Happy Tail for Sally

Here are a couple pictures of Sally, the Chihuahua that I adopted from you. She is doing great. She is all healed from her surgery for her spay, inguinal hernia repair and the rear dewclaw removel. She is such a sweet dog. She loves to play with “Peanut” (one of my other Chihuahuas) and to snuggle in on my lap. She is also not afraid of anyone. She has a great personality. We just dont understand how she ended up in the pound and why no one came looking for her. She fits in great here and will always have a warm loving home. Her paws are also looking better as upon examination we found out that she has frostbitten all her paws. She is also good about having her nails trimmed as I trim nails twice a week with a dremel tool. Thanks Again,    

~~ Jamie

Posted by admin on May 21st, 2011 @ 6:29 am