Happy Tail Stories!

Below are “Happy Tail” stories about dogs adopted from the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who have found their forever home. If you adopted a dog from us and would like to share your “Happy Tail” story with us, please email pics and a brief write-up to happytail@4luvofdog.org.

Happy Tail for Rueben!

I adopted Rueben from 4 Luv of Dog Rescue in July of 2012. 

I was a volunteer at the new facility and this Chihuahua was waiting for a foster, but we were so full with no options so he had to stay at the facility.  He barked and barked, so I took him out of his cage.  We had a meeting and I decided to take him home for a few days until a foster was available. 

I have a Black Lab and a Rottwieller so I knew I definitely would not fall for this little dog.  Easy as can be, take a dog you will never will fall in love with, and you are safe.  Well wrong!!!!  The Chi’s get you every time.  He fell in love with me and I with him!!! There was no turning back and I “foster failed”. This means we fostered a dog and failed to let him go! All fosters fight this each time we foster a dog. We know we can help more and hope we can resist. Don’t doubt we let very special pups go, but only in the effort to help more dogs.

Rueben has become an amazing part of our family.  Rueben is loved by our family, extended family, and my friends at 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, and we are all glad I took that little Chi home that day!   

I still volunteer for 4 Luv of Dog because I believe in the mission and the dogs we help!

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Happy Tail for Johnny!

I have been wanting a dog for years but knew I wanted to wait until I had a home of my own and a yard for my furry friend to play in. Well, this spring my home dream came true and I must admit one of the biggest perks I was most looking forward to with being a homeowner was being able to adopt a dog. :)

I began the search through several rescue sites and when I viewed Johnny’s profile I instantly fell in love. His long face, perky ears, and big puppy eyes won me over. I knew I wanted a medium to big size dog and I had always loved Pitbull mixes so he seemed like the perfect match!

When I showed his profile to my boyfriend, Bret, he had deja vu. Coincidentally, Bret met Johnny at PetSmart during one of the “Meet the Pets” weekend events a couple months ago. He remembered how well-tempered and relaxed he was and wanted him as well. So, the adoption process began. 

When we finally got to pick him up from his foster, we learned he was living with a lovely Great Dane. I was nervous Johnny was going to suffer some anxiety transitioning to our home with him being the sole dog, but once we got him home he started playing with his toys and acted perfectly comfortable with our home. He cuddled up on our bed that night and has been a cuddle bug with both of us ever since.

He is very well trained and so lovable – yet is a good watch dog. When I am home at night by myself I have no worries of any intruders with Johnny keeping watch. He loves being my shadow as I move throughout the home to see what I’m up to and is always by my side. 

And although he may seem tough, he has such a soft heart. Once I introduce him to a new visitor, he wags his whole body with excitement. If the visitor decides to rub his belly Johnny instantly loves them. 

I am so happy to have found Johnny. He has made us so happy and is a great companion. My boyfriend and I couldn’t ask for a better dog. :)

Thank you 4 Luv of Dog and his foster for bringing Johnny into our lives!

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Happy Tail for Decoy!


Here is Decoy (formerly known in 4 Luv as Claude)! He stole our hearts from the moment we met him. We took him home on Memorial Day and it was hardly more than 24 hours and we were emailing 4 Luv to say that there was no way we were giving him back…EVER!! He is an absolute perfect fit for us. He is fast becoming our current dog’s best bud and even our 2 cats have warmed up to him, and that is saying something!  He is so sweet, a cuddler and does great in everything he’s done so far. He loves his walks, toys, chewies, playing in the backyard and will soon be checking out his weekend home at the lake. He is so attentive and a quick learner. He has such a mellow personality and just goes with the flow. He had great, GREAT foster’s who taught him so much in the short time they had him, and had excellent care while with 4 Luv. Without this great start Decoy (Claude) would not be where he is now…healthy and in a loving family. I can’t say enough good things about 4 Luv, and can’t thank everyone enough for what they’ve done. We are head over heels for this little guy and are absolutely amazed by what a great puppy he is. We are the lucky ones to get Decoy (Claude), not the other way around.

Ronda and Kreg Kercher

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Happy Tail for Indy!

I just wanted to update you on one of your rescues, Indy! He is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to our family (well, maybe except our grandbaby) and we just love him to pieces.
Things started out a bit rocky. He had a terrible bout of diarreah for the first couple of days, but after withholding food for a bit, getting on a good schedule and him just starting to relax, it resolved itself. He also chewed up my favorite blanket and then my favorite pillow. But we learned with a little patience, proper chew toys and perseverance that he was very teachable and knows several tricks now as well as good manners.

He’s a high energy, spunky, little comedian that likes to play hide and seek, both with his ball and with me, fetch, tug o war and is a great little bubble bath taker. He’s got personality plus! He’s also extremely gentle with our little 10 month old grandson. He gently licks his little fingers and sit’s by his side when he’s drinking his bottle.
He gets along great with our other dog Rupert, although there was a bit of tension for a couple of weeks. But a week or so ago, Indy had his bone and was chewing on it up on the couch. Rupert whined a bit down on the floor and Indy set the bone down and nosed it off the couch so Rupert could have it. Now THAT’s sharing!!
I just want to thank you for all the good work you do. Without you, I wouldn’t have my work buddy (Yes, Indy comes to work with me every day!), my walking buddy and just the lovely little brown wiggle worm we call Indy!
Jane Larsen

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Happy Tail for Iluak

We are sooooo happy with out adoption from 4luvofdog!!! We had lost our Malamute several years ago and it was quite a journey to decide when we were ready for another dog. I perused the website for several months, looking for the right fit for our family. ‘Willis’ came up in February and we had a lot of long discussions as a family and decided Willis would be a good fit. After completing an application and getting approved, we picked up the newest member of the family the day after my birthday. Because he is a “northern” dog, we decided upon the Inuit name of Iluak…meaning ‘One Who Does Good’, but we lovingly refer to him as Louie. He is extremely intelligent and is a wholehearted member of the family. He doesn’t stay outside and he is NOT a lawn ornament. He is an integral part of our family dynamic and our life is so much better because he is in it.
The Larson family

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Happy Tail for Maks & Maeby!

This happy tail is a 2-fer :-).  We had two dogs already and were not particularly looking for another when I came across a picture of 10 adorable pittie pups on 4 Luv of Dog’s Facebook page.  One stood out… a chunky little black pup with white tipped toes named Olive. 

We filled out the app and then I received an email saying that someone  had already applied for Olive and if there was another puppy we were interested in.  We only wanted little Olive and were bummed about the news. So we got our home visit done and hoped that the people ahead of us would pick another puppy.   Our prayers were answered when I got the email from her foster mom telling us she was ours!!  Her new name is Maks and she is now a year and a half. 
She has been the best spur of the moment decision we have ever made. She is a spunky, funny, cuddly, sweet girl. She loves to play with her doggy siblings, but her favorite thing is to cuddle with us.  It was because of Maks that I got involved in the rescue, first volunteering at the facility taking care of the dogs, and now fostering.  

It was through fostering that we come to the second Happy Tail.  In January of this year, we took in our fourth foster, a cute little 10 month old pittie mix from the pound, named Maeby.  She was the perfect dog, very sweet and mellow, loved every person and dog she met. She most of all, loved Maks.  Those two bonded instantly and became inseparable, literally. They like to do what we call, “aggressive cuddling” and they could play for hours. After being with us for four months, being adopted out and returned for no fault of her own, we decided we couldn’t let her go again. We “foster failed” with Maeby, and it has been the best failure ever.   She completes our little family and we cant imagine life without her. 

We cant thank 4 Luv of Dog enough for saving these two girls, and completing our family!

Brian, Ashley, Shadow, Bearcat, Maks, and Maeby

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Happy Tail for Cadi!

Back of summer 2012 I was building/kennel volunteer not looking to foster or even thought about adding another dog to my pack at the time. However, at the end of my shift, we had a few dogs come in and at the time there was two dogs left who didn’t have fosters to go to. Since there is no way I could leave them there, I took them in for an emergency foster until a new foster could be found the next day. Next day one of them got a foster but Cadi (asa Kitty) was still with me and I began to be a bit fond of her. 

She was polite and had a very good temperament on her that my own dogs accepted with no problems as my dogs can be picky. After 2 1/2 weeks, I could never see myself give her up. I’ve never been known to be a small person dog, but she won my heart and she won the heart of my other 2 dogs and 3 cats. She is perfect in everyway. She’s silly but also a diva part princess. She is awesome at obedience work and eventually I would love to get her into dog therapy work since she seems natural at it. I would like to thank the rescue for taking her in and also like to thank Amy (4LuvofDog Vice President) for including Cadi last minute in taking her in. I believe the situation that took place when we got Cadi was a gift to me in disguise. I cannot imagine my life without her!! Thank you 4LuvofDog for all you do for the dogs!!!

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Happy Tail for Jetta!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be blessed with adopting Jetta (formally Nola)! We lost our dog over a year ago and can’t believe how well she has filled the empty hole in our hearts. She really is amazing! Very calm and mellow but easily shifts gears to hyper play mode when needed! She is excellent with our kids and all others thus far and enjoys the company of any other animal at any chance given. We simply could not be happier…thank you so much for enriching our lives, we genuinely appreciate it!
The Lunds

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Happy Tail for Emmett!

Hello I’m Emmett and I have recently been adopted into a loving family! After four days of being fostered from the Martin’s they finally decided to Adopt Me! I am so excited to live in my forever home with this wonderful family. I am an active 1yr old who loves to be around people. I am what my family calls a little bear, because I like to be on my two’s and dance.

 My Favorite activities are playing with squeaky tennis balls and running up and down the hall with my big bone! I am a winter dog I love, love, love the snow. In the snow I make tunnels and just roll around in it. I am a very good listener I can sit, lie down, and roll over only for (treats that is). I am also a big fan of the water and showers! Yes I love to try and take a shower with anyone who is in the tub. I am excited for the summer and going to the lakes.

 Thanks 4LuvofDog Rescue for giving me such an amazing home!

 Love, Emmett, Demmie, Dustin, Darrin & Denise

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Happy Tail for Clyde!

Hi, my name is Clyde and I’m the black Pug in the picture.  Lying next to me is my new big brother Herculez.  We’re relaxing with our human, Adam, on the couch on a lazy Saturday.  I was adopted in February by Adam and his wife Billie.  They have two kids, Jace (9) and Shayne (6), who love to try to get Herculez and I to play with them, but we’re pretty laid back and enjoy our naps most of the time. Adam and Billie originally wanted to adopt one of the mange Pug puppies since they’re partial to Pugs, but when I became available to adopt they thought maybe getting an adult dog would be a better fit for their family. They also didn’t want to go through the whole potty training stage again.  Also, Billie loved my name because it’s also her Grandpa’s name. 
My first night at their home I was lonely and howled a bit, but by the second night I got to sleep in their bed. I guess my tactic to annoy them with my howling worked.  I enjoy curling up next to my humans and enjoying their company.  Thankfully they have a large bed to fit all of us since Herculez gets to sleep on the bed too.
We are all looking forward to Spring so we can enjoy the outdoors. My humans tell me they have a camping spot by Detroit Lakes and there are other Pugs that camp there too that they want me to meet.  I’m so thankful Adam and Billie found me and gave me such a loving home.

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Happy Tail for Bentley!

Hey I’m Bentley! When I first came into this rescue I was a WILD CHILD! First I went to NDSU and then I went to the facility. I had a couple outings from the facility but nothing ever seemed to stick. Then these two really nice ladies came walking into the back room talking about fostering. I had no clue what they were talking about but I wanted attention, so I lifted my leg and shot pee out of my kennel and onto the floor right beside them. They looked at each other and grabbed a leash and hooked me up. I still don’t know why they took me home, must have been my amazing good looks. When we got home I was introduced to my foster sister Saydee. She is a tuff one to get along with but her and I hit it off. I caught the love and attention from my mom and she sent an email saying that I had found my “forever home”. I thought that was weird because I knew that she was going to be my mom since I shot pee right by her foot at the facility. I guess it took her a little more time to adjust to my horse like body and my clumsiness but either way I turned into what they call a “foster fail” (when your foster family fails and adopts you). I am a happy guy and my sister and I still welcome fosters into our house. She keeps them in line and I play with them until we are both worn out. I have to say that I have the best family for me. I have amazing grandparents who spoil me, an aunt and uncle who treat me as their own, a mom and dad that kiss and hug me every day, and a sister who keeps me in line and still cuddles me to sleep at night. I hope every dog has what I have because to be honest IT IS THE BEST! Thank you 4 Luv Of Dog for helping me find my forever home that I was meant to be at all along!

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Happy Tail for Svetlana!

We adopted Brenna over a month ago now and renamed her Svetlana. Adopting her was one of the greatest decisions we have made. She brings a smile to everyones face and loves everyone she meets.
Our other dog has been kind of lonely since our room mate took his dog when he moved. Lana has been a great companion for him and keeps him on his toes. They play all the time, sometimes she wants to play longer than he wants to! They even cuddle now and it is sooo darn cute as he has never loved another dog that much.
She also now has learned how to sit, shake, lay down, roll over, crawl and we are working on playing dead.
She is VERY smart and picks up quickly on things. She is already 4 months old, weighs 21 lbs and thinks she is a lap dog. There is no better place for her than being in our lap! She grows bigger every single day and gets cuter every day too!
We love her more than life and she makes every day a great adventure.
Thank you 4 Luv of Dog for giving us this bundle of joy she is the sweetest girl ever!!
~Tasha Lynn

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Happy Tail for Bones!

This is Bones, along with Snowflake. Bones came to us just about 2 weeks ago by way of 4 luv of Dog Rescue. He has fit in perfectly with our family. He has become my son’s shadow and he and Snowflake have a blast playing together. We are so happy to have him! We want to thank 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, for giving us the chance, to give Bones his new forever home.

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Happy Tail for Ginger!

Miss Ginger came into our house as a foster puppy in early February. She was scared, skinny and absolutely adorable. It did not take our family long to fall head over feet in love with her. She quickly blossomed into a confident, smart, funny puppy! After having her in our home for over a month we realized we could not imagine life without her. Making the decision to add her as a member of our family has been one of the best that we have made. Ginger is a perfect fit in our family, she comes to work with me every day and loves socializing with all of the people and dogs there.Ginger is wonderful with our 2 kids and our resident dog. She is such a clown! She makes us laugh every day. Her favorite toy is a tennis ball and she would play fetch for hours! We think she is aspiring to be a hunting dog! We consider ourselves so lucky that it was our home that she ended up in. We are so looking forward to watching her grow and mature into the amazing dog we know she will be. As I write this her and Aspen (our Germanshorthaired pointer) are zooming around the living room, and I can not imagine her not being here! 
We are so grateful to Luv of Dog Rescue and all of their volunteers for everything that they do. Without them we would never have had the opportunity to meet this amazing puppy! Thank you all so much.  
Todd, Natalie, Gage, Emily, Aspen and Ginger Helm

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Happy Tail for Maeby & Puddy!

Hi! I’m Maeby (formerly Kimmy)! I’m the white and tan pit bull mix and this is my brother Puddy, he’s a brindle pit bull mix. I’m almost 3 years old and such a fun-loving, sweet and goofy girl it’s no wonder my parents fell in love with me when they first met me! I was the first of us puppers to be adopted into this crazy family and I’ve been loving it here! This last summer when my parents brought me into their home, they realized I needed a LOT of exercise so they bought a Springer attachment and taught me how to ride nicely alongside their bike and I absolutely LOVE it! I can run as fast as 20mph! I also love going on walks, swimming, going for car rides, playing with my neighbor friends, going to daycare, taking naps in the sun, playing hide-and-go-seek with my dad, cuddling with anyone who’ll let me, playing catch, the list is really endless. I’m also SUPER smart and like to secretly push my parents’ buttons and see what all they’ll let me get away with. It took my parents quite a while to catch onto this and after going to 3 obedience class sessions they’re learning how to stand up and say no to my adorable puppy eyes…I’m actually ok with this, that game was getting kind of old. 

When I first got here I met my feline siblings, Murphy and Zaney. They’re super rad but they aren’t much fun to play with. They’ll just slap me if I lick them in the face or try to play with them. Murphy will play with me sometimes, but he gets mad at me pretty easily so playtime never lasts very long. Mom and dad soon realized that I would probably benefit from another canine buddy (and I heard them whispering that Murphy and Zaney threatened to pack up their cat nip and move out if I kept trying to play with them), so just a couple months ago they set up a playdate with Puddy. His foster mom was MY foster mom…such a small world! We totally hit it off and next thing I knew we had a sleepover and he never left! I am so in love with my brother, he’s the coolest dog in the world. We’re the best of friends! Mom and dad say we’re soul-mates, but I don’t know what that means.

Now that my sister has talked your ear off, I’ll step in and say a few words…hi, I’m Puddy (formerly Isaac) and I’m about 4 years old. I’m a super chill, calm, happy, well-mannered dog and I’ve been with this crazy family since February. I’ve been having so much fun learning new things, going for walks with my sister, sleeping in the sun, chewing on antlers, and destroying toys. My all-time favorite thing to do is cuddle with my new sister and my new parents. Life has been pretty wonderful so far. 

Lately they’ve been taking me and Maeby to this place called Red River North Dog Obedience Club on Monday nights and I’ve been learning how to sit, stay, lay down, walk nicely on the leash, and many more things! It’s been a lot of fun but sometimes it’s hard for me to sit still and learn…I’m just such a happy wiggle-butt I can hardly contain my excitement when I have to wait for a treat!

Well, we just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for giving us a second chance at a happy life and for all you do for dogs like us! Mom and dad are always saying mushy stuff like “I can’t imagine life without you!” and “We couldn’t be luckier to have dogs that love each other so much!”. Thanks again, we’re all grateful for 4 Luv of Dog Rescue!

These two are the love of our lives, thanks for all you do! :) Adam & Dana Holscher

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Happy Tail for Argus!

“Hug-a-bull, Love-a-bull and Kiss-a-bull”

We adopted our first pit bull 9 years ago and sadly lost him to cancer in January. My husband and I decided that we would adopt again and knew our only choice would be another pit bull.  We saw a picture of Argus (formerly Aiden) on the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue page and we knew he was the dog for us. 

Argus loves to snuggle, give hugs and kisses. He also loves to snort!! That is one of our favorite things about him. I call him Momma’s little pork chop! 

So many people have asked me why I adopted a pit bull and if I am scared to have him around my children. Honestly….I smile and say, ” I am not worried at all for the safety of my children. Pit bulls are wonderful, loving, affectionate dogs. The only thing aggressive about them is how they show their affection.” 

Thank you 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for everything you do.  You guys are amazing! We are so thankful for Argus! He is such a great dog and we tell him that everyday! Happiness is being loved by a pit bull.
~ Jenny, Karl, Mason, Kain and Halley

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Happy Tail for Nora!


Hello from the Jensens! We adopted Nora in February and could not be happier with this little cuddle bug. She is 10 years old but jumps on and off the furniture like a pro. Her favorite activities are belly rubs, going on walks around Concordia College campus, belly rubs, and snuggling while getting her belly rubbed.

We are so pleased to give her the home she has always deserved. Thank you for all you do at 4 Luv of Dog! Our little girl is home :)


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Happy Tail for Jakey!

My name is Jakey and my story should actually be a movie.  My owner; Robert (Bobby) got me when I was about 6 weeks old (in December 2000).  Bobby was in a coma and was not expected to live and I was given to him after he “woke up”.  

 He taught me how to love and because I had the capacity to love unconditionally; we were a perfect match.  Bobby died on December 1 2011 and I was left homeless in Dickinson.  There were 4 sisters that made a vow to Bobby before he died, to find me a home after he passed away.  

 I was driven about 300 miles (one way) because no one in the town wanted an older dog.  I met Jaime at 4luvofdog and immediately we bonded (I peed on her foot).  She kept in contact with Bobby’s family and was instrumental in finding me a home and also helped me keep in contact with Bobby’s family.

 I came to be adopted by the most loving family a dog could ever have.  Melissa (my new mom) has adopted rescue dogs before.  I now have a  wonderful buddy named; Nemo and we could not be happier. I have a new brother and a father and best of all, I have a family.  I know that Bobby is looking down from heaven and knows what love can do to all.  To add to all of this happiness, Melissa (my new mom) and Bobby’s sisters communicate by email.  One sister is in Texas, one is in Maryland and one is back in Dickinson.  Love knows no boundaries and I am so happy that a family took a chance on taking an older dog; ME!!!








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Happy Tail for Gabe!

I have been thinking about you guys alot and decided I better send a note before another year goes by.  I just can’t tell you how happy and “in love” I am with Gabe (formerly Biscotti).  Everyone who meets him loves him.   

Last year we went to Doggie kindergarten, and this month we are in Beginner obedience.  He has been such a good dog and a GREAT companion.  He does have long days alone during the week, but is never mad at me when I get home.  When I am home, we are together all the time.  

I wish I could tell the previous owners how much he is loved and that it must have been very hard for them to give him up, but I am so thankful to them.  They did a wonderful job laying the foundation for such a well-behaved dog.  And yes, he does love to travel :) 

Janee Nelson Dehler

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Happy Tail for Blue!

My name is Blue and I adopted some nice people as my family the day after Christmas. They have a lot of cats and other dogs, one is a recently adopted dog from 4 Luv of Dog named Trigger! I like my friend Trigger and my people.  I suppose the cats and other dogs are alright too.
My people tell me that they offered to foster me when Trigger went to a trial adoptive home because they fell in love with senior dogs and missed him and wanted to help another dog in need. Little did those humans know that Trigger would come back to them and they’d up adopting two of the coolest senior dogs 4 Luv of Dog Rescue had ever known. 
I’m an older lab so I’m a little slower than I used to be, but I still move around pretty good. I actually kinda have these people here fooled because they think I can’t move fast enough to steal their food, but I do! I am a quick guy when I want to be, never passing up an opportuntity for some food from the counter, refrigerator or even leftover wrappers, bags, and boxes.  I love anything that has had food in it and will move quick for it.  I have degenerative joint disease in my knees, but hey guess what! So does one of my humans.  I think that’s part of the reason that me and that human get along so well! We can talk about our achy joints and take our supplements and meds together.  We are almost like twins!
They think I’m strange because I love to lay in the snow and just look around– today it is below zero and I would stay outside all day if they’d let me– why won’t they let me?! I gotta get them trained better I guess! Anyway, I am very thankful for 4 Luv of Dog for getting me into their rescue and finding me a good foster home especially one that eventually adopted me.  These humans adopted two of their fosters, Trigger and me, in less than a month– can you believe it?! What suckers! I hope everyone out there gives a senior dog a chance like my humans did for me and my buddy.  Every old dog needs a good place to snooze away their retirement years– I know I found mine.  Thanks 4 Luv of Dog Rescue!
Love, Blue and his people!

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