Happy Tail for Pierce Brosnan!

IMG_5956Pierce 2015Hello my friends at 4 Luv of Dogs! This is Pierce Brosnan checking in. It’s been exactly a year since my adopted family took me in. Boy, has it been an exciting year! I have been featured prominently on Facebook for my many escapades, but I want to be clear that Daddy DID replace the new book that I shredded. And that second doggy bed really did have too much stuffing in it to be comfortable. And the Christmas tree REALLY fainted with no help from me, I was just trying to keep the ornaments from escaping the house. When I overheard Mom say, “He’s not very smart, is he?” I decided to change my image from lovable clown to sophisticated graduate. I received diplomas from two obedience classes and became the smartest dog in the neighborhood, responding to hand commands and reading human minds. Don’t worry, I still have an irrepressible joy of life and enjoy being a goofball. My parents rewarded me by moving us to the country (more running room!) and adopting another rescue dog from Nebraska for a running companion (she’s not as smart as I am). And my name? Is still Pierce Brosnan, which always raises an eyebrow or two, but nothing else seems to fit my impossible good looks and my irresistible charm. Thanks for everything you’ve done to make me the happiest dog in the world!

Posted by admin on December 18th, 2015 @ 11:27 pm