Wow – we can’t thank you enough for your support this Giving Hearts Day!

It is humbling to see all the donations come in – not just because of the funds, but because it reminds us how many wonderful people are out there that believe in our mission and want to help us help the dogs!

We need to give a huge thank you to our sponsors – without their support we could not do this! Natural Pet CenterRenegade Sound & LightHeather’s HousekeepingLinson Pharmacy, Fargo North DakotaBlackRidgeBANK Insurance, and Natural Care Massage.

Thank you also to Natural Pet Center for allowing us to camp out in the store yesterday to help promote the rescue and Giving Hearts Day!

All of your support, be it voting, nominating, donating, sharing our posts – it is all noticed and appreciated, and we thank you!


Posted by admin on February 15th, 2019 @ 1:50 pm