Happy Tail for McKenna!

Desktop18It all started when a neighbor had lost a dog and was going through the adoption process.  We really were not looking for a new dog, but we were out shopping for dog food and our neighbor was picking up supplies for her adoptee.
It was at a PetSmart meet and greet of dogs.  We were in the back of the store and looking at all the dogs that were on show.  We saw some really large dogs and some older dogs and there was this extremely cute, small eyed red dog named McKenna there. 
I thought about the processes involved and talked with my partner and we both agreed that she looked like the right size and temperament to be with our older dog.  So I started the application processes not believing that she was going to be available by the time the approval process completed.
After the approval process, we learned that she was not yet adopted, we were overjoyed that she was potentially going to be ours.  Yes adopting a new dog is an adjustment for both you and the dog.
We finally were able to get the appointment to have the older dog Natasha meet McKenna.  At first our older dog was like “why did you bring me this thing?”  We were all set to travel on vacation back to our home states of Pennsylvania and New York, so we had her home for about 2 weeks and the expiration date of the trial was ending on our trip, so it was a mutual decision that she was going to be ours.  We boarded her at the kennel that she was housed at when we picked her up–she was dropped off and had the personality of “Ok, it was nice while it lasted, I’m back where I started.”  Over the course of vacation, we both had wished that she was able to be with us, but knew that the recent events of her short stay with us would not be beneficial to everyone involved. Our older dog made the journey, but looked really saddened without having her newly adopted sister with us.
We returned and went to pick her back up from the kennel.  She was a bit confused and out of sorts like “wow, I think these guys came back for me.”  The older dog was happy to see her back although she probably would not admit it if she could talk.
It has been since around May 15 that we took on a very happy energetic dog named McKenna.  in that time, yes we have had some adjustments to deal with–like how to get 2 dogs to walk together and be together.  McKenna is an amazing dog–she is quirky but we both like the quirks it makes for a very interesting time.
As we learned from the first day that she was with us, McKenna loves to give kisses.  She would walk by Natasha and give her the “run by licking” and Natasha at first was a bit afraid of this; however, now she will just sit still and appears to enjoy those kisses.  McKenna when she first meets someone a person or a new dog is very happy and energetic to meet them–she is slowly learning that to meet other dogs, I have to wait for them to come up to me, as with everything learning takes time–we are working on the new introductions and she is showing vast signs of improvement each time.
Looking through the Facebook pages, I located a video of McKenna on the TV from February which was surprising to see.  With this TV air time it shocked me that she was not adopted before we even met her.  
Looking back, over the past 2 months, I am happy that McKenna was picking her new home. It is said that you don’t pick the dog, the dog picks you.  McKenna certainly fits in with our unique family unit.  
Thank you for having such a kind, sweet and loving dog available when we were not looking for a dog, but had talked about having a second dog.
McKenna chose us not sure why, but I am sure glad that she did.
Earl E. Cottrell, Jr.

Posted by admin on August 2nd, 2017 @ 11:32 am