Happy Tail for Hank!



Our Happy Tail story is one with a very happy ending.  Our family lost one of our four dogs to cancer this past summer.  While 4 sounds like a houseful, 3 dogs just didn’t feel right and we began casually looking for a dog to adopt.  It had to be the right fit, one that worked in our crazy house full of middle-aged dogs and teenagers.  One that would not upset the apple cart.  Soon we saw a picture on the 4luvofdog website of a beautiful 6 year old sweet and petite golden retriever named Sterling.  We brought him home on October 6, fell in love, renamed him Hank, and the rest is history.   Hank is the most well-mannered dog who absolutely loves his human family as much as his new fur brother and sisters.  It’s as though he’s always been here, with us.  Hank loves to ride in the car, sleep on comfy furniture, swim at the lake, and roll in the snow.   He is truly living his best life and we are so incredibly thankful he is ours.  

Posted by admin on December 20th, 2019 @ 4:11 pm