Happy Tail for Gizmo & Mya!

We contacted 4 Luv of Dog with a specific request. We were looking for a small dog, adult, quiet, non-dominant and social. Our 14 yr old shih tzu, who lost her partner in January, is quiet and reserved, her new companion would need to be too. We were quickly put in touch with Gizmo’s foster mom and told she had the perfect dog. We met Gizmo (formerly Bingo) and knew immediately that he was going to fit in perfectly with our family. In fact he was such a great addition that we decided to look at getting another dog a few weeks later. A dog closer to Gizmo’s age that will want to play with him. Although Lily enjoys the company, she is not interested in fraternizing with her subjects. That’s how we came to meet Mya. She is the missing link in our dog kingdom. We can’t thank 4 Luv of Dogs enough, especially Amy and Kim. Being able to request specific characteristics in a dog, and know the foster family has seen the dogs in a home environment instead of a kennel so they can match you with the perfect fit, that’s an amazing service to both the rescued dog and new family. As with most rescues, Gizmo and Mya did not come from great beginnings. However, they have quickly become accustomed to the pampered life all dogs should enjoy. A rescue will spend the rest of his life appreciating all he is given just a little more and thank you for his second chance at a great life every day.

~ Chad, Shannyn, Lily, Gizmo & Mya  

Posted by admin on September 9th, 2013 @ 11:27 pm