Happy Tail for Ellie!

ellie2Ellie1Ellie (black lab in the photos) has been with us for 8 months and has made a great transition. We had some new habits to work on when she joined but we quickly found out she is very treat motivated and she learned very quickly. Ellie and her puppy brother Gunner (chocolate lab in photos) are best buds. They love to run and play together. Ellie loves to push his buttons sometimes (as any good sister does) by taking his toys or rawhides but he is a good sport. They make a great security team. We always know if someone is walking a dog or coming by the house. Ellie is a great helper and cleans up after our one year old daughter when she eats. Very rarely do I need to clean up any food dropped on the floor. :) Ellie loves affection, whether she is being petted, getting a belly rub or cuddling on the couch.  Ellie has warmed our hearts and we are so thrilled she is a member of our family. I am so grateful for 4 Luv of Dog. Without this rescue, it pains me to think that Ellie might not be here or even have had the chance to know the love and security of a family.  Ellie needed major medical intervention when she was rescued and 4 Luv made sure she received the medical attention and care which saved her life (I am tearing up writing this, gets me every time). Thank you 4 Luv of Dogs! We love our Ellie Girl! :)  

Ashley Hanlan

Posted by admin on October 20th, 2014 @ 10:16 am