Happy Tail for Bailey!


We adopted Bailey (formerly Ellie) from you guys back in February 2013. She has grown from a sweet, mischievous puppy into a smart and lovable dog who, in HER opinion, can never get enough love or belly rubs! Bailey fit into our family easily and she immediately formed an incredible attachment with our elderly dog, from whom she learned a lot. Unfortunately, we lost her best friend to cancer in March of this year and we have never actually seen a dog go through mourning, but Bailey did. Bailey has since taken over the role of protector of our home and property. She has also learned to love her cat friends, something that did not come easily! She loves belly rubs, chasing birds, cuddling with the cats, fetch and playing with our 3 year old son. Bailey does struggle with food possessiveness when other pets are around, something I am sure she witnessed as a puppy when she was in the hoarding situation, but it is easily worked around and she is working on not being so anxious….she has realized there is always lots of food to go around! Thank you again for our Bailey….she is a special girl!
The Friesen’s

Posted by admin on September 4th, 2014 @ 5:03 pm