Happy Tail for Jack!




I adopted Captain Jack Sparrow (Jack for short) on March 5th, and could not be happier! He is the best snuggler, and loves to chase birds! He was a little nervous at first around other people and other dogs, but I know understand that his bark is more than his bit! He loves attention, and loves to chase my parents’ three dogs around their yard!

Jack also loves going on car rides with me, and we go on lots of walks to see all of the little critters that he wishes he could chase. He LOVES his squeaky bone, and he is the goofiest little dog that chases a flashlight around the house! I am really glad that I could give Jack a comfortable home where he has been able to relax, be extremely loved,and grow into a better behaved dog! 
Jack has been a great thing for me in my life, and I know that I will love him forever. He has definitely found his forever home in my heart!

Posted by admin on May 20th, 2016 @ 10:38 am