Happy Tail for Jordy!

jordy1jordy2We’ve had Jordy (yorkie in the photos) a little over a year now and couldn’t imagine life without him. Although, when we picked him up from his foster home in Fargo the car ride to Bismarck was a bit of a challenge… Jordy barked pretty much the whole way home.  We also soon discovered Jordy is quite the little Houdini, he escaped from our chain linked fenced yard through any nook or cranny he could find.  Our toy poodle has never gotten out of our yard. After adding some addition chicken wire and strategicly placed flower pots we have managed to keep him in the yard. We are convinced this is how he must have gotten away from his previous home. Even with the barking and escaping challenges, Jordy has defiantly become a part of the family. He loves going for walks, playing tug of war and wrestling with his brother, Shadow (our toy poodle), running along the fence with the neighbor’s black labs and snuggling up with us for nap time. He is such a character and we are thankful to have him part of our family!

Posted by admin on October 26th, 2014 @ 6:30 pm