Happy Tail for Lola!

lola1Lola (formerly known as Elena) has been in her forever home for just under a month now and she has been doing great! I had been living alone for 6 months when I decided I would slowly start to look for a roommate. When I received word that a new boxer girl was coming to 4 Luv, I knew I had to at least go and meet her. After spending an hour with Lola, I knew I had found my new roommate.  She was so calm, well-behaved and loyal to me that I knew she would be the perfect fit for my home. Lola’s first night with me was November 5th which is also the same day my dad passed away 8 years ago. Not only did I get a new roommate that day, I also got a therapeutic companion. My sweet Lola girl has brought me so much happiness in the past month that it has truly turned out to be a case of who rescued who! lola2

Since the first night I brought Lola home and even still to this day, I have referred to her as “my little shadow.” She has me in her sight at all times and is genuinely interested in everything I am doing! For the first couple days, Lola put up a fight every time I asked her to go in her kennel. With many treats, a nylabone, and a kong filled with frozen peanut butter she now enjoys her kennel and sometimes will even go in there when I am putting my shoes on before work in the morning.

In the past month I have discovered so many things about Lola. She absolutely LOVES to go for car rides. In fact, anytime I ask her if she wants to go for a ride she will jump and prance the entire way to the car! She enjoys putting her front two paws on the center console and watching out the windshield or sticking her head out of the back window to catch some fresh air. Lola also loves to eat, go for walks, get her ears rubbed and play with her favorite squeaky ball. She likes to look at other dogs, however she doesn’t play very nice. She acts very dominant around all dogs and loves to chase cats. Lola does best when she is alone and around people who will give her lots of attention. She is a very obedient girl who loves to give hugs and show off her new “shake” trick! But above all things that Lola does, her favorite time spent is with her Momma cuddled up on the couch.

Life for both Lola and I has improved tremendously in the short four weeks since I adopted her from 4 Luv. I am so grateful and blessed that I am the one she gets to share her life with! Thank you so much to those who helped rescue my sweet girl and to 4 Luv of Dog for all that they do to help animals in need. Not only did you help place her in a loving home but you have given me a sweet, sassy, one-of-a kind girl who has brought me so much happiness. Thank you!

Alyssa & Lola

Posted by admin on January 6th, 2015 @ 10:19 am