Owners Rehomed Family Pets Only to Discover Them 6 Months Later in Local Pound

We have discovered that Carter and Casper, who previously were in the pound, are actually Max and Milo. Their previous owners rehomed them 5-6 months ago into what they thought would be a good home. They were horrified to learn from our website that they were in a local pound. They contacted us and will be temporarily fostering them for us while we look for a new foster or forever home.

We can’t stress enough to dog owners that they need to be very careful when selecting a new home for their beloved family pet. If you adopted your pet from a rescue organization, please check with that organization as they may be willing or require you to return the pet to them. If this is not the case, then be sure to thoroughly screen individuals interested in your pet. Don’t be afraid to ask for and call veterinary and personal references. We also encourage owners to consider requiring an adoption fee for their pet. People tend to not value what they don’t pay for. Having a new owner pay an adoption fee shows that the new owner is more likely to take their commitment to the pet more seriously. If a new owner is unwilling or unable to pay the adoption fee, then they may also not be willing or able to pay normal expenses of proper pet care.

Some people wonder why it takes so long to adopt a dog through our organization. We want to make sure that whatever home our dogs go to it will be a loving, forever home for them. The best way for us to determine this is to do a thorough check of all adoption applicants. We contact landlords, veterinary references, and personal references. We also visit the home to make sure it is a safe environment in which the dog will live. The dogs in our rescue have already had one home let them down, we want to do our absolute best to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Posted by admin on August 24th, 2009 @ 10:39 am