How to Help – Volunteer

Our rescue is run completely by volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application.  If you have already filled out an application and have received no response or have any questions please email our Volunteer Coordinator at  Our main form of communication is via email.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Foster Homes: 

Foster homes are the most important part of our rescue.  Every week there are dogs in need of rescue in local and regional pounds.  Without people willing to open their hearts and homes and offering to care for these dogs, we cannot help them.  Foster homes provide love and shelter while 4 Luv of Dog Rescue provides and pays for all necessities (food, kennel, medical care, etc).  Please consider applying to become a foster home.

Reference Checkers:

Help by calling or emailing the references for potential adopters and foster homes.  You may also need to contact the veterenarian to verify any needed information on pets, and may need to verify information with landlords or rental companies if applicable.   Reference checkers are a very important part of our rescue and need to be able to contact people in a timely manner.

Facility Volunteers:

Some dogs in rescue stay at our facility while they wait for their foster or forever homes.  Volunteers are needed to care for these dogs.  This includes walking them, cleaning up after them, feeding them, playing with/interacting with them, administering medications, and performing minor maintenance tasks at the building.  The majority of the time, the dogs staying at the facility are large breed dogs (labs, pit bulls, shepherds, huskies, etc..), as we don’t have enough large dog foster homes to keep up with the demand. Regular shift times are early morning, noon, and early evening – every day of the week.  The average amount of time spent on a shift is one to two hours.  Volunteers are scheduled based on availability as indicated by the volunteer – as little as once a month, or as much as three plus times per week.  All new volunteers complete several training shifts with a Mentor volunteer.  This is a great way to get to know other volunteers and help the dogs!  You must be 18 years old or older for safety reasons.


4 Luv of Dog Rescue – Proud to be Operated 100% by Volunteers!