Happy Tail for Ace!

I have volunteered with the rescue for over a year, and I have been fostering for close to that. I own a Great Dane and my first foster was a Pitbull. I have never really considered myself a little dog person. When I was contacted about a Chihuahua that needed out of the pound ASAP, I agreed to foster him thinking he would adopted quickly. Little did I know, he would never leave my house. Ace was so scared when I picked him up that it took me ten minutes to get him into my car. He instantly bonded with my Dane and they became best friends! They are the oddest couple, but the perfect match.

About a week later, I was in a panic thinking that if someone wanted to adopt him, I couldn’t let him go. I happened to make a Facebook post about how much I would miss him, and a lot of friends actually donated money to cover his adoption fee! I knew he belonged with us! My fiancé couldn’t say no. The rest is history!

Ace is the perfect addition, and even though I still don’t consider myself a small dog person, he is my exception to the rule. We are still able to take dogs into our home and having Ace around keeps the new dogs in line! He really has no idea how little (12 pounds) he is. I thank this rescue every day for what they do for homeless dogs, but I will forever be grateful for them bringing Ace into our lives!

-Heather, Nick, Maverick and Ace!

Posted by admin on August 28th, 2013 @ 11:42 pm