moorhead mall event

Join us on Saturday, April 26th from 10am-1pm at the Moorhead Center Mall for a fun meet and greet event! Some of our available dogs will be there and we will be accepting donations (supplies or monetary). We will also have some of our merchandise available as well! All proceeds will go to helping the dogs! Hope to see you there! 

Supplies needed: paper towels, pill pockets, 1″ leashes, soft treats, peanut butter, bottled water

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Foster homes are the most important part of our rescue. Every week there are dogs in need of rescue in local and regional pounds. Without people willing to open their hearts and homes and offering to care for these dogs, we can not help rescue these homeless dogs. Foster homes provide the love and shelter while 4 Luv of Dog Rescue provides and pays for all necessities (food, kennel, medical care, etc.). Unfortunately, we don’t have enough foster homes for all the dogs we have accepted into our rescue. These dogs currently are staying at local boarding facilities or with temporary foster homes. Please consider providing one of them a foster or forever home and apply to become a foster home. If you can’t foster but still want to help, please make a donation towards our boarding expenses.

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Urgent Dogs in Local & Regional Pounds Need Rescue!

Urgent! Help Needed!

We are aware of the following dogs in local and regional pounds that will need rescue soon if their owners do not come for them. We are unable to help rescue these dogs if we don’t have foster homes willing to care for them. Fostering can be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing a true dog lover can ever do to support dogs in need.

Please help by applying to become a Foster Home!

We are unable to get photos of all dogs needing rescue. Photos are posted asap when available.

There may be more dogs in the pound than what is listed here. If your dog is missing, please contact all the local pounds. The local pounds do not adopt dogs out to the general public. Only authorized rescue organizations are able to take unclaimed dogs from the pound after paying required fees.

Please realize that we have limited information about these dogs.  Until we can get them into a foster home and get a chance to know them better,  it is difficult to know such things such as if they are house broken or if they are good with kids.

Below are dogs in local pounds that we are aware of needing rescue:

Metro Pounds:

** Want to save the dogs? Please help by applying to become a foster home !  Metro area pounds do not do public adoptions (with exception of Finder claims), so their only way out is through a rescue organization.  Only authorized rescue organizations are able to take unclaimed dogs from the metro pound after paying  required fees.     

No adoptable dogs (in metro area) were euthanized during 2013.


The following dogs are in need of rescue commitment BY the following dates:    


*no listings this week




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Below are dogs in regional pounds that we have been asked to help:


Want to save the dogs? Please help by applying to become a Foster Home!  Most pounds do not do public adoptions, so their only way out is through rescue. If a regional pound does accept adoptions we will try to list as such.


  • No info at this time



Some pounds/shelters don't have a scheduled euthanize dates, but for space reasons dog(s) can be euthanized at any time.

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Thank You!

Thank you to all who donated to our emergency care medical fund. We were able to reach our goal and will be able to help save more dogs. We couldn’t do it without our wonderful supporters! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Below are recent pictures of Mojo, Trent, Mary, Artie, and Ellie. They are all doing great!


4 Luv of Dog Rescue takes in dogs of all ages, breeds and health status. This means we often get dogs with serious medical needs that require emergency treatment or in-depth Veterinary diagnostics and care. We rely on the generosity of the community to help us keep our emergency medical care fund, Chelsey’s Fund, going so we can continue to treat urgent dogs in need. 

Over the past few weeks we have had several urgent cases and we need your assistance to help defray the high medical bills that we have incurred. Please read the stories of the dogs we have recently saved and consider donating towards their medical bills;

  • thermometer (3)Mojo 
    was shot through the chest and leg. Amazingly, the bullet missed his vital organs but did shatter his back leg. He needed emergency care and a rear limb amputation. He is a wonderful dog and we are thrilled to report he is on the road to recovery!

  • Trent was critically ill with the Parvo virus. He spent a week hospitalized and there was a time when we were unsure if he would survive but he did not give up and neither did 4 Luv Of Dog Rescue. He pulled through and has made a full recovery! 
  • Mary was also a victim of the often fatal Parvo virus. Her illness was caught and treated in the early stages. Her hospitalization was not as extensive as Trent’s but it was still very costly. We are happy to report Mary is on the mend!
  • Artie is a sweet senior dog who developed acute pancreatitis and spent many days hospitalized.  We were committed to giving him all the medical treatment he needed and that treatment saved Artie’s life! He is back with his loving foster home and is doing well.
  • Ellie is a dog who was found wandering in a field. It was clear that she was pregnant. We took her in and immediately got her to a Veterinarian to assess her health and have X-rays taken to determine the number of puppies she was expecting. 48 hours later Ellie had 9 healthy puppies!

Our Medical Fund is running low.  Our goal is to fundraise $4,000.  We ask that you please help replenish our emergency medical fund so we can continue helping critical dogs in need. Thank you for your support! To donate click here.


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