Happy Tail for Hilde & Miss Piggy!

HildeMissPiggy1In April our family decided to it was time to get a dog. My mother had recently passed away from neck cancer and we felt a dog would help the kids heal from the grief of losing their grandma (me too). We were interested in Miss Piggy and had a meet with her, but the foster mom felt me weren’t a good fit because we have a small child. So then we met Hilde and fell in love with this beefy girl who just wanted to sleep all day and have her belly rubbed.
Hilde loves to snuggle and thinks she is a lap dog (including attempting to sit in our 3 years lap). She loves our cats and will frequently be found sleeping with Burger (rescue from Cats Cradle). Despite her beefy size she has been gentle and loving to both of our girls. She’s a great family member. HildeMissPiggy2
In September we decided to look for a friend for Hilde. We met lots of wonderful dogs. Orginally we wanted a smaller dog, but Hilde really wants to play and her go to move to win the play fight is to sit on the other dog. So we decided a small dog is not the best option for our family. We went to the meet the dogs at Pet Smart and Miss Piggy was there. We decided to say hello and we learned that her knee is better and that smaller childern are not a problem. Well it was fate and we decided to adopt her.
Hilde and Miss Piggy get a long wonderfully. They cuddle and sleep together. Piggy’s activity is limited so her knee can heal but they really want to play together. Plus Piggy really wants to play ball or tug-a-way with stuffies. Piggy gives the cutest little kisses and is also very gentle and loving with our kids. She is a talker and has a really happy tail. However, we couldn’t be happier with both of our Pitties.

Amanda, Jake and the girls

Posted by admin on November 17th, 2014 @ 2:42 pm