Happy Tail for Rocco!

We lost our miniature dachshund, Fritz, on Christmas Eve 2011 due to heart problems. He was a very special dog and we loved him very much.  Prior to Fritz, we had a female miniature dachshund named Heidi.  Fritz and Heidi were together for 11 years until we had to put Heidi to sleep in September 2010.  After Heidi was gone,  Fritz didn’t like being alone.  He hurt his back in December 2010 while in his kennel probably having some kind of anxiety attack since we were not home.  We nursed him back to health and his back was pretty much back to normal by May 2011. While we were grieving for Fritz, we were checking some websites looking to adopt another dachshund.  We love their personalities and we have had 4 over the course of our 32 years of marriage.  We did a search in Google and typed in – dachshund rescue in north dakota – and the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue came up.  We took one look at Rocco’s face and wanted him.  

He had such happy eyes, a cute face, and once we read his story, we knew we wanted him.  His story told about him hurting his back and since Fritz had hurt his back, we thought, yes, we can take care of a dog with a back injury since we have already been through that.  We were also thinking that with a back injury, he might be hard to place and he needed a home.  We filled out the application on line and waited for someone to contact us.  We were contacted the Thursday before Easter for the home visit.  And once we talked with Rocco’s foster mom, Heidi, during the next few days, we couldn’t wait to meet Rocco.

 Since getting Rocco on Friday, April 13, he has become a very important and loved member of our family.   Heidi had told us he was timid and very cautious around men. He took to Rhonda right away and it took a little over a week and Dave had won him over.  More and more of his personality came out bit by bit.  

We could tell we were exposing him to all kinds of new things such as being hugged, playing with toys, fetching a ball, playing hide and go seek with Dave, different kinds of dog treats, and 2 people that love him very much.  We took him canoeing (we even have a life jacket for him) and fishing last week.  He just loved sitting in the canoe and he wasn’t afraid of walking in the water and getting wet while trying to catch a minnow we threw in the water.

 We are so glad for finding the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue website because having Rocco in our family is the best result of that Google search!!!

 Dave, Rhonda, and Rocco Thill

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