What is Polydactyl?

Normally, for most breeds of dog, the front paws have 4 main toes and one dewclaw (small toe up on the leg) and 4 toes on the back paws. When an animal has more than the normal number of toes they are considered polydactyl. “Poly” meaning “many” and “dactyl” meaning “digits” (fingers or toes).

Charlie, a dog in our care who looks like a german shepherd but could be a mix, is polydactyl. He has 2 extra toes on both his front and back paws (pictures at left). These extra toes make his paws look huge in comparison to his body. His head seems a little large for his body too!

Polydactylism is somewhat rare in dogs so this makes Charlie very unique and special. We think Charlie is special for other reasons too!

Charlie needs a foster and forever home. Please consider providing this unique and special dog a home!

Posted by admin on October 8th, 2008 @ 12:13 pm