Happy Tail Stories!

Below are “Happy Tail” stories about dogs adopted from the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who have found their forever home. If you adopted a dog from us and would like to share your “Happy Tail” story with us, please email pics and a brief write-up to happytail@4luvofdog.org.

Happy Tail for Jax!

I’m happy to say I found my forever home. I got adopt by a fun loving couple about 4 months ago and now go by Jax (formerly Eli). We all had to learn some lessons like when I get bored I somehow find trouble no matter what. I will never be able to repay mom of all the things I destroyed, I’m sorry.

I love my new parents I get to do so many new things. I love to go ice fishing and just started obedience class/ school. I have already learned most of the commands but next is agility course, I cant wait. I think I found my new love is balls, mom cant seem to buy me enough of them and bones, I love bones! They definitely help me to stay out of trouble. 

I finally had my first Christmas and it was the best! I woke up to treats in a sock, I meet new cousins and new humans. I must confess that my human friends sure did destroy all those pretty boxes and they made a big mess.

I want to say a BIG THANK YOUUUUU (I love to howl)

Posted by admin on January 20th, 2013 @ 3:22 pm

Happy Tail for Hilo!

After almost 17 years we said good-bye to our beloved Memphis on July 5, 2012. Our home seemed to have lost its heart. We weren’t ready to adopt so we applied to foster. We planned on having dogs come into our home, work on their training and transition them to their furever home.

On July 25 the lovely Sam gave us Jeter. Now I already decided my furever dog would be a female, with multi colors and under 35lbs. Jeter was a male, black lab mix and already 50lbs so I “knew” he’d be easy to transition in and out. But the world had a different plan. He filled our home and our hearts so we foster failed on Aug. 8 and Jeter became Hilo.

It’s true when your heart breaks open it makes room for more … I love that Hilo has taken a big part of the extra room. The days I’m feeling sad with doggy grief it only takes the big floppy eared Hilo one look at me before I’m smiling again. He’s so sweet and loving I can’t imagine my life without him. I thank my sweet Memphis for knowing what my sad heart needed to make it happy again and thank the beautiful Sam for doing the work for her.

I now not only have a new family member but I’ve started volunteering at 4 Luv of Dog to spend time with the dogs not yet in their furever home. Hilo and 4 Luv of Dog changed my life and are well on their way to filling my empty heart.

Darwin & Brenda

Posted by admin on January 20th, 2013 @ 3:03 pm

Happy Tail for Annie!

I’m Annie, a 2 y/o Jack Russell terrier and I’ve been in my new home since March.  I went through some rough patches before I was rescued and I’m still afraid of loud sounds but parked cars and garbage cans don’t bother me any longer.

My black cat friend here is Kiki who was rescued about 5 years ago. He is street-smart and sly.  We chase each other at the speed of terriers.  I usually pin him in our wrestling matches.  He grooms me; says I need a makeover.  I help him beg for food when humans are in the kitchen but my real job is guarding our house.  I crouch on the couch and when people walk past on the street I do a bark-off with the dog next door just to let everyone know Annie is in town!

Annie loves to go to dog parks where we’ve met friends from 4 Luv of Dog.  Blessings on everyone who helps pets find safe, loving homes.  Annie gives our family sweet doggy love and terrier humor.


Posted by admin on January 10th, 2013 @ 10:56 pm

Happy Tail for Percy!


Our family is so appreciative for 4 Luv of Dog and all that they do. Percy has been a great addition to our family.  Our neighbor was fostering her and we made a connection with her right away. We adopted her in November 2011. The kids call her their hairy sister.  Since having Percy our utility bills have gone down; when it’s feeling frigid, I reach for her, my furry lap warmer rather than cranking up the thermostat. I feel warmer in minutes and have made Percy feel loved and useful. No matter where you live, there are animal lovers working hard to save pets and find suitable homes for them. If you’re thinking of a pet for your kids or a pet to keep you company, check with the pet adoption services first, like 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, before buying an expensive animal from a breeder.

Thanks 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for bringing Percy into our lives!

Andrea, Mike, Gabriel, & Morgan

Posted by admin on January 8th, 2013 @ 7:30 pm

Happy Tail for Sisco!


I’ll be real honest, I didn’t want to foster Sisco.  I was convinced, for some reason, that having a black, older dog would make it harder to get her adopted out to a forever home and we’d be stuck with her forever.  I wanted some cute, fun, wiggly puppy who would be super fun to foster.  Little did I realize that the love of my life was packaged in that old black hide of Sisco’s.  The moment she came into our home I knew there wasn’t anyone or anything that could keep me from making her ours, permanently.  Hey, what can I say, when you know- you know!  We even bought a house, instead of taking a condo after our buyout, so that we could have her all to ourselves.  So I suppose the moral of this story is don’t let any preconceived notion of “the perfect dog” rob you of the chance to meet the love of your life.  You just never know.

Just another foster failure-
Nicole, Kasper and Noam Kolbe… And Sisco, too.  

Posted by admin on January 8th, 2013 @ 6:55 pm

Happy Tail for Finkle!

We have had our dog, Finkle, for almost a year now and could not be happier! My Husband and I began looking at adoption sites because we felt ready to add a member to our family. We both grew up in the country with medium-larger sized dogs, and were definitely drawn to these breeds. We also wanted a dog that already knew the basics and definitely not a puppy. When I saw Finkle’s picture on the website, I assured my husband that it would be beneficial to meet a few dogs before adopting and we agreed to take a look at him. We set up a time to meet Finkle at our apartment as the foster parents were willing to bring him over. As soon as the door opened to our apartment, a four pound, three month old puppy ran right up to us and was elated to meet us, climbing on us and licking us all over! He wasn’t the dog we were expecting to steal our hearts, but we knew he was meant to be in our family right away! Finkle is now over a year old and 11 pounds! He constantly makes us laugh and goes everywhere we do! He has taken a few obedience classes and is getting ready for his first agility class later this winter. Finkle’s favorite activities are playing fetch (for unlimited amounts of time), long walks, and equally long naps on our laps. 

We are so thankful for 4 Luv of Dog for finding Finkle! We had a great experience from the application process to being able to bring Finkle home with us! We cannot thank everyone enough at 4 Luv of Dog enough for what you all do!

-Joey, Emma, and Finkle Schmit

Posted by admin on January 4th, 2013 @ 11:36 pm

Happy Tail for Sookie!

 My fiancé and I had been talking about adopting a dog for about six months before we found Sookie.  As soon as we saw her on the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue website we knew we had to meet her.  It just so happened that a few days after we had filled out the application to adopt her certain dogs, including Sookie, were being taken to PetSmart in hopes of them being adopted.  I had to work, but my fiancé went to meet her.  

He called me afterwards and told me that she was perfect for us. He also told me that he had set up a home visit, and hopefully she would be ours by the end of the week.  At the end of the week Jill came with Sookie to make sure our living arrangements were adequate for having a dog.  

As soon as I met her I fell in love.  She was so energetic and loving.  As soon as she came inside she jumped up on my lap and was so calm, like she knew she was home.  It was a perfect match.  Sookie has quickly become part of our family, and we love her dearly.  We even had to take new pictures for our save-the-dates so she could be included!  I’m so thankful 4 Luv of Dog Rescue and their devotion to finding good homes for these amazing animals.  

Thank you!


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Happy Tail for Niko!


I just wanted to say “Thank You” for bringing Niko into our lives. He quickly made himself at home and our other dog, Mickey, did not want to admit that he liked him and ignored him for the first couple weeks. Over the last couple months, they have become like brothers! He is purely a joy to have around and it is fun to see the companionship that has grown between Niko and Mickey. They are inseparable now. Even this morning Mickey started having a sneezing fit and Niko came to check on him to make sure he was ok. We will always adopt dogs from a rescue. They are the sweetest dogs and teach you how to love even more than you ever thought possible. Thank you again for picking our home to love Niko. It was truly meant to be!

Bekah Nelson

Posted by admin on January 4th, 2013 @ 11:05 pm

Happy Tail for Pippynn!

I’m one of the dog trainers at PetSmart and it was one of the Saturdays that 4 Luv of Dog was in our store with their pups that needed be homes. I love moving among the dogs and saying hi, giving them pets, or treats.

About a month ago, I was wondering among all those wonderful dogs, when a little black dog caught my eye.  She was sitting so calmly among the others, wagging her tail at people as they passed. I went over and asked her name, which was Penny at the time, and chatted with her handler. She said Penny was pretty laid back and easy going and very cuddly! So, I sat down right on the floor and sure enough, Penny came over and curled up on my lap!

My partner and I had been talking about a second dog, as we have a 5 year old golden named Willow, but we weren’t sure if we wanted a puppy, or an older dog. And we didn’t want a dog as big as Will, either. Penny  was only 37lbs which was perfect! Her calm nature was also very cool and she was so gentle and sweet.

I went back home that night and told Twyla, my partner, about the cutest little black mix I had met that day. I continued to talk about het for next two weeks.

Adoption day came again and Penny was back, this time with Brenda. I saw her and came and cuddled her again and talked with Brenda. I decided that Twyla needed to come and meet this great little girl and called her to come to work and meet Penny.

Twyla brought her nephews, who are 2 and 5 and introduced them to Penny as well. She did great! No jumping or bouncing around, she just went right up to the youngest and sat down and leaned against him. (He was delighted!) And when Twyla sat down with her, Penny crawled right into her lap!

Needless to say, Penny, now called Pippynn, melted her heart just like mine and we adopted her on the spot! Pippynn gets along fabulously with Willow, and our cats. She also loves kids, other dogs amd all people. She’s a little toy possessive, but we worked on that the first night and now her and Willow share quite nicely!

Pippynn is a wonderful addition to our family and we just love her! Thank you, so much, for doing what you guys do to make sure all these great dogs find their forever home!

~ Kim and Twyla

Posted by admin on January 4th, 2013 @ 10:50 pm

Happy Tail for Jazzy!

We adopted Jasmine (Jazzy for short) in early March (formerly Cheyenne) and we just love her!! She hit it off instantly with our Rottweiler/German Shepherd, Jack–they are best buddies! Jazzy is so playful, affectionate, and lovable and is absolutely great with kids! She loves everyone but really does especially love kids, my own three children and any other kids we meet on our daily walks. 

She is sweet and friendly to everyone, and other dogs too. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we are so happy to have her with us this Christmas! We want her to have a wonderful Christmas this year and many years to come with us! Thank you, everyone at 4luvofdogs, for your awesome rescue service and for bringing Jazzy into our lives!

Posted by admin on December 27th, 2012 @ 5:24 pm

Happy Tail for Trigger!

It was about six months ago that I got a pleading e-mail from our Owner Surrender Coordinator about a dog in need of a foster.  This wasn’t unusual since we do a lot of owner surrenders and are always trying to take more and more dogs and find places for them to go.  After receiving several e-mails about Trigger, a 12 year old golden/lab retriever and reading the worry about not having a place to fit him, I reluctantly agreed to foster him. My thoughts were, “No one is going to adopt a dog this old, I am going to have him until it’s his time to go.” For at least part of that, I was right.  

After fostering Trigger for 6 months, I made the decision to do what we in the rescue business call “foster failing” by adopting Trigger. Trigger had gone to two trial adoptive homes and somehow always ended up coming back to me. In my opinion, it seemed like Trigger couldn’t be happy without me and I will admit, it was hard to let him go those two times. I had always been proud to say that I had never cried when one of my fosters dogs got adopted because I knew they would have a good life and be happy. Trigger was the first foster dog that got to me when he left and I cried over losing him. I felt that Trigger could have a happier life somewhere that he could be more active and run around, but I guess Trigger had different plans. I am so thankful to have this sweet dog in my life and I am happy when I say that I am stuck with him forever.  I couldn’t imagine not having him to cuddle with at night and to continue to amuse me with his antics.  Sometimes, we have our ups and downs.  Sometimes, we annoy each other, but I wouldn’t have him any other way.  His dog brothers are still getting used to him, but they will come around eventually!

Trigger has truly found his forever home and will have much love for the rest of his life. I can’t thank 4 Luv of Dog Rescue enough for taking in the dogs that other rescues turn away: the broken, the damaged, the sick, the wounded, the “unadoptable”, the elderly, and the disabled.  The rescue truly does not discriminate against any dog– even when my first thoughts go against fostering a senior dog– and I am forever grateful. Thanks to 4 Luv of Dog, I let down my guard and let a new wonderful dog come into my life!

Kelsey, Trigger’s former foster mom and now his forever mom!

Posted by admin on December 26th, 2012 @ 11:28 am

Happy Tail for Bandit!

Bandit came into our lives as a foster almost 11 months ago and my kids and I will never be the same!!

 A year and a half ago Bandit was hit by a car and broke his back right leg. Well the rescue vet in Oklahoma (where he is from) attempted pinning his leg but it wasn’t successful. Well he sat in the pound that way for a couple of months before he came to Fargo.  I picked him up at the faculty site of 4 Luv of Dog and he just whimpered and talked. He was in so much pain!!  Oh I can’t even imagine what he went through!!! He was started on pain meds and we got him fairly comfortable.  We had to carry him up an down the stairs because he wasn’t able to do that.  Three days after he came to us, I took him to the Casselton vet, where he has been going ever since. One of the techs said she cried when she saw his X-ray, his leg was so bad!  Well they also found out that his left ACL was torn 100% from the compensation he was doing.  Then there was the “what do we do now” with no functional back legs, they couldn’t amputate one of them. With the support of all the angels out there, money was raised for the two surgeries Bandit was in need of.  There were a few months of rehabilitation therapy before his first surgery to make sure he had enough muscle built up. Weekly visits to Casselton!

My kids and I have just given him love and hope!  Well he is 13 wks out from his TPLO surgery (ACL repair). That was a big surgery!  Wow!  And the restrictions there were on activity!!  Well Bandit needed a lot of reconditioning so we started building up muscle and he went from just being able to walk 2 houses down and back to walking all the way around the block!! What an accomplishment that was!  Well 3 weeks ago I felt a lump on the underside of his right leg back leg. He had refused to go for a walk and I knew something was not right. He had a therapy appointment the next day and the vet xrayed it and it was broken again. Wow!!  Then it was to get him back on his pain meds and wait a week for his amputation surgery.

Here we are two and a half weeks post op and he had his staples out and has gotten a great report that all is healing and progressing as it should be.  Finally Bandit can be off pain meds and doesn’t have any restrictions to his activities.  He has already adapted to his three legged lifestyle amazingly well!!!

After being on this amazing roller coaster ride of ups and downs, disappointments and happy endings my kids and I realized that Bandit has been in his forever home all along!

I am so thankful to 4 Luv of Dog Rescue for bringing Bandit to us. And if I could hug each and every one of the people that cared enough to donate money for Bandit’s surgeries it still wouldn’t show them how much I appreciate them!!!  Thank you everyone for all you have done to make it possible for Bandit to be pain free finally!   My family and I are so blessed to have him in our lives!! Bandit, welcome home, where you have been all long!  How can this be a foster fail? It is a wonderful success!!!!

Lori, Savanna, and Tyler Dufault

Posted by admin on December 16th, 2012 @ 2:43 pm

Happy Tail for Cricket!

I adopted Skye, now named Cricket, after her bouncy hoppy nature after losing my first dog Berkley to leukemia. Cricket and I have since gone on many adventures together. From learning to bike, swim, become a running partner, jump into my arms, and kind of skateboard to our most recent adventure moving 1200 miles to Austin, TX.  She now happy lives with a cat named Waffle, whom she desperately wants to believe is a dog. Her favorite game is what what we call the Zombie Game, where myself and my partner, Broc walk around with our arms up making moaning noises like zombies. Cricket trys to herd us tearing around the apartment in circles until shes tires out. 

Thank you for the wonderful addition to my life, I don’t know what I’d do without her.


Posted by admin on December 16th, 2012 @ 2:28 pm

Happy Tail for Duke!

We are so grateful for 4 Luv of Dog and all that they do.  We adopted Duke about a year and a half ago and it has been the best experience!  We thank 4 Luv of Dog and Duke’s foster mom, Susie every day!  We feel very blessed.  Duke is the most loving and free spirited dog I have ever met.  Thank you for completing our family!


(Duke sends some super slobbery kisses to all his puppy and human friends at 4 Luv of Dog!)


Samantha and Josh McKinney

Posted by admin on December 16th, 2012 @ 2:20 pm

Happy Tail for Deon!

Hi my name is Deon!! I used to go by Leon, so it hasn’t been too hard of a change for me. I have been with my new Mom and Dad for 8 months now and am so comfortable that they get to see my funny/silly side. 

  I still get too excited when all their friends and family come over and I thump them with my tail. I get annoyed when no one is scratching my butt or if they are to loud and I can’t be asleep by 9:00 pm.   I sigh A LOT, and no one seems to understand that I’m ready for bed and should be quiet. I claimed a chair as my own and love to curl up and snore the morning, afternoon, and evening away. 

My new mom understands me because she too is itchy, sneezy, and has watery eyes. She is kind of crazy and is always saying how she wishes I could talk so I could tell how weird I must think they are. She is a crazy cleaner too and is always wiping my eyes, which I try and cover with my paws but she finds me, is vacuuming which makes me bark, and always wiping my feet when I come in from outside. We are a really good team now and I usually lift up my feet for her or lean on her while she cleans by toes. 

My family also has a small person I LOVE.  He always has the coolest toys, is dropping food, and lets me lick his entire face. He is always chanting “Deon the Dog” over and over so I’m usually close behind.  I’m really good at leaving his toys alone, although sometimes I loose control and chew up a dinosaur, but I feel really really bad afterwards.  My mom has figured out that the best way to keep me from getting too excited about the toys is to take me for runs in our neighborhood.  The neighbors used to ask if I was “ferocious” but I don’t even know what that means.  Now the UPS man, post office lady, and garbage man compliment me on how much of a pretty big boy I am.  People even stop their cars and come out of their houses to ask what type of dog I am and tell me how cool I look.  My family tells me how much they love me everyday with lots of treats, toys, snuggles and kisses.  

I  tell them I love them with wiggles and snorts and try to be sneaky and crawl into their laps and sleep in their bed. If I lay on the charm extra thick I usually get to stay!!  I recently started going to obedience class and my mom is so proud at how well I listen and how much my anxiety has gone down that I have been getting extra snuggles and sleeps in their bed. 

The past 8 months have gone so fast I couldn’t imagine it any other way.  My mom agrees! It took her half an hour to decide which pictures of me she liked best! 

Love Deon, Michael, Randi and Gavin Thompson

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Happy Tail for Havana!

When my boyfriend and I originally started looking for a dog to adopt Havana caught my eye right away, it really tugged at my heart-strings knowing she had been waiting so long (about 2 years) for a forever home. The main factor that kept us from looking at her initially was her size, our apartment complex would only allow dogs 30lbs or under. Luckily, over the summer we found a new place to live that allowed dogs of all shapes and sizes! Even though my boyfriend and I ended up going our separate ways, I could not stop thinking about that sweet little face of hers just waiting for a forever home. I filled our the pre-adoption papers on my own and soon enough I was spending time with this sweet-natured, rambunctious dog!! She has since grown on me VERY MUCH! in the short time I’ve had her. There have been a few instances where I boarded her while I was out of town for the weekend…and I can tell I’m hopelessly attached because after I’ve just dropped her off, I get back home and I miss her already!!! My apartment just isn’t the same without her in it! I am soooo glad that she waited for me! She’s my little cuddle-butt, and I am so fortunate to give her the home she deserves for the rest of her life, for FOREVER :)
Heather Brouillet

Posted by admin on December 16th, 2012 @ 2:03 pm

Happy Tail for Hoagie!

The first week of March this past year, was a difficult one to say the least. My dad, who I had been estranged with for most of my life, was on his final days after a short, but brutal battle with cancer. My husband and I traveled to Florida to make peace with our past and to say our good-byes. He had slipped into a coma on Wednesday March 7th, and it was just a matter of time. My dear friend (and my “other” mom) Donna was at Pet Smart that day helping out with adoption days and called me to say that she had just what I needed to cheer me up, a visit from a pittie puppy, “Pax” that her daughter in law, Jill, was fostering. Now I already had a pack of five large dogs in my house and had assured my husband that there would be no more until we had just 2 of our own and then we would foster again. So even though, I so wanted to see this puppy, I was convinced that my husband would say “no”. Not only because of our five, but because he was not fond of pit bulls. I had fallen head over heels with the breed after going to Best Friend’s Sanctuary in Kanab Utah and got to see where 19 of Michael Vicks dogs were now living and getting the much deserved love and rehabilitation they so needed. Also, working at Sheyenne River Kennels and meeting some of the “rescue” dogs that were being boarded there, I knew one day I would have to have one. So even though Donna said it was just to cheer me up, I knew I’d want that puppy if he came out to my house.  I told her that it wasn’t an option, but thanks for thinking of me. In passing I mentioned it to my husband, and to my surprise he said “she can bring him out here”.  So, I called Donna back and let her know it was ok to bring the puppy out for a visit. When she and her husband arrived, my heart melted immediately. I scooped him up in my arms and was in instant head over heals in love. I had to go and show him off to my neighbor and my husband quietly said to Donna, “there is no way I am telling her “no” if she wants that puppy, but don’t tell her that” . Donna, of course, told me that little nugget of information. So the plans were set in motion, the application was filled out online and an “interview” over the phone with Jill and plans were made to go and get my new puppy the next day.

 It was a sleepless night for so many reasons, the excitement of the new puppy and the fear of getting the call on my dad. Morning came, and I was so anxious to go and get him I was ready to go get him by 7:00 a.m. – BUT I knew that was a tad bit too early. On my drive into town to Jill’s, I got that call that I was dreading. My dad had finally passed. I was on  I-94 near the West Fargo exit and I honestly do not know how I made it into Fargo. I was able to get enough composure to get to my destination. I knew I needed to get there to get my puppy, I needed him that day, not a minute later.  Jill was kind enough to offer to keep him for a few days while I mourned, but I knew I needed him. I needed him and he needed me.

 I love all of my dogs for so many reasons and they all have a special place in my heart. And I don’t play favorites. Hoagie  (named in memory of my dad – my maiden name was Hogue) has been an incredible comfort to me in the last months. He makes me smile when I am having a difficult day. He makes me laugh when I feel like crying.  He has won my husband’s heart and has changed his perception about Pit Bulls. Hoagie is an energetic, playful, funny, loving, sweet, smart and is full of kisses and hugs every day.

 I am so grateful for everyone involved with taking care of Hoagie (aka Pax) and all of his nine siblings and his Mama Opal and allowing me to have the privilege of adding this incredible dog to my family.  And to have the opportunity to go to the Pittie Puppy Reunion at his former foster’s mom’s home this fall. He was able to be reunited with his Mamma and 7 of his siblings, it was an amazing day for all of us!

 Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 And  a word from Hoagie :  SPOILED :)

With Love,

Mike, Kris, Brady, and Hoagies’s furry siblings:  Buford, Willy, Hooper, Casey & Kyla

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Happy Tail for Folmer!

It was a chance meeting February 28th 2012  we stopped at PetSmart to get turtle supplies I had my 5 year old with me and we went to “look” at the dogs I have always loved dogs and have always gravitated towards the larger ones.  As I kept looking at all the wonderful large dogs there Zander was facinated by Folmer.  I told him yep he is cute but lets looks at these other dogs me not wanting to pay any attention to Folmer.  We left and Zander did nothing but talk about Folmer all the way home.  When he walked into the house he pulled out Folmer’s information card ( which i didnt know he grabed) and said to his dad “Dad do you want to see a picture of our new dog?”  I kinda laughed and brushed it off but Zander NEVER forgot.  He had been praying for a dog for over 2 years and would sleep and talk about and tell everyone about our new dog Folmer.  AFter much family discussion we decided to fill out the application but were not set on a particular dog yet (still was thinking about a bigger dog)  Then after a week of constantly hearing about Folmer and having updates about him on Facebook we decided to meet him.  We emailed and let them know we were interested in Folmer….I got a response that he was at a meet n greet that evening my stomach fell that is when I knew Folmer was ment to be ours.

We have been so blessed and cant imagine our lives now without him.  He gets so excited every morning to be the alarm clock and wake the boys up,  when they leave for school he watches them out the window until he cant see them anymore, he truely lives to spend time with Braden (10) and Zander (6) and they cant wait to see him.  He is enjoyed by many at our local nursing home and turns heads when we can go to an outdoor school event modeling his team pride with his Cougar fan T-shirt.  He goes everywhere with us and has fit perfectly in our family.   Thank You 4 Luv of dogs and Thank you Susie bringing Folmer to us.  His energy and love for us puts a smile on all of our faces we cant imagine life with out him!!!  He has spoiled us!
With so much Thanks
Nathan, Elizabeth, Braden, Zander and Folmer

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Happy Tail for Vinny!


We added Vinny to our family last November after fostering him for close to a year.  He has come a long way since his rough start in life and continues to impress us every day. He fits in with our family perfectly and keeps are other, older dog, Wallace on his toes. 

We just wanted to take some time to say thank you to all the people at 4 Luv of Dog for the exceptional work you do! 

Ben and Autumn

Posted by admin on September 29th, 2012 @ 10:39 pm

Happy Tail for Louie!

I am writing to tell you how happy I am with my new family, the Magnuson’s!  John, Pam and Oriana have shown me that there are people in the world who truly love pets!  I’ve only been living here in Fergus Falls, MN for about a week and already I have accumulated toys, a rockin’ collar with my name on it, a special place to sleep and enough chewies, treats and food to last a long time!  Unless I was able to reach them more and then they would be gone!
I cant believe how nice they are to me, even when I try to consistently get into the garbage.  Sure, they scold, but then I get to snuggle on their laps and watch Animal Planet!  My favorite thing to do so far is to beg for food, play tug with my new toys, and curl up on a lap in the easy chair!  This place rocks!    It’s like Club Med for pups!  They really like to spoil me!  In fact, Ori’s grandma even brought me a “welcome to the family” toy!
I am definitely getting spoiled and loving every minute of it!  Thanks for setting me up with my new family!  See me in action in the attached pictures!
“Big” Louie Magnuson

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