Sex: Male

ID Number: 5171

Breed: Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 4 Years (Birthdate: 10/13/2017)

Size: 64.7 lbs. (Large)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Cautious

Dog Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name:  Tyke 
Size: ~Large range: 61-100 lbs 
Adoption Donation: $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:  Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Older considerate children only, Not Apartment-friendly, NO Cats, NO Small Dogs


Tyke is such a ham! You're going to love him!


Foster Home Feedback 

        * NO Cats; NO Small dogs

        * Older considerate children only and not apartment-friendly

         * Tyke needs to go to a home with another large-sized dog – he needs a dog buddy his size to help him feel comfortable and confident! 

10/2/2021: Tyke was at an adoption event at Wild Terra this week, and he did great! The regular supply of treats helped, I’m sure. He got pets from lots of visitors and got comments on how well-behaved he was. We were still slow with introductions to new people, but this event showed how much progress this sweet dude has made! By the end of the night, Tyke was content to just lie down and watch all the fun happening around him. 

6/23/21: Tyke has had an exciting couple of weeks! A couple of weekends ago, we had an extra dog in our home. It is normally just me and Tyke, and we did slow introductions to make sure both dogs felt comfortable. Our visitor was recovering from a spay, and once Tyke realized she didn't want to play, he just let her sleep. They did great together on our walks! 

Last week, I had to go out of town for a few days and Tyke went to stay with another foster family. He was a little wary of the man of the house at first, but after some time (and a lot of treats!) everyone got along great. Tyke has gotten good reviews from the different babysitters with the rescue, which shows how far he has come in the past year! 

I also got the chance to see how Tyke does with thunderstorms...he could care less. He was mildly intrigued by the rain at first but didn't even flinch at any of the noise. He is, however, a BIG fan of the puddles the storms left behind. 

Please consider filling out an application for Tyke. I have loved having him with me for the past year, and this good boy deserves a loving forever home!


5/16/21: Tyke is looking for a forever home with a yard to play in! Now that it is nice outside, Tyke loves nothing more than being outside and running around (or rolling around) in the grass. Watch him run around and play and see if you can guess which leg he had surgery on - this guy has recovered like a champ! 

My sister stayed with us for a few weeks this spring and Tyke LOVED the extra attention. I almost got jealous of how much Tyke wanted to snuggle with her on the couch. She was initially surprised by how strong he is when they would go on walks, but after practicing some basic commands and using a no-pull harness, the walks were a breeze. We just got some compliments on our walk this morning as we walked through a neighborhood with a bunch of dogs out on walks - even with other dogs barking and stopping to look at us, Tyke just kept on walking! 

Tyke continues to make friends with people in the neighborhood and knows which houses have treats to share with him. While he is still nervous around some men, he has gotten so much better with meeting new people. I still recommend slow introductions, but if you are willing to spend some time building your relationship with this guy, you'll have a best friend for life. 

2/7/21: This weekend, Tyke had a sleepover at another volunteer’s home and he did great! He was anxious with the resident dog at first (there was some low growling and he hid behind me), but after slow introductions and lots of treats, both dogs had a great time playing in the backyard. Tyke was so happy! (See his smile in the snow pic for proof!)

This weekend reaffirmed how happy Tyke is with another larger dog buddy (this resident dog was about 50 lbs) and with a fenced backyard.
Without another dog or a backyard at my home, Tyke has been building up his stamina, going on daily jogs with me. Now that he is recovered from his surgery, he likes to get plenty of outdoor exercise - even in this frigid weather.

1/13/21: If you have been thinking that there is too much extra space on your couch, Tyke is the dog for you! He can be skeptical of new people at first (and is selective about men), but once he warms up, he loves being around his people! If you are thinking about adopting Tyke, know that it takes him a couple of weeks to start to settle in, and he needs slow introductions to new people. If your home is a busy place with lots of people coming and going, Tyke isn't the dog for you. He also seems to do best on a fairly predictable schedule. The good news is he loves his kennel, and he often goes there voluntarily to get some alone time. 

This sweet boy has had quite the journey over his 9 months with me. In August and September, we went through a positive reinforcement training program to work on his reactivity (using a clicker and lots of treats) and we have continued to use this training to help Tyke. We hope his new home will be willing to continue this work. Tyke is very treat-motivated, so he enjoys practicing with the clicker!

In November, Tyke had surgery on his knee, his recovery went really well.
We have been working on taking longer walks to keep building up his strength, and he does love going on walks of about a mile. He has also loved being able to play in the snow. Tyke has done really well living in an apartment, but I think he would love having a backyard to play in.

Adopting Tyke will require patience and a commitment to keep working with him, but the reward is great! He is such a loving boy and has been working hard to get ready for his new home. 

6/12/2020: Tyke spent a few days in another home and he struggled to adjust to the new noises and the new people. He doesn't like surprises! If you are interested in adopting Tyke, know that it will take some time for him to settle in. If you are in an apartment where noise is an issue and you need to be conscientious of your neighbors, Tyke may not be a good fit.

When he first came to stay with me, every new voice that he heard outside my apartment got him up and moving (and barking). Now that Tyke has settled in, he is so calm. There have been many apartment showings in my building over the past week, and even though we can hear the voices of people coming in and out, Tyke is content to just relax and listen. The only time he has barked recently is if I am trying to sleep in and he wants his breakfast. He likes his food and his treats!

Tyke is doing better and better with new people. I took him to the lake with my parents and he went right up to them right away with no growling. He loved the long car ride out and back, and all the hiking that we were able to do. 

I have learned so much about Tyke over the past month - he is really a special guy and is looking for a forever home!

5/21/2020: I have had Tyke for almost two weeks now and he has been a fantastic addition to my home. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy, Tyke is your guy!

He does pretty well on his leash, but he is easily distracted by all the fun things to smell. Tyke handles running into other dogs really well - he is able to calmly walk by them even if they are barking. He has gotten many comments on how well behaved he is.

I haven't tested him out with other people beyond the people we meet on our walks. He can (rarely) growl and lunge when new people approach him, and he will hide behind me if there is a large group. Tyke is the friendliest dog once he warms up to you, but it may take some time. I would recommend that he not go to a home with younger children as he can lunge when he is startled and he doesn't always realize his strength. I hope that Tyke can go to a home that can make him feel comfortable and safe, and that will have the patience for his quirks! 

Tyke is potty trained and crate trained. I leave him out at night and he sleeps quietly (aside from occasional, adorable snoring) on his bed. 

4/22/2020: Tyke is such a sweetheart, who’s favorite things to do are going for walks and cuddling with his humans. Once we get back from a walk he will jump up on the couch and nap until he’s ready to go again!

We have had absolutely no accidents and he hardly ever barks! The only time we’ve heard Tyke bark is when he meets men, so slow introductions would be best with new people (especially guys). Once he realizes that they will give him lots of pets, he loves them and warms up quickly.  He would do best in a home where there isn't a lot of people coming and going. He also loves the company of other dogs and would love to have a dog buddy to show him that people are not scary. Tyke is an awesome dog who just wants lots of love! 

4/10/2020 Volunteer Feedback: Tyke just came to the rescue today, and I've spent a bit of time today getting to know him.  He is a super sweet boy; very well mannered, affectionate, and kind of goofy!  He knows how to sit, although he is very treat motivated so he can't sit still for too long before he starts getting wiggly because he wants the treat!  He met both of my dogs and did great with them. He likes to play but is also content just to follow them around.  I took Tyke and my two dogs for a walk - he is great on a leash! He sometimes pulled a bit if he really wanted to sniff something, but he by no means was dragging me around. 

Tyke seems kennel trained and potty trained. I met him at our facility early this morning and hung out with him for a bit. I left for about 4 hours and came back. He went into his kennel fine when I left, and it was clean when I got back. I had put a blanket and some bones in his kennel and when I returned, the blanket was still intact and it appeared he had kept busy chewing on the bone! He waited to do his business once we got outside.  We are still getting to know this handsome fella, and will hopefully get him into a foster home soon to learn more about him. Check back for more feedback soon!

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