Happy Tail for Brady!

We have now had Brady, the labramonster for 3 months.  He is such a gift to our family and definitely entertains all of us.  Not knowing much about his background proved to be a bit of challenge at first because Brady had some separation anxiety.  We had a hard time keeping him kenneled or in his outdoor runner kennel because he went to great lengths to escape.  But after lots of modifications to our outdoor kennel and learning to trust that we aren’t going to leave him has eased this tremendously.  I find it hard to believe that anyone would abandon Brady.  He melted our hearts the minute he set foot in our home along with everyone that meets this special boy.  We were told he has “holy energy batman”.  The ironic thing is that everyone that meets him can’t believe how calm he is for being so young.  He is absolutely perfect!

Brady has been on several adventures since he joined our family.  He loves to run like a maniac at my grandparents farm in Argusville and play with his cousins (my cousins dogs).  We took him to the lake and worked with him on swimming and he even liked riding on the pontoon.  He is a master at playing fetch and has a knack for sniffing out anything.  He loves playing hockey in the basement with our son.  Brady went camping on Lake Sakakawea and did really well sleeping in a tent with us.  Brady will also try his hand at hunting this fall.    

But most importantly Brady likes his people.  He is so good with our children.  We just adore and love our diamond in the rough.  Thank you 4 Luv of Dog for guiding us through this process and letting us be a teeny weeny part of the amazing work you do every minute of every day. 

Thank you,

Ed, Leah, Easton and Ella Thvedt

Posted by admin on July 6th, 2012 @ 9:56 pm