Sex: Male

ID Number: 6485

Breed: Corgi / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 6 Months (Birthdate: 5/14/2022)

Size: 20.9 lbs. (Medium)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: No

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Jordy
Size: (Once fully grown) ~Medium range: 26-60 lbs 
Adoption Donation:  $250 (applicable sales tax included).  Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:   Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip 

** Jordy has been diagnosed with a Class II Malocclusion. This is when the lower jaw is too short in comparison with the upper jaw. As Jordy’s adult teeth continue to erupt, additional extractions may become necessary if trauma to the upper palate occurs.(meaning if the lower canines or incisors poke into/cause trauma to the roof of his mouth, they will need to be removed.)


Jordy is a cute boy looking for his forever hometown take him on long walks!


Foster Home Feedback 

10/29/2022 Foster Feedback: Here is a little update on Jordy:


Kid/dog/cat friendly: Loves dogs and kids! He plays with our two labs and our in-laws labradoodle. He wants to play with any dog he sees. As far as kids go, he would love to be in a house with kids and dogs. He absolutely adores our 3 girls and all of their friends. His favorite thing to do in the morning is run downstairs to wake up the kids and snuggle with them. He plays with them all day. He also loves all adults both male and female. Has not been introduced to a cat. He loves to chase birds, squirrels, butterflies, and crickets.

House training: Is almost there. Knows he should not go in the house but has not figured out how to tell someone he needs to go outside. If let out frequently, he will not have an accident. Does pee a small amount whenever he sees someone and gets excited. No accidents during the day or night when in crate.

Crate training: Does well throughout the day, sleeps or lays quietly, if someone is home and starts playing he will whine for a few minutes. He sleeps through the night in his crate, no accidents.

Obedience training: Jordy has finally learned his name, it took awhile. He is working on the command sit. He does like to jump on the couch when people are sitting on it, he will get down if you tell him to. It is best if he is in his crate while you eat. We joke that we should have named him Chomper due to his love of food. He will eat anything!! He can jump high and will snatch anything you have in your hand or on your plate. If you drop something on the floor, you can run but he'll run faster and eat it as quickly as he can.

Food: When we feed him, we separate him from our other dogs otherwise he will eat their food also. He uses a slow-feeder dog bowl.

Additional Information:

-He does great on walks, keeps up with our labs and stays on the sidewalk other than when going to the bathroom.
-He is the cuddliest dog! He loves to cuddle in your arms and roll over like a baby.
-Jordy needs to be on a chain or in a fenced yard when outside. If he sees a bird or squirrel, he will chase after it. He is faster than he looks.
-Anyone who has met him or spent time with him talks about how great of a dog he is.
-He loves to play with our labs and our kids- a house with other dogs and kids would be perfect!

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