Happy Tail for Decoy!


Here is Decoy (formerly known in 4 Luv as Claude)! He stole our hearts from the moment we met him. We took him home on Memorial Day and it was hardly more than 24 hours and we were emailing 4 Luv to say that there was no way we were giving him back…EVER!! He is an absolute perfect fit for us. He is fast becoming our current dog’s best bud and even our 2 cats have warmed up to him, and that is saying something!  He is so sweet, a cuddler and does great in everything he’s done so far. He loves his walks, toys, chewies, playing in the backyard and will soon be checking out his weekend home at the lake. He is so attentive and a quick learner. He has such a mellow personality and just goes with the flow. He had great, GREAT foster’s who taught him so much in the short time they had him, and had excellent care while with 4 Luv. Without this great start Decoy (Claude) would not be where he is now…healthy and in a loving family. I can’t say enough good things about 4 Luv, and can’t thank everyone enough for what they’ve done. We are head over heels for this little guy and are absolutely amazed by what a great puppy he is. We are the lucky ones to get Decoy (Claude), not the other way around.

Ronda and Kreg Kercher

Posted by admin on June 5th, 2013 @ 9:37 pm