Happy Tail Stories!

Below are “Happy Tail” stories about dogs adopted from the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who have found their forever home. If you adopted a dog from us and would like to share your “Happy Tail” story with us, please email pics and a brief write-up to happytail@4luvofdog.org.

Happy Tail for Lola!

Lola1After our last dog I was hesitant to get another.  But my son Mason convinced me that getting another dog would be a good thing.  After looking for quite some time we saw Lola.  We made an appointment to visit her at her foster parents house.  As soon as I saw her I knew she would fit right in with Mason and myself.  She was full of energy and was chasing balls.  Then we found out she liked to swim.


The first night Lola was a little nervous being away from home but by the next day she was glued to my side.  She goes everywhere I go when we are together.  She thinks she’s a lap dog when she hops up in the chair with me.  She cuddles up at night on the bed.  She loves going for walks, going to the lake and playing in the water.  The first time we took her to the lake she swam for an hour before she would think about getting out of the water.  I have never seen a dog that likes the water like she does.  She can play fetch for hours and has disdain for rabbits and squirrels that tease her through the windows and fences.  She gets to spend the days with my girlfriend and her dog, Gracie.  

I am very glad that we adopted Lola and don’t regret the decision to make her part of our life.

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Happy Tail for Odin!


I met Odin when I went to an adoption event and was kind of “stuck” with him. He was stubborn, ill tempered, and charming as could be. The next week I took him out of boarding for a walk during which I learned he had no social skills at all….none. He had been found tied out with no food or water and rescued by 4 Luv of Dog. That kind of explains that. So, wanting a challenge, I agreed to foster him. I found out right away it was not going to be easy as he and one of my dogs did not hit it off, he had severe reactions to cheap dog food, and was stubborn…..I may have mentioned that before. He’s also a Pit Bull. I fostered him for over a year and got 1 application for him….one. I took him for a meeting and he did fine, but, for safety reasons (no fence) I said no. But, I realized then how much he had grown on me. Then, about the same time, I took in a 10 week old American Bulldog puppy. I was concerned Odin might harm the pup, but Odin actually adopted the pup as his own. He cared for her, looked out for her…..even let her do her teething on his face…and, that did it. I adopted him. A lot has transpired since then and I have now had Odin for 3 years. He and “his” pup are inseparable, he has become my buddy and he loves going with me anywhere; especially hiking or fishing new places….he loves adventure. His stubbornness gave way to a gentle, trusting nature, and I realized that a lot of his “issues” were due to fear of the unknown….how could he have been any other way? So, don’t tell anyone but, out of my 4 dogs, Odin is my favorite. He adores me and I do him. He would follow me anywhere…..and I would enjoy the companionship.

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Happy Tail for Jordy!

jordy1jordy2We’ve had Jordy (yorkie in the photos) a little over a year now and couldn’t imagine life without him. Although, when we picked him up from his foster home in Fargo the car ride to Bismarck was a bit of a challenge… Jordy barked pretty much the whole way home.  We also soon discovered Jordy is quite the little Houdini, he escaped from our chain linked fenced yard through any nook or cranny he could find.  Our toy poodle has never gotten out of our yard. After adding some addition chicken wire and strategicly placed flower pots we have managed to keep him in the yard. We are convinced this is how he must have gotten away from his previous home. Even with the barking and escaping challenges, Jordy has defiantly become a part of the family. He loves going for walks, playing tug of war and wrestling with his brother, Shadow (our toy poodle), running along the fence with the neighbor’s black labs and snuggling up with us for nap time. He is such a character and we are thankful to have him part of our family!

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Happy Tail for Elwood!

elwood1“A happy tail for Lucky”- sounds a bit like a children’s book. If it were it would most likely be more about the people Lucky brought a happy ending to. We adopted Lucky (now Elwood) and he has been a blessing in our lives since Brenda and Stormy first brought him by a month ago. We are recent home buyers and felt a “fur-baby” would make our house a home. I will admit that I was the driving force behind our adoption as I sought out the right organization to adopt from and posted countless links to John’s Facebook messenger as each new dog was added to the webpage. There were dogs that came and went that we thought had the potential to be the right one but never so much so that we filled out the application. Then Lucky’s post came up. I remember his eyes being the first thing I noticed. They are the most beautiful mosaic of gold and brown. I did as I had done a bunch of times before and copy/pasted the link to his profile into a message to John. And for the first time he agreed that this might be our dog. We filled out our application online and then waited. During that time I unfortunately lost my grandmother to cancer. Time seemed to be dragging on and I would text John daily to see if we had heard anything. It was a much needed distraction from the heaviness of what was going on. I returned from the funeral and we are contacted within 24 hours. We set up an appointment for the house tour and looked forward to that Friday. Before the tour we were warned that Lucky was not only a “high flight risk” but he had serious medical concerns that we would need to take care of for the rest of his life. We decided we still wanted to meet him and moved forward with the home tour. 


Brenda arrived for our home tour and started getting to know us. We were all in the living room when I looked out the front window to see a man walking a beautiful black dog. I commented “See, he gets a dog! Why can’t we?” Then, to my surprise he turned up the walkway to our house. Stormy arrived with Lucky and they were both welcomed into our home. We went to the back yard so the back fence could be inspected. Finding it a suitable height and secure enough we agreed that night to start our 2 week trial and we haven’t looked back since. Lucky has since been renamed and has adjusted quickly to our pattern of life. He sleeps on his own bed on the floor at the foot of our bed. He has finished his antibiotics and walks free of pain or limping. We walk two times a day to help him get to know the neighborhood and he is taking to the leash well. He is still shy around most men and has become a bit of a mama’s boy because of it. (Can’t say that I mind.) He has made a weekend excursion to the lakes for guys’ weekend and did well on a tether in the yard. We are planning on obedience and trust training this fall and winter to continue to grow together as a family and challenge his very intelligent mind. He sleeps most of the day and enjoys a good game of fetch. We couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who helped catch, treat and keep him safe until he landed in our arms. We love him so much and couldn’t imagine life in our home without him.

Laura Mio & John Langdahl

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Happy Tail for Ellie!

ellie2Ellie1Ellie (black lab in the photos) has been with us for 8 months and has made a great transition. We had some new habits to work on when she joined but we quickly found out she is very treat motivated and she learned very quickly. Ellie and her puppy brother Gunner (chocolate lab in photos) are best buds. They love to run and play together. Ellie loves to push his buttons sometimes (as any good sister does) by taking his toys or rawhides but he is a good sport. They make a great security team. We always know if someone is walking a dog or coming by the house. Ellie is a great helper and cleans up after our one year old daughter when she eats. Very rarely do I need to clean up any food dropped on the floor. :) Ellie loves affection, whether she is being petted, getting a belly rub or cuddling on the couch.  Ellie has warmed our hearts and we are so thrilled she is a member of our family. I am so grateful for 4 Luv of Dog. Without this rescue, it pains me to think that Ellie might not be here or even have had the chance to know the love and security of a family.  Ellie needed major medical intervention when she was rescued and 4 Luv made sure she received the medical attention and care which saved her life (I am tearing up writing this, gets me every time). Thank you 4 Luv of Dogs! We love our Ellie Girl! :)  

Ashley Hanlan

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Happy Tail for Ace!

Ace 3Ace 2Ace 1










Since I picked up Ace (previously known as Peppermint) from his foster home on August 12th, my life could not be any better. He is a perfect fit for my family! :)  The whole week before even meeting the little guy, he was all I could think about. I was distracted at work and sketching pictures of his name in my free time (I already had Ace picked out at this point).  Since I got him, we’ve been to the lakes twice, lots of runs/walks, Potato Days in Barnseville, shopping at Menards to meet my co-workers, the dog park multiple times, and going camping soon! I love having this guy around and he comes with me everywhere. He is the perfect sweetheart with other dogs, kids, and adults. I cannot wait for the rest of his life with me :)  He’s my one and only!

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Happy Tail for Jetta!

Jetta1Jetta2It has almost been 2 years since our lives changed for the better. When my husband and I first moved into our home, he gave me free reign to do what I wish with the home as long as he got to have a dog. Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity and once we moved into our first home, we began the process of searching for the perfect pet. After searching and realizing the option of adopting through 4 Luv of Dog, we spent each night (and most of our days) searching available dogs on their website.  

Every picture we saw just melted our hearts and we wanted to take each one of them home, no matter the breed or size. After a few days, completed the application and attended the Adoption Days at PetSmart. With all the commotion and excitement, when we first approached Jetta, she gave us so many kisses, we couldn’t help but laugh and smile. As we were leaving PetSmart, Jetta and a volunteer happened to be outside and you could see how excited Jetta was to see us again. The volunteer joked that Jetta knew that she wanted to go home with us and we should consider adopting her since she was so attached to us already.


A few days later, Jetta came home with us and we are forever grateful to have her in our lives. She loves cuddling, giving kisses, and has even learned to give hugs. She is a daddy’s girl at heart, but is happy to give love and attention to anyone who walks through our doors.  Every day, we are so thankful to those that have rescued Jetta, took care of her, and allowed her to be a part of our lives. A big THANK YOU is owed to 4 Luv of Dog for all that they do to help those dogs in need. The mission that you represent and carry out is one of a kind, and we are forever indebted to you for giving us this spunky, loveable, one-of-a kind dog.

Lots of Love,

Chase, Lexie, and Jetta Mae Bosh

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Happy Tail for Sassy & Sasha!




Sassy & Sasha are happy I their new forever home.  They have made themselves at home on my couch. We have put in a doggie door so they go in and out to the big fenced backyard as they wish so no more accidents. They slept on the bed with my grandson one night like they belonged there. :) They are still a little territorial with their toys when the other grand puppies come over but it is getting better.  They love the bark park! 

They are my joy!  Thank you!

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Happy Tail for Bailey!


We adopted Bailey (formerly Ellie) from you guys back in February 2013. She has grown from a sweet, mischievous puppy into a smart and lovable dog who, in HER opinion, can never get enough love or belly rubs! Bailey fit into our family easily and she immediately formed an incredible attachment with our elderly dog, from whom she learned a lot. Unfortunately, we lost her best friend to cancer in March of this year and we have never actually seen a dog go through mourning, but Bailey did. Bailey has since taken over the role of protector of our home and property. She has also learned to love her cat friends, something that did not come easily! She loves belly rubs, chasing birds, cuddling with the cats, fetch and playing with our 3 year old son. Bailey does struggle with food possessiveness when other pets are around, something I am sure she witnessed as a puppy when she was in the hoarding situation, but it is easily worked around and she is working on not being so anxious….she has realized there is always lots of food to go around! Thank you again for our Bailey….she is a special girl!
The Friesen’s

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Happy Tail for Chevy!

chevy1chevy2Chevy is an absolute blessing! We couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our family! He and Dylan (our 13 yr old min pin) hit it off immediately and have become the best of friends! Chevy also won the heart of our 16 yr old cat Big Deet. All of our boys blend very well together!

All of our pets seem to have nick names. Chevy is Chevy Chase or Tanky Tuna. He is a little tank and he is so full of love! He likes to sit up right next to you on his back legs and sneak in a few kisses. 


He brought with him a little pink pig which he carries everywhere. Luckily I found the pig at Walmart and bought all of them off the shelf to ensure he would never be without his little pink pig.

Thank you 4 Luv of Dog rescue for all that you do and for bringing Chevy Chase into our lives. We absolutely love him and so does everyone else that has ever met him:):)

Ryan & Lisa Hartje

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Happy Tail for Freyja!

freyja3freyja1I adopted my little fur person on October 31,2013 and have never been so thankful for the happiness she has brought me. While she was so scared of me the first few days, she slowly learned that she could trust me and has been my little blessing from God ever since. Freyja and I needed each other to love. She fills my days with laughter, joy, contentment and is a bright spot in every day. She has quickly became a little fur person and seems to understand me. She has gotten to know the entire family and is part of it, the neighborhood, and all the neighbor dogs. Her favorite playmate is her friend Oscar Sir Meir who is also a dachshund. He get’s under her and spins her around while she is slapping him the whole time. She gefreyja2t’s so excited when he comes to visit or we go there. I have to commend the organization of 4 Luv of Dog for all their care for our little animals that need rescuing. Those people are amazing and have so much love for the animals.   Imagine, a year old and had 5 puppy’s.  So sad, but she has it made now.  Forever close puppy mills like Wheatland Kennels!

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Happy Tail for Wedgie!

wedgie3wedgie1After fostering with this amazing rescue we found a perfect match, and adopted Wedgie in June of this year. It may have been the connection of being able to name him myself when he first came into our rescue. 
Wedgie came to us with some serious needs of TLC,  We had some daily challenges to face as he had some major possessive issues and needed some grooming. After working with him and spending the bonding time he needed, he has adjusted into a wonderful companion for our family. As the days go on his trust in us becomes stronger and stronger ever day. He is transforming into a sweet, playful little dog that his 2nd chance at life deserves to be. He is the perfect fit for our family and we love him to pieces. 


Thank you for taking the step and giving him the opportunity to find his forever home.     

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Happy Tail for Scobey!

scobey1 scobey2I can’t believe that Scobey (previously Boomer) is already FOUR, it feels like we just got him yesterday!  He was about 14 weeks when we got him.  Scobey and his brother were thrown out a car window on the highway and thank goodness someone who saw it stopped and rescued them!  He had no fur when he was found, it had been eaten off by fleas and scabies.  A generous individual at the FM Animal Hospital donated some special “dips” for him to help get rid of his scabies and grow out his shiny lab coat.  By the time we got him, most of his fur was back and he was such a happy puppy!

Scobey has brought us so much joy and love.  He loves to hunt, swim, run and play with our other dog (Kota).  He LOVES my husband and is so loyal and loving.  We struggle somedays with some separation anxiety and sometimes it takes a while for him to warm up to new people and dogs.  He’s such a sweet dog and loves to snuggle up close for nap time.

Scobey has taught us so much about patience and love.  His energy is such a fun part of our household and I can’t imagine life without him!  A big thanks to all of those who were a part of rescuing him!

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Happy Tail for Molly!

molly1I do not recall how I learned about 4Luv of Dog, but I am so happy I did! I purchased my first home a few years ago and was FINALLY able to get a dog. I was so excited! I found a pittie and a basset on your site and applied, but both were gone by the time you reached my references. I was so sad…but, I kept watching and along came another basset, Molly.

A little history on my decision to adopt a basset. My folks’ old neighbor had a basset we all fell in love with. She would come over to hang out, go for walks with us, eat over, nap, then go back home at bedtime. Even my folks’ crabby old dog loved her. Nobody was very supportive of my decision to get a dog so I thought maybe if I got a basset, I’d win them over. When I saw Molly I applied immediately; I was NOT going to miss out on another one!molly2

A few days later I got to meet her. They brought her out and we all went in a little meeting room. Being a basset, she had to sniff around awhile before plopping in front of me wanting a belly rub (she supposedly hadn’t acknowledged anyone else who had met her…as if I wasn’t sold enough just on that face!). There was no way I was leaving without her! She was, and sometimes still is, a puppy and we had our ups and downs. I honestly almost brought her back because I did not feel I was able to devote enough time to a puppy. Thankfully, 4Luv of Dog was super supportive and talked me through some of our issues.

molly3She not only won my heart over, she’s won over everyone she’s met (folks & their crabby dog included! J). She loves to play and go for walks and cuddle. She also loves just laying in the sun napping and pontoon rides. She makes me laugh every day! I do not understand how anyone in their right mind would ever give her up, but I am sure glad they did. I am also so thankful for all of the work 4Luv of Dog does in caring for these dogs. I can’t imagine life without Miss Molly; she truly is my kid…THANK YOU!

Attached are a photo of her enjoying the pontoon, a photo of her “what’s going on here” expression, and a photo of our ride home the day I got her (I laughed the entire way at that pose!)

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Happy Tail for Haddie!


I have enclosed a memorial for our little 14 year old cairn terrier, Jessie, who we lost in April. We are so blessed to have Haddie that we adopted from your organization in October of last year. We were lucky that Jessie stuck around long enough to show Haddie the ropes at our place and she has settled in nicely. We lost our son last year in March and it was a tough year for us all. We adopted Haddie because we needed something to help us get through this horrible time. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge, but fell in love with Haddie the first day we brought her home. She has helped us as much as we have helped her realize that not all humans are bad. She is the sweetest little dog we have ever had! We still have some challenges with her not trusting new people that come to our home, but she is getting so much better. She will come up to my grandson and let him pet her as long as he doesn’t pick her up and she will sit next to him on our couch. We praise her every time she does this so she knows that it’s a good thing.


She still has her challenges with all men but my husband has made big strides with her. But she still doesn’t like him to pick her up. She sits with him at night while I take my shower and then we have a little game where she digs a treat out of a treat holder and then I put a few little training treats in different places and she has to find them. Once she is done with this game she wants to sit with my husband and have a little nap. She goes over and looks at him and then comes to me and yips so I will pick her up and put her on his lap. Then they both have a little snooze.

I just wanted you to know that she is well loved and taken care of here and I have included a couple of pictures of her. As you can see, she has claimed the most comfortable chair in the house as her own.

Thank you so much for what you do to get these dogs into wonderful forever homes. We love Haddie with all our heart and know she loves us too. Thanks again.

Greg & Edith Johnson

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Happy Tail for Bert & Ernie!


 Just over three years ago my wife and I adopted Graham and re-named him Bert. Bert loves to go for walks, hunt for light reflections, and get into the garbage if we don’t forget to put it up high :) In December 2013, about a year after we moved into our house, we decided it was time for our second dog, which we adopted Porter, once again we changed his name to Ernie.  Ernie has adapted very well into our little family and loves to play catch! Bert and Ernie have grown to be two peas in a pod, they love going for walks and especially going to the lake! We have discovered that Ernie is a water dog, while Bert is ok to just wade and then go back to search for reflections :) My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the two dogs we have adopted! 

Bj and Leah Spotts

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Happy Tail for Henry!

henry1We have had Henry (aka Heinrich) for only a month and already know he is the perfect fit. We have already found so many things he loves like shoes and feet. His favorite are sandals. He does not chew them only wants to carry them around and put them by his bed. Silly dog. Another fun thing he likes is throwing his ball for himself. He could play that game for hours. He is a fan of his dog brother Max and even gets along with his cat brothers Frisky and Maverick. Thanks 4 luv of dog rescue! We fell in love with him just seeing his picture on your website and he has been an amazing addition to our household.

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Happy Tail for Penny!

About a month ago it was my privilege to adopt Penny. She is a 4 year old yellow lab and the perfect dog for me. I have always loved yellow labs and wanted to adopt an adult dog. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.
Penny loves to go for walks and chew on her bones. She mostly ignores the 2 cats but she does think it is fun to chase them at times for a little excitement. Penny loves to roam in the back yard and keep us safe from the rabbits. Even though she is a lab, she has no idea how to retrieve a tennis ball or kong.  She also doesn’t know what a wading pool is for. We will have years to learn and figure these things out.
I am so happy she chose our house to be her forever home.    
Thank you 4 Luv of Dog,
Ann and kitties BO & Gus

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Happy Tail for Chester!

chesterMy name is Chester. They used to call me Moose before I had my forever home. I love to chew on things and have tons of energy…my family tells me I’ll grow out of that soon enough. My best friend William is 2 and he calls me his ‘woof woof’. He really loves me I can tell because he covers me up with his favorite blankets and even tried to give me his paci. When he’s sleeping I like to cuddle up to him..until I’m awake for the day, then I like to wake him up with kisses. I’m excited that William and I get to grow up and learn together..(He can almost say Chester!). I really enjoy playing catch and going for walks. Though they’ve only been my forever family for a couple weeks I just know it was meant to be. Thank you 4 Luv of Dog for pairing me with this perfect match.
-Chester and his family, Jimmy, Amber and William

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Happy Tail for Ethel!

ethel2ethel1I adopted Ethel last year and I have to say, it is the best thing I have ever decided to do. Ethel has touched my heart in so many ways. She’s crazy and easily excited, but she is the biggest ball of love I have ever met. She loves her kitties and even her big sister Rigby. Ethel sleeps with me every night and as soon as I sit down in my recliner, she is up in my lap. Thank you all for helping me find what has ended up to be the best friend I could have ever asked for.

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