Happy Tail for Ace!

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Since I picked up Ace (previously known as Peppermint) from his foster home on August 12th, my life could not be any better. He is a perfect fit for my family! :)  The whole week before even meeting the little guy, he was all I could think about. I was distracted at work and sketching pictures of his name in my free time (I already had Ace picked out at this point).  Since I got him, we’ve been to the lakes twice, lots of runs/walks, Potato Days in Barnseville, shopping at Menards to meet my co-workers, the dog park multiple times, and going camping soon! I love having this guy around and he comes with me everywhere. He is the perfect sweetheart with other dogs, kids, and adults. I cannot wait for the rest of his life with me :)  He’s my one and only!

Posted by admin on October 16th, 2014 @ 2:46 pm