Happy Tail For Ellie!

Happy Tail For Ellie!

Hello world, my name is Elenore, but my family calls me Elle! I like to prance and wiggle my butt/tail to everyone that I come in contact with. So with that, my family likes to call me “wiggles” as a nickname.

My family adopted me during the Covid Pandemic, so I got to spend extra time snuggling with mom while she was working from home due to the pandemic. I am pretty fond of mom and like to follow her everywhere and even have to know where she is at ALL times. She even takes me in the car a lot, I especially love pup cups from DQ. I enjoy play fighting with dad and my brother, but am extra gentle with the girls in my life. When I am not napping and groaning when I do so, I love to run dragging around the sump pump hose. Playing with balls as well as running along the fence with the neighbor dogs is also some of my fun times. While I am a rottweiler mix, I sure do look just like a baby German Shepherd. My family always gets told how beautiful I am and where they got such a great looking Shepherd. I’ll take the compliment, I know I’m a pretty girl. My mom and dad tell me all the time.

I especially love when mom goes into the bedroom to watch tv before bed, this is snuggle time for her and I. I lay on dad’s side of the bed since he is usually working on his car in the garage until after mom and I got to sleep. When dad comes to bed I make sure I go to my spot by their feet on my special pillow. I am so spoiled and I LOVE it. I am such a HAPPY HAPPY girl and love my life.

My mom tells me all the time that she is just what my family needed after having to put down my sister, Shiva due to cancer in 2018. She also was a German Shepherd, although she was much bigger than me. Mom didn’t know if she would ever be able to get another dog after losing Shiva, but I brought my love and snuggles to her to show her it is okay to love another dog as much as my sister, Shiva.