Annual Mutt March

Get ready for a tail-wagging good time at our much-loved 4 Luv of Dog Rescue Mutt March, an annual summer spectacle in the Fargo-Moorhead area!

Event Highlights:

Family-Friendly: It’s a day for everyone, with special love for our four-legged friends. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome (leashes, please!).

Dog Costume Contest: Show off your pup’s flair for fashion!

Puzzle Games: Engage those canine minds with playful challenges.

Dog Art Stations: Unleash your dog’s inner artist!

Music, Food, and More: The festivities are endless!

The Cause We Wag For:

This event is more than just fun; it’s a wag-worthy way to support the Spay Neuter Impact Project (SNIP). SNIP tirelessly works to reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs in the rural parts of North and South Dakota.

SNIP’s Mission:

Volunteer veterinarians and vet techs hit the road, offering free spay and neuter services. In a single day, they perform hundreds of surgeries, directly contributing to keeping the homeless animal population low.

Save the Date:

Dates are coming soon! Stay tuned for a day of joy, compassion, and lots of wagging tails.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Join us at the Mutt March and be a part of this heartwarming cause. Your presence and support matter!

Pre-registration info and dates will be available soon!

Let’s march together for a brighter, happier world for our furry friends!