Happy Tail Stories!

Below are “Happy Tail” stories about dogs adopted from the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who have found their forever home. If you adopted a dog from us and would like to share your “Happy Tail” story with us, please email pics and a brief write-up to happytail@4luvofdog.org.

Happy Tail for Henry!

henry1We have had Henry (aka Heinrich) for only a month and already know he is the perfect fit. We have already found so many things he loves like shoes and feet. His favorite are sandals. He does not chew them only wants to carry them around and put them by his bed. Silly dog. Another fun thing he likes is throwing his ball for himself. He could play that game for hours. He is a fan of his dog brother Max and even gets along with his cat brothers Frisky and Maverick. Thanks 4 luv of dog rescue! We fell in love with him just seeing his picture on your website and he has been an amazing addition to our household.

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Happy Tail for Penny!

About a month ago it was my privilege to adopt Penny. She is a 4 year old yellow lab and the perfect dog for me. I have always loved yellow labs and wanted to adopt an adult dog. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.
Penny loves to go for walks and chew on her bones. She mostly ignores the 2 cats but she does think it is fun to chase them at times for a little excitement. Penny loves to roam in the back yard and keep us safe from the rabbits. Even though she is a lab, she has no idea how to retrieve a tennis ball or kong.  She also doesn’t know what a wading pool is for. We will have years to learn and figure these things out.
I am so happy she chose our house to be her forever home.    
Thank you 4 Luv of Dog,
Ann and kitties BO & Gus

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Happy Tail for Chester!

chesterMy name is Chester. They used to call me Moose before I had my forever home. I love to chew on things and have tons of energy…my family tells me I’ll grow out of that soon enough. My best friend William is 2 and he calls me his ‘woof woof’. He really loves me I can tell because he covers me up with his favorite blankets and even tried to give me his paci. When he’s sleeping I like to cuddle up to him..until I’m awake for the day, then I like to wake him up with kisses. I’m excited that William and I get to grow up and learn together..(He can almost say Chester!). I really enjoy playing catch and going for walks. Though they’ve only been my forever family for a couple weeks I just know it was meant to be. Thank you 4 Luv of Dog for pairing me with this perfect match.
-Chester and his family, Jimmy, Amber and William

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Happy Tail for Ethel!

ethel2ethel1I adopted Ethel last year and I have to say, it is the best thing I have ever decided to do. Ethel has touched my heart in so many ways. She’s crazy and easily excited, but she is the biggest ball of love I have ever met. She loves her kitties and even her big sister Rigby. Ethel sleeps with me every night and as soon as I sit down in my recliner, she is up in my lap. Thank you all for helping me find what has ended up to be the best friend I could have ever asked for.

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Happy Tail for Kiba & Chibi!

DSC_0345This Happy Tail has been a long time coming, so long it has turned into a double Happy Tail! After two years of fostering we have “foster failed” with two very special fosters.

Part One: Kiba came to us in our very early days of fostering, he was foster number 5. I saw a foster needed post for a shih tzu mix that was brought into one of the local vet clinics. There had been an accident involving a car door and he needed to have one of his eyes removed. His previous family was not able to get him the surgery he needed but they agreed to surrender him to the rescue. He immediately underwent surgery to have his eye removed and get neutered. I like to make the joke that he lost a lot of balls that day. :) I drove out to pick him up the next day and it was love at first sight. He was so excited to bust out of there and just a happy little dog, especially for just losing an eye the day before! It took me two days to get an official yes out of my husband and I signed the contract that day. Kiba has been such a great addition to our house. He is the first dog to get our grumpy little female to play and be a dog! He is so welcoming to our fosters and just loves everyone and everything. He attends nearly all rescue events with me and represents the rescue with perfection.

DSC_0373Part Two: It is hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard about the puppy mill that was busted around here in July of 2013. It was a huge operation for the rescue to undertake and it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I, along with countless other volunteers drove out to Casselton numerous times a week to help care for over 170 dogs during their quarantine period. It was all hands on deck and I was all ready to pick out my foster or fosters that very first day. I wasn’t originally intending on taking a pregnant mama but when I saw little F4 licking the bars of her kennel like crazy I knew I wanted to foster her. Her nickname was “cage licker” and she was a hot mess of mats and nastiness but I loved her. Turned out her babies couldn’t wait and she ended up giving birth to 4 tiny puppies the day before we brought her home. It also turned out that 9 month old F4 wasn’t prepared to be a mom. She wasn’t what you would call a good mama dog but we loved her anyway. She was so silly and hilarious that when the time came we just couldn’t let her go. After having her in our home for 8 weeks we signed the contract for Chibi and we couldn’t be happier!

Fostering has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Not only has it brought us to our two new family members but it also has brought many other awesome dogs into our lives. We, in turn, have been able pass those awesome dogs onto other families to make their lives even better.


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Happy Tail for Pippy!

pippy1pippy2Dear 4 Luv of Dog Rescue,

Pippy (previously known as Pipsqueak), wants me to let you know that she is so happy and has found her forever home! I would like to thank all of you at 4 Luv of Dog, especially Sam for letting me know about this sweet little girl. When I first met her, I knew my house would grow by one. Pippy now has 2 moms, and one brother Bentley, who is a pug/beagle/lab mix, and they get along great! It took some time for our spoiled little boy to welcome and accept his new sister, but now they love each other! They cuddle, play tug, and do everything together (and if my parents’ dog starts to play too rough with Pippy, he becomes a big brother and steps in for her… aww!). Pippy may be small, but she’s a strong pup. She is so loving, caring, and a tail-wager almost all the time! She loves giving her mommy kisses when she can, and she’s a very good listener. So far she knows sit, lay, come and we are working on shake. This poor girl must’ve been through some hard times, because she has a fear of men. However, this is something we continue working with her on, as she has already improved since her first interaction with a male. I am so blessed for all of the staff at 4 Luv of Dog, and for their passion in saving and rehoming animals. If it wasn’t for them, Pippy wouldn’t be rescued, and neither would I. Thank you for giving me Pippy! :)

Love, Pippy’s forever family: Courtney, Kim and Bentley

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Happy Tail for Miller

millerI got Miller for the 4 Luv of dogs rescue in September of 2013. He had a bad jaw problem that made it hard to eat. My girlfriend found him on the site and refused to pick and other dog she wanted Miller. I got to meet miller by chance during my home inspection and i knew he was the dog for me. he was a great dog he would sleep by my feet on the couch and sleep under the covers with me at night. Miller loved to go outside and go for walks but his favorite thing was to go for a car ride and stick his head out the window. He was kind of silly where he would lie down on a shirt or a pair of pants of mine that i left on the ground, sometimes he would sleep in my suit case. Today April 30th 2014 i had to put Miller to sleep. He had been sick and losing weight, i just couldn’t get him better. It was the hardest decision i had to make, my time with him was short and i will always miss him. I’m just glad i was able to give him a good home for his last few months.

Thank you for being my best friend Miller


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Happy Tail for Teeka!

teeka“Slow and calm introductions,”  ”consistent positive training.”   Those were the phrases used on Teeka’s (formerly Wes) page to describe him.  There were others too, but those were the ones that stood out to me.  What kind of dog was this?  We had dogs in our home so we weren’t totally inexperienced, but our dogs were the kind we never worried about.  They greeted everyone with a wagging tail and pure joy.  Then, we met Teeka and it was love at first sight.  At an event, a foster talked to us about Teeka.  We listened to everything she said and took in all her advice.  She kept emphasizing that Teeka needed patience and Teeka needed direction.  Teeka seemed to look at us as if to say, “yep, yep, true, true,” but his eyes also seemed to say something else to us – “I’m a good boy, I need a chance.”  Our whole family sat around the dining room table to talk about Teeka.  After all, this wasn’t the kind of decision to be taken lightly.  We knew if we adopted Teeka, we would not only be making a commitment, but a promise to Teeka to never give up on him.  We would need to make some changes, maybe temporary but perhaps permanently.  We would have to say no visitors for awhile until Teeka was comfortable not only in a new home, but with us.  Looking back, what a small, insignificant sacrifice.  Teeka has now been in our home for about a year.  I could write a book on what a good boy he is and how much happiness he’s brought us.  We still do slow, calm introductions and we still give consistent, positive training and it has all paid off.  We kept our promise to Teeka to never give up on him, but he definitely kept his promise to us to be a good boy and love us unconditionally.  

Thank you 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for giving us the best dog a family could ever want,
Jason, Nicole, and India Nordby

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Happy Tail for Farley!

farley1farley2Our family was looking for a little fur ball to add to our life that would get along with our children, cats, and other people. We scoured the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue page reading all the bios and looking at pictures. “Harley” now “Farley” had a series of photos cuddling with kids. Impressed by his relaxed nature that his foster family explained, we started the adoption process and hoped we would be approved to give him a fur-ever home. The day we picked him up, he was a perfect match. Farley is our rug with eyeballs that we always wanted! He sleeps with us at night and loves to fetch his little tennis ball up and down the hallways. He strolls through the neighborhood with his cheerful smile and we are so proud to call him ours! We have been so impressed with the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue volunteers and the care, love and support we received while growing our family by one more!
Farley’s formal name we have given him is Farles Wiggleworth the III……yes, because he a royal doggie! (Or at least he is treated like royalty!)
Thank You!
The Moran Family

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Happy Tail for River!

RiverHappy Tail for River (formerly Louise) We adopted River (formerly Louise) on December 21 and haven’t regretted it one day since. She’s become buddies with our two cats, our Grandma, nieces and nephews and most people she meets. She enjoys her walks, playing catch in the yard, and is also just content being in the same room with her “humans”. She’s very sweet, and somewhat of a “scaredy-cat”, but has a nice big bark that would make people think twice before coming into the house if they aren’t supposed to be here. River2

She went to “Grandma and Grandpa’s” lake place for Easter and chased a couple chipmunks and even took a dip in the still partially frozen lake, which she seemed to enjoy, so we have a feeling that going to the lake will be a highlight of her summer. It will be interesting to see how she likes boat rides. She LOVES riding along in the car, so I’m sure the boat will be her favorite thing. Each day, she brings us a lot of joy, and we’re still working with her on some commands, but she has learned “shake” since we got her, and we love how she is so willing to learn new things-especially when there are treats involved. 

We just want to Thank 4 Luv of Dogs for allowing us to bring River into our lives and hearts. It was one of the best decisions we made and our life is so much better because we have her in our family. Keep up the good work and doing what you do to save these amazing animals.

Shawn, Angei, River, Ash and Twix

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Happy Tail for Ernesto!

e2e1We started fostering Ernesto in November of 2013. He was a Wheatland dog, so I knew he would have his challenges getting used to a home environment. But, I must say, he surprised us all with his quick and beautiful transformation into an adorable and playful little dog! I’m sure our 2 dogs, Molly and Bullwinkle adopted Ernesto before we had the idea. Bullwinkle just took Ernesto in and let him snuggle up to him. Molly showed Ernesto how to “tail tuck” and run willy-nilly in the yard! Molly and Bullwinkle showed Ernesto that stairs are OK, routine is awesome, and rawhides are yummy and keep your teeth clean! Every day, Ernesto amazes me with his resiliency and willingness to trust again. He has truly completed our family.

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Happy Tail for Junior!

jr1Hi Humans!  
My name is Junior and boy oh boy do I love my forever home!  Not only do I have a huge yard to run around in, but I have an awesome new mommy and extended family as well, including 3 cousins that look similar to me (although they can be boring at times)!  I also have a brother, but I’m not sure what he is.  He is smaller than me, smells funny, and meows a lot, but although I think he is rather annoying, I get along with him for mom’s sake!  Besides my cousins, I have also met two other friends that I like to hang out with named Wishbone and Deuce.  We have tons of fun, and I do have to say, Wishbone is pretty cute and I was sad when we dropped her and her mom off at their home!  Everyone always tells me I’m handsome though, so that must mean I’m pretty cute myself!jr2
In my spare time, I love to chase my ball around in the yard when mom throws it, do tricks, chew on my nylabones, cuddle with mom, and give lots and lots of kisses (I just can’t control my licker!)  !  There are also plenty of mud puddles and ponds that I can jump and roll in.  My mom likes to say that I just love my baths so much that I go get dirty every day, but the truth is, mud is just super fun, and smells way better than my doggie shampoo, despite what she thinks.  We must have different types of sniffers.  
I suppose I will go so my mom can talk now…but I just want to say THANK YOU 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for helping me find my forever home!
jr3Junior is a 1 1/2 year old pitbull terrier mix that is super fun and full of energy!  He has also been quite a traveler during his life so far, going from home to home due to his issues with children, but I’m so glad that was the path he was lead towards, rather than being put down, as a lot of dogs are in those situations, regardless of whether or not an incident with a child is their fault.  If he had not been brought back to the rescue after being adopted the first time, I would have never had the opportunity to give this wonderful creature a home, so I know the big man upstairs was watching over the both of us, just waiting for our paths to cross!
Within the last year, I lost my 2 fur babies, Molly, a catahoula cross, and about 6 months later, Tane, a big goof of a great dane.  I was completely devastated after Tane’s passing, and although my family kept telling me to get another dog since I’m all alone in the middle of nowhere, I just wasn’t ready for it.  However, one night, when I was really down and grieving for Tane, the following quote from my dad popped in my head and got me to thinking:
“The passing of Tane just means that when the time is right, you will give another dog another chance to live.”
My mindset on life is that every negative has an equal positive outcome, and I realized that the more I focused on the loss, the more time it would take for that positive to occur.  I went to 4luvofdog.org to simply see what dogs were available for adoption, without the intent of filling out an application, but then I saw Junior and knew I had to have him at the second I saw him!  Although I had to wait until after I returned back from vacation to meet him, I instantly knew we were a perfect match.  


What secured that thought even further was when his foster mom showed me the skull sweater that he came with, since I have been a huge fan of anything with skulls on it for years (we could match, woohoo!!)!  When it was time to go, he ran right up to the car without any hesitation, seemingly knowing which one was mine, and was such a good boy the whole way home!  He was a little hesitant around new people for the first few days, but once he started to realize that he wasn’t going anywhere, he has had no problems and now makes sure to give everyone lots of kisses!! He has also made friends with my cat, and lets him cuddle with us on the couch, even though he thinks he’s pretty annoying.
Although he is a complete bed and blanket hog, finds every mud puddle, pond, or pile of fresh horse poo to jump or roll in (he is on a VIP list with the tub), and likes to shred my books and DVD cases when I’m gone despite his plethora of toys (we’re working on that), I can’t imagine not having him around!  While I may have given him a second chance at life in his forever home, he gave me a second chance at happiness! Thank you so much 4 Luv of Dog for rescuing him, putting him in such a wonderful foster home, and giving me the chance to adopt him!  :)

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Happy Tail for Bronson!

bronson1bronson2We adopted Bronson back in October. He is the sweetest furkid we could ask for – such a snugglebug and so handsome! We really lucked out with this guy. He was pretty skinny when we first got him, but he has filled out to a healthy weight now. He already had been through obedience training and is smart – a little too smart for his own good! He “adopted” us within the first week of getting him, and now, after five months, he has settled in like he was always a part of our lives. He loves walks, snuggling on the sofa, and playing tug-of-war. We can’t imagine our household without him! Thanks for introducing us!

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Happy Tail for Emma!




emma3As you can see, Emma (previously Emily) is right at home with us – she loves to lay in the sun like a lazy cat! 

She has also come to work with me and cuddles under my desk when she’s not playing fetch with my co-workers in the hallway! She seems to be transitioning nicely and is a joy to have. It feels like she’s been with us for a year, although it’s been less than a month! We started calling her Emma, instead of Emily, which she always answers to. We have had to add some temporary enclosures to our fence in the backyard… she found three(!) places where she can squeeze between or under fence panels. She’s VERY smart and very sneaky. :)

We’ve been working on her tricks too – keeping up with sit, shake and high five. We’ve also taught her to stay and we can leave a treat on the floor in front of her and leave the room and come back and she doesn’t eat it until we tell her “go get it!” The kids love to take turns feeding her in the morning and at night.
Thanks so much for your help and for giving us our newest family member!!

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Happy Tail for Wordsworth!

dustin1dustin2Dear 4 Luv of Dog rescue,

Thank you for taking me into your rescue so that I could meet my new family! Even though I was only at your shelter for a short time, I enjoyed meeting you all!

My new family loves me very much and I love them too. They have a nice big yard where so I can run around outside all that I want and they said when the weather is nice they will teach me to play fetch. I don’t know why they don’t want to play outside with me all the time; -16 degrees is not that cold if you wear a fur coat! I love to run and jump through all the deep snow, and I love playing with my new doggy brother Emerson. He doesn’t mind the cold either so we have lots of fun in the snow together. Here we are in the kitchen after playing outside.

I love being inside with my family too. Papa is my favorite but I love my Mama and my two kids, too. They all have nice laps for sitting on, and they give me lots of scratches and cuddles. They even give me treats just for sitting and lying down and stuff, and they even let me sit on the couch with them. I think they will be very easy to train. Here’s a picture of me helping Mama keep warm at bedtime. Yep, I think I’ll keep them all.

Wags and kisses,
Wordsworth (formerly known as Dustin)

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Happy Tail for Sloane!

sloane1We adopted Sloane from you back in August and I never guessed how much one dog would complete our happy little family.  I’m a single mom with 2 kids and now 1 furry one.  I didn’t think we had a void and we were a tight-knit group but something about the way that we all love her has brought us even closer. There is no more perfect dog for us than our Sloane who we affectionately refer to as Sloaney-Pony. 

We take her everywhere with us that we can.  She’s such a good dog and everyone wants to pet her and tells us how beautiful she is!  She’s so smart! She knew some basic commands like sit and stay.  My son has since taught her how to shake, give a high-five, and speak among other things.  We never even hear her bark until we taught her to speak and now she seems to enjoy giving a quiet, little “ruff” from time to time and when you look at her and talk back she just beams and wags her tail. 
I was just contemplating the other day the journey we have had with her.  When we first got her she was a sweetheart.  Very obedient but you could tell that trust would need to be established.  She was quiet and not seeking out a whole lot of interaction.  But I knew she had been in several different homes and it would take some time for that trust to show itself.  The first sign came probably a month after we had her.  She sat on the floor near the couch near me.  Inch by inch she backed up until she was touching my legs and then leaning on them turning back to look at me.  It was the first time that she really seemed to initiate the contact.  She wanted attention and wasn’t afraid to make it known.  This became her routine for quite sometime.  She would just come and lean, with almost all her weight, on your legs and that meant she wanted what we call “lovins”.  Pet her and tell her what a good girl she was.  It was really endearing to see that from her and now it is a constant.   sloane2
The next came about 2 months ago.  She is closest to my teenage son and he is never gone.  My daughter and I took him to a sleepover one night and returned home.  We let Sloane out of her kennel and she looked at us like she realized that 3 left and only 2 came back.  She ran upstairs to his room where she sleeps with him and back downstairs again, looking at me very expectantly.  I talked to her and she again went back to his room and back down.  After about a half-hour she seemed to realize Trevor was gone.  She returned to his room upstairs alone and began to cry.  It was absolutely heart-breaking!  I did my best to console her but all night until she went to bed with me she would come down to see me and then go cry alone in his room for awhile and then come back down and see me.  At that time I realized that she was firmly bonded to us, her family, her pack, and she mourned for the person she probably considers the Alpha Male LOL.
Here we are 6 months post-adoption and she is our dog thru and thru.  She tolerates my 6-year-olds wild antics, she knows our routine and hates going in her kennel in the morning before school but goes willingly.  She loves my son and will do anything that he asks….always looking at him so expectantly for praise, attention, tricks or treats.  She gives me a little “ruff” when I’m busy texting on my phone but she would like some attention.  She has become a huge part of the family and my son and I talk frequently about how boring life was before Sloane came into it.  
I know you all work on a volunteer basis and I heard that due to your work no adoptable animals were euthanized in the Fargo-Moorhead area.  Keep doing what you are doing because it is good work!  You not only save dogs but you bring families an amazing gift.  Without you we wouldn’t have Sloane and without Sloane we would all be a lot more lonely!  Thanks so much!

Sarah Lewis

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Happy Tail for Stella!


I met Stella (previously known as Sugar) in March 2012. She was an extremely nervous puppy and was terrified of everything around her. She cowered and hid from everything and everyone. I was told that she was a stray puppy picked up in Oklahoma and was deemed “unadoptable” due to her unsociable behavior. I was also warned that due to her rough past, Stella might never act like a normal puppy, or adult dog for that matter. Even though Stella wasn’t the playful dog I envisioned adopting, I couldn’t resist her weary but hopeful face.

It’s been almost two years since I brought that scared, adorable little girl home and she is grown up to be a wonderful and happy girl. She loves playing with other dogs and enjoys regular outings to PetSmart and dog parks. She lights up the second she sees another dog and seems to forget all of her hesitation. She’s still very weary of new situations and can be quite the watchdog at home but is getting much more comfortable with new people when we’re out and about. She also enjoys regular trips to my parent’s farm and chases birds for hours on end. 

Stella has made huge strides in the last two years and is now 75lbs. of love. She is truly my best friend and I’m so grateful she was given a second chance by 4 Luv of Dog.

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Happy Tail for Ike!


 We first met this cute little ball of fur at the end of October during our 4 Luv of Dogs home visit. Ike was one of the few remaining puppies that were born after the Wheatland rescue. He is a Maltese mix and was 11 weeks old when he joined our family. When we adopted Ike we already had a 10 year old Chocolate Lab named Hershal. 

Ike2Hershal was a bit unsure about Ike at first, but through Ike’s tenacity they have quickly warmed up to each other and have become quite playful siblings. One of our favorite things about Ike is that he loves to cuddle in waiting arms. In fact as I write this, Ike insisted I stop typing and pause for some cuddle time. He has been a great addition to our family and we feel very fortunate to have him in our lives. A big thanks to 4 Luv of Dogs and all you do!

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Happy Tail for Bea!



This is our sweet little Bea! She came to live with us on Jan. 6th 2013. She has been the most wonderful friend for her new dad and mom as well as her sister Amore and her brother Yoda. She has taught all of us the true meaning of gratefullness for family and home! Her love and faithfulness is unconditional!!! Thank you 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for bringing her to us!!!

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Happy Tail for Stella!

We adopted Stella (formerly Hermoine) about 2 1/2 months ago. We absolutely love having her a part of our family! Stella’s mom came pregnant from the Wheatland puppy mill and we were so excited when we heard there was going to be brand new puppies available! That is exactly what we wanted! Stella is a 4 pound ball full of energy! She is so playful, but yet loves to cuddle once she is tired out! Beings she is a little puppy we are still working on the potty training, but she is getting better and better with each day! We are also working on trying to not chew on EVERYTHING in her reach :) We have 2 little children and they are loving having Stella! They all have so much fun together playing fetch with a ball, chasing each other around the yard and house and they love to reward her with a treat after she goes potty outside! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt Stella! What your organization does is amazing!
Thank You Again,
Grant, Jessie, Cruz & Estee

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