Reservoir. He is adjusting well to our voices and commands. We even took him out pheasant hunting with Jake’s chocolate labs over Christmas. He pointed out some birds and had so much fun running around!
Scooter is the perfect fit for Jake and I. We are so grateful that 4 Luv of Dog allowed us to provide a loving home for him. We are looking forward to many happy years with Scooter!
Claire, Jake, and Scooter :)

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Happy Tail for Daisy!


Daisy has found her furrever home! After three years with what I’m told was a nice older couple and a fellow dog, Digger, these two dogs were surrendered due to unforeseen circumstances. I was a bit worried at first knowing she had been separated from the only human and dog family she’s ever known, but let me tell you she has adjusted in record time and we knew the day she arrived that she was exactly what we had been looking for! The love between her and my whole family and anyone who comes to visit is unbelievable! It’s like she’s been with a a forever! I am truly thankful to have Daisy in my life and I hope Digger finds his furrever home as well. If you are able, please let Daisy’s previous family know she is in a good home and loved very much!


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Happy Tail for Bruno!

Bruno came to live with us in August of 2014. He and my five year old immediately became best friends. They LOVE playing, especially outside. Bruno also goes camping with us and he always gets plenty of attention from other campers who stop in to tell us how cute and nice he is. He’s a very good dog and in a loving happy home.
Maureen Kruchten

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Happy Tail for Maddox!



We picked up Maddox (formerly known as Spyder) from his foster home on November 26th. He has been welcomed to our home by his 3 brothers and sisters (Molly(lab/collie), Michael(tabby), and Mia (fluffy kitten). Molly and Maddox are best friends even if Maddox gets a little to playful for Molly. He could not have been a more perfect addition to our family. He LOVES to chew things but he is also an amazing snuggler! Maddox loves to play in the snow and he is a very active pup! We love him very much and are lucky to have taken him in! Our family wouldn’t be the same without him!

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