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The best way to meet the dogs is to come to our monthly “Meet the Dogs” events! Fosters will be present to talk to you about the canine in their care. As the person living with them, the fosters are going to know more about their dog than anyone else. Do they love playing tug-of-war? Do they hog the bed? Do they love belly rubs? These questions and more can be answered!


We also have a variety of fundraising events. Proceeds go towards dog care, including food, medical bills, and lots and lots of treats! Our Dine-to-Donate events are an easy way to support the rescue while treating yourself. Just order food at the designated restaurant during the event time, and a percentage of each bill gets donated to us, at no extra cost to the diner!


Our silent auction happens in the fall of each year, and it is one of our biggest fundraisers. We are honored to be supported by a wide variety of businesses and individual donors who submit fantastic items for bid each year!

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