Sex: Male

ID Number: 5128

Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat)

Age: 10 Months (Birthdate: 7/9/2019)

Size: 65.0 lbs. (Large)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Fence: 6 foot

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Dog Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $200

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_________ B I O ______________ 

Name:  Pat
Breed:  German Shepherd Dog Mix
Age:  10 Months (Approx. DOB: 7/9/19)
Size: Large  (Once fully grown)  65 lbs.  ~Large range: 61-100 lbs 
Adoption Donation: $200 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:  Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Fenced yard required, GPS unit collar required, Companion dog needed


Pat needs to know that there is a loving home just for him! 


* Fenced Yard Required

* GPS Unit Highly Recommended 


Foster Home Feedback 

   * Pat needs to go to a home with another dog – he needs a dog buddy to help him feel comfortable and confident!  

5/19/2020: We are so excited to announce Pat has learned to sit and lay down!!!!  He is excited and ready to learn all the fun things he can do!  Now that he is ready for learning, he was quick to pick up these new commands.  He seems to have more confidence when practicing these skills.  We have also learned that along with physical exercise, he enjoys a good mental exercise, too.  He likes finding food and treats in Kong and other puzzle toys.  He is still getting to used to new people but gets a little closer to guests in the backyard each time.  He is even more intrigued if the other dogs in the yard are getting attention.  Pat has made progress each day he has been with us, but is making even bigger strides in the last week or two! 

5/4/2020: Pat has been making progress while living with his foster family.  He enjoys taking walks each day.  He continues to be great on the leash, but has learned that he can stop and sniff grass and trees!  He is less bothered by cars when walking and is intrigued by other people, dogs, and birds.  Pat watches them as they pass and even turns around to see them - when they are at a safe distance.  If someone starts walking towards him, he will try to hide behind his foster mom.  When people are visiting on the other side of the fence, he paces in the backyard.  However, as he circles around he is intrigued by the new people.  We think that time and experience with more people will help him realize that other people just means more pets!

Pat has mastered getting into a car.  He no longer needs assistance and jumps into the backseat (after the other dogs get in).  We have not tried having him jump up in an SUV so he may still need assistance for that until he gets the hang of it.  In the car, he lays on the floor, but will occasionally stand up to see where we are going. 

Pat enjoys being brushed daily.  It's been a great way to bond and get rid of his winter coat!  He was a good sport about taking a bath, getting his nails trimmed, and cleaning out his ears.  He could get used to some pampering!  
He is getting better about taking treats from us.  We give treats like bananas and cucumbers.  At first, he would drop it on the floor, but when he saw the other dogs eating it and asking for more, he started to eat it too.  He now lines up for his piece of banana each morning!   Pat just needs to consistently see how things work and what is expected of him before he gets it.  

He has been left out of the kennel with the other dogs while we were gone for an hour and there were no issues.  Pat knows when breakfast is supposed to be served and is happy to wake you up so you don't oversleep!  It's awesome to see his enthusiasm for each new day.  After breakfast, he loves to run in the fenced-in backyard and play.  Then he is ready to find a good spot for his morning nap.  

Pat is a sweet dog looking for a family to show him all that life has to offer! 

4/13/2020:  Pat has been living with his foster family for about 3 weeks.  He took several days to begin to trust the people in the house.  He was also unsure of the other dogs initially.  He paces when he is nervous or unsure and he has traveled a lot of circles around the house.  This has greatly reduced as he becomes more comfortable with his surroundings, but he still uses this when feeling anxious. Pat has really connected with his foster mom and follows her around.  He will let her brush him, wipe his muddy paws off, and pet him.  She is the only person Pat will come to on his own.  Despite spending the same amount of time with his foster mom and dad, Pat is still skittish with his foster Dad.  It's like he starts each day needing to gain Pat's trust. 

Once Pat figured out he could play with one of the other dogs in the house, his whole world changed.  He watched the other dogs for several days before figuring out play time.  He shows more confidence when around the other dogs and has learned to play, chew on dog approved bones and toys, and accept love from the humans in the house (some of the time).  For this reason, we feel Pat will do best in a home with another dog.  His anxiety and fear of people seems to lessen when he is with another dog and he looks to them for acceptable interactions.  
Pat walks awesome on a leash.  He doesn't pull and walks right beside us.  He will walk in circles and twist up his leash if there are cars, people, or other dogs nearby.  This has been getting better with more walks and it helps if one of the other dogs is along on the walk.  He is not motivated by treats and is often unsure of taking them from us.  We have tried a couple of times to teach him how to sit, but he shows no interest in it.  Pat is still learning to trust us and we feel that eventually he will want to work on basic commands.  
Due to social distancing, we have not had many people to our house to introduce Pat to.  When people have come in the back yard with him, he keeps a safe distance and paces.  He will inch closer to them if other dogs are getting attention, but shies away from letting other people touch him.  Pat  has trouble getting into vehicle, but once in there he seems to enjoy the ride and looking out the window.  He sleeps in our bedroom with us and the other dogs.  He prefers to sleep on the floor near the bed.  Pat  has only been kenneled a couple of times with some encouragement and laid quietly.  We have been home since having Pat join us, so he has not been left alone for any length of time.  He responds to "no" if he picks up and carries something around (like a slipper) or chews on something other than a bone or dog toy.  Pat is still young and learning new things every day - at his pace.  He doesn't like to be rushed into new things.  Pat is looking for a home with another dog he can play with and a family willing to be patient as he learns to trust them.    

3/11/2020: Pat came into rescue after a bout of living on his own. Pat’s history is a mystery in itself, and someday we hope he tells us about it. Pat is a handsome young man who currently lacks confidence in humans. We are working daily to get him to understand that humans are here to help him and not hurt him. Pat has not displayed any signs of aggression and is indifferent to other dogs. Pat continues his positive progression with walking on a leash and trusting in his human, taking one day at a time.

We hope Pat will continue to step out from the shadows and walk confidently into his forever home. 

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