Happy Tail for Scooter!

scooter1scooter2After losing my life long friend, Max, at the beginning of November, the search for a new friend was high on my list. My fiance, Jake, has to travel a lot for work; which means a lot of lonely nights for me. Jake and I agreed that adopting a young dog that was house trained would be best for us. Jake is a big hunter and his family has two chocolate labs of their own. Jake really wanted a dog that would have the potential to be a hunter. While looking through the dogs online, there was no doubt that Scooter would be the dog for us. 
From the moment I picked Scooter up from his foster home, he has brought 


so many laughs and smiles into our lives. He loves to be around people. Every day when we get home from work he “yells” at us. We then make it up to him by giving him plenty of cuddle time on the couch….Scooter is a big lap dog! After he has gotten enough cuddles he’s all about getting outside for a long walk or running around out by the Jamestown Reservoir. He is adjusting well to our voices and commands. We even took him out pheasant hunting with Jake’s chocolate labs over Christmas. He pointed out some birds and had so much fun running around!
Scooter is the perfect fit for Jake and I. We are so grateful that 4 Luv of Dog allowed us to provide a loving home for him. We are looking forward to many happy years with Scooter!
Claire, Jake, and Scooter :)

Posted by admin on February 4th, 2015 @ 4:41 pm