Happy Tail for Daisy!


Daisy has found her furrever home! After three years with what I’m told was a nice older couple and a fellow dog, Digger, these two dogs were surrendered due to unforeseen circumstances. I was a bit worried at first knowing she had been separated from the only human and dog family she’s ever known, but let me tell you she has adjusted in record time and we knew the day she arrived that she was exactly what we had been looking for! The love between her and my whole family and anyone who comes to visit is unbelievable! It’s like she’s been with a a forever! I am truly thankful to have Daisy in my life and I hope Digger finds his furrever home as well. If you are able, please let Daisy’s previous family know she is in a good home and loved very much!


Posted by admin on January 21st, 2015 @ 3:25 pm