Happy Tail Stories!

Below are “Happy Tail” stories about dogs adopted from the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue who have found their forever home. If you adopted a dog from us and would like to share your “Happy Tail” story with us, please email pics and a brief write-up to happytail@4luvofdog.org.

Happy Tail for Benny!

Desktop21Benny (formerly known as Benjamin) has been with us for about 3 and a half months and he has settled so well into our home. He is such a good natured & happy dog that is friendly to everyone he meets. He’s so gentle with our nieces and nephews as well as friends, family, and neighbor kids. He’s always up for cuddles and playtime and he loves mealtime.  He knows where his “spot” is on the couch and could snuggle with you all day if you let him. He’s sure got that hound-dog bark and isn’t afraid to use his voice when it’s playtime or he thinks he needs your attention.

We’ve begun some obedience training in December and since his first class he now knows how to sit, lay down, shake, and knows his “place” (aka his bed). He’s so smart and catches onto new tricks so fast – as long as there’s a Pupperoni treat involved. We continue to work on some basic obedience (he once got a fish stick off the counter). He can be very stubborn at times but we love him just the same.

We were curious to see what sort of a mix he was. He looks so much like a beagle but he’s got such long legs and a longer snout. We submitted a canine DNA test to Wisdom Panel and the results came back as a purebred Treeing Walker Coonhound! They stated that his last three generations were Treeing Walker Coonhound. We looked into that breed and quickly saw so many physical and behavioral similarities. We are astounded that we adopted a purebred dog from a rescue.

Benny has been such a great addition to our family and even after these short 3.5 months, we couldn’t imagine our life without him. It just goes to show that rescue dogs are truly worth that second chance.

Betsy, Brock, and Benny 

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Happy Tail for Daisy!



Hi I wanna tell you my happy tails story. My name is Daisy. My mom renamed  me, I used to be known as Daphne. I came to my new home 2 months ago. I love being at my new home. I have an older sister named Annie who at times likes to play with me. But mostly avoids me. It’s ok. I learned real quick I like my daddy’s left shoes. ALL OF THEM. He didn’t seem to mind. Mommy though got made when I took her last pair of sandals before they left for Paris. My mommy and daddy just got married. I did not go, but I got sleep in their bed. It was awesome. Since I have been living in my new home. I have my own bed…my own toys…and I love our walks at night. I am starting to learn my voice and love hollering at people. I love waking my daddy up at 5 am everyday. Even though he gets grumpy..I smile and rub on him and make him love me. I started to go to this cool place where all these other dogs are at. WOW I played all day….then I see my daddy and we go home. Then I nap….allot. I tend to get away with stuff with Dad around compared to mom. But they both love me. I am so thankful found my forever home. Everyone thinks I am a coyote and love on me….I hope to see you all sometimes at the park…or on the rides I take with Dad and Mom. See you all soon. 

Love Daisy. Aka Daisy Duke!

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Happy Tail for Milo!



Reese and I adopted Milo in late August. I’ve been begging my husband for a dog since we bought our house because we finally had the space and a yard! I’m glad we looked and looked and looked some more because when we first met Milo – He was the dog for us! A few months later, Milo is incredibly loved. His best friend is my sister-in-law’s pup. Milo really loves his belly rubs and going to the dog park. He is an over-all great listener and a better snuggle buddy! Thanks 4 Luv for all you do for all the dogs you care for! You made the adoption process easy.

God Bless,
Reese & Sarah & Milo Streit

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Happy Tail for Bean!


Hi everybody! I am Bean and I’d like to tell you my Happy Tail! My parents adopted me about a year ago. They also adopted another dog I had never met before named Coors. Before I got to 4 Luv of Dog, my human passed away, so we had to go to foster homes. However, when I got to my new home, I adapted to my new mom and dad pretty quickly. I have separation anxiety and a little OCD, so at first it was hard for me when they had to leave for any length of time. I still have that anxiety but it’s definitely not as bad anymore. I now know that they always come back and that I’ll be able to live with them forever.

When I arrived in my new home, I was given the job of teaching my new brother a few things about being a dog. It’s a good thing I’m a good teacher and am very excited about everything I do! He was so scared so I taught him how to play with toys, especially squeaky toys – those are my favorite! I think he likes me a lot and I secretly like being with him too. I’m sure glad I have him to help keep me calm when our parents have to leave to go to work. I also like to sleep with him because we keep each other warm. Did I mention I love squeaky toys? Throughout the day I really like to gather every toy I can find and put them all on my parents’ bed. (I used to hoard them in my kennel but we don’t have kennels anymore.) So every night before we all get into bed, either dad or mom has to try to sneak all the toys off the bed and put them back into our toy box. If I catch them trying to do this or they accidentally squeak one of the toys in the process, it really bugs me. So then I have to go dig a toy or two back out of the toy box and put it back on the bed before we can go to sleep.

I am definitely a snuggler and I love all kinds of affection. I especially like getting belly rubs and will present my belly to pretty much anyone who is present. (FYI – it almost ALWAYS works!!!) I also LOOOOOVE going for walks. I must mark every single tree and usually pull my parents along – I wish they would walk faster, or even run! We’ve been getting to go on more and more trips lately and sometimes I get a little nervous in the car. But once we get there I adjust well. I hear we get to go back to Itasca State Park next weekend. Maybe this time I’ll stand still for a picture by the Mississippi headwaters. I especially like to go to the lake cabin. Even though I don’t like the water very much, I really like pontoon rides. Dad lets me sit in his lap and be the co-captain and it makes me feel pretty important. We also like to take naps during pontoon rides because it’s so relaxing. Well, I guess I like to nap anywhere, really. I basically run at two speeds – go-go-go-go-go and napping. I’m very good at both.

I am very happy living here and my parents seem to like me too – my mom tells me she loves me several times a day and gives me kisses. I am so glad to be part of this little family. Thank you 4 Luv of Dog for taking such good care of me in the meantime. You are all such very special people.



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Happy Tail for Coors!

Desktop19 Hello my name is Coors and this is my Happy Tail Story! I’ve been with my new parents now for about a year. When I first came to my new home I was very scared and was having trouble trusting my new humans. I didn’t eat very much and would avoid getting close to them as much as possible. But little by little I learned that they would never hurt me and only wanted to show me love. They don’t have children so I think I am a pretty important part of their lives. I don’t think I really knew how to be a dog when I first got here. I had a pretty sad start to my life and I didn’t know any different. After being rescued from a barn, I was adopted, but my new dad passed away and I had to go back foster care. Then, my new brother, Bean, came along. (He was adopted the same time as me.) I didn’t know him before we arrived at our new home together. But he has been so helpful in showing me how to play with toys and just run around and be silly with him and our parents. He is now my best friend and I love to snuggle him.

I have come so far in the last year. I wag my tail all the time and get really excited when my parents come home from work. I now go to them looking for affection – I never used to approach them. I love snuggling with them on the couch and especially before we get up in the morning. (They let us sleep with them every night so that is nice.) Mom tries to kiss on me ALLLLLL the time and tells me that she loves me about a million times a day. I learned that their affection makes me feel really good. I am still pretty scared of other humans but my parents are slowly introducing and exposing me to more social situations so that I can get used to being around different people. Nowadays, I absolutely love being outside and just like to wander around in my backyard sniffing or lay in the sun. I will protect my backyard at all costs from bunnies, squirrels and seemingly harmless people walking on the sidewalk 50 yards away. Our parents have brought us to the lake cabin a few times this summer and I feel so relaxed when we go there. And do I ever like going for pontoon rides! I don’t swim yet but I got pretty brave and waded into the water up to my belly. Maybe next year I’ll go a little further – that water felt really nice.

This year we got to go Itasca State Park. It was our first family trip overnight, and cold and rain kept us in the camper a lot of the time, so I was a little nervous. But I heard them talking about going back there next weekend to try it again. I am excited – I do like going for car rides and now I’m more used to going to different places.

Sometimes I get to visit my foster mom, Penny, and my foster brother, Owen. I really like seeing them and I’m so thankful and fortunate they were there for me when I needed it most. They are so patient with me and love me like their own.

I really like living here and I am glad we all found each other. I know for sure mom and dad couldn’t imagine life without me and my brother – call it a hunch. Thank you so much 4 Luv of Dog for taking such good care of me, and for everything you do to help other dogs like me. I know that some dogs aren’t as lucky as I am, so that makes me sad. But I’m encouraged that there are wonderful people out there that have only our best interest at heart. 

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Happy Tail for McKenna!

Desktop18It all started when a neighbor had lost a dog and was going through the adoption process.  We really were not looking for a new dog, but we were out shopping for dog food and our neighbor was picking up supplies for her adoptee.
It was at a PetSmart meet and greet of dogs.  We were in the back of the store and looking at all the dogs that were on show.  We saw some really large dogs and some older dogs and there was this extremely cute, small eyed red dog named McKenna there. 
I thought about the processes involved and talked with my partner and we both agreed that she looked like the right size and temperament to be with our older dog.  So I started the application processes not believing that she was going to be available by the time the approval process completed.
After the approval process, we learned that she was not yet adopted, we were overjoyed that she was potentially going to be ours.  Yes adopting a new dog is an adjustment for both you and the dog.
We finally were able to get the appointment to have the older dog Natasha meet McKenna.  At first our older dog was like “why did you bring me this thing?”  We were all set to travel on vacation back to our home states of Pennsylvania and New York, so we had her home for about 2 weeks and the expiration date of the trial was ending on our trip, so it was a mutual decision that she was going to be ours.  We boarded her at the kennel that she was housed at when we picked her up–she was dropped off and had the personality of “Ok, it was nice while it lasted, I’m back where I started.”  Over the course of vacation, we both had wished that she was able to be with us, but knew that the recent events of her short stay with us would not be beneficial to everyone involved. Our older dog made the journey, but looked really saddened without having her newly adopted sister with us.
We returned and went to pick her back up from the kennel.  She was a bit confused and out of sorts like “wow, I think these guys came back for me.”  The older dog was happy to see her back although she probably would not admit it if she could talk.
It has been since around May 15 that we took on a very happy energetic dog named McKenna.  in that time, yes we have had some adjustments to deal with–like how to get 2 dogs to walk together and be together.  McKenna is an amazing dog–she is quirky but we both like the quirks it makes for a very interesting time.
As we learned from the first day that she was with us, McKenna loves to give kisses.  She would walk by Natasha and give her the “run by licking” and Natasha at first was a bit afraid of this; however, now she will just sit still and appears to enjoy those kisses.  McKenna when she first meets someone a person or a new dog is very happy and energetic to meet them–she is slowly learning that to meet other dogs, I have to wait for them to come up to me, as with everything learning takes time–we are working on the new introductions and she is showing vast signs of improvement each time.
Looking through the Facebook pages, I located a video of McKenna on the TV from February which was surprising to see.  With this TV air time it shocked me that she was not adopted before we even met her.  
Looking back, over the past 2 months, I am happy that McKenna was picking her new home. It is said that you don’t pick the dog, the dog picks you.  McKenna certainly fits in with our unique family unit.  
Thank you for having such a kind, sweet and loving dog available when we were not looking for a dog, but had talked about having a second dog.
McKenna chose us not sure why, but I am sure glad that she did.
Earl E. Cottrell, Jr.

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Happy Tail for Burt!



Hi my name is Burt formally called Burke. Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary with my family. My partner in crime is a two year boy named Luke. We do everything together. Our Mom takes us on nature hikes as often as she can. I love to run free and sniff all the different smells out here on the prairie.

I get to sleep on the bed or the couch and I sure love to snuggle with my boy. We enjoy nap time. I go on car rides, run errands and go for leash walks with my family. I just love my family. I look forward to many years with them. Thank you 4luvofdogs  for helping me find my forever home.

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Happy Tail for Reptar & Adele!

AdeleI grew up with golden retrievers and yellow labs so I always knew I’d have dogs of my own, but never in my life did I imagine I’d have two little black dogs! Sometimes life has other plans for us, though, and I’d love to tell you about my babies, Reptar and Adele (formerly Pepper Pots).

After getting married, my husband and I knew we wanted to get a dog but we never thought it was “the right time”. We constantly browsed the 4 Luv website just for fun, though. In 2014, a dog named Reptar was posted. My husband was immediately obsessed! I, however, thought the dog looked funny and wanted nothing to do with a small, black mutt. I wanted a golden!! Andy talked about this dog constantly and would show me pictures daily. One weekend when Andy had to work, there was a Meet the Dogs at PetSmart and Reptar was going to be there. I agreed to go meet this dog to prove I didn’t like him just so my husband would shut up about Reptar. WELL…I fell in love with Reptar the second I met him and I sped home to fill out an adoption application. My husband called and asked how it went and was shocked when I said I’d submitted an app for him. Shortly after, my favorite little weirdo officially became a member of our family.
We loved how much Reptar adored my mom’s dogs (a golden and a yellow lab), but again, it never seemed like “the right time” to get a second dog. Also, I was reluctant because I was very attached to Reptar and he actually became my assistive animal and helped me overcome severe anxiety. The universe had other plans for us in the summer of 2015! Dana Holscher, an amazing volunteer with 4 Luv, sent me a photo of the saddest looking dog from Standing Rock and said everyone was commenting that she looked like Reptar (he’s kind of hard to forget once you meet him haha). I text her back immediately and said I needed this dog! Dana was Pepper Potts’ foster mom and we “accidentally” ran into the two at Natural Pet Center right after Dana got her. Pepper Potts’ first reaction was to walk up to my husband and show him an endless amount of affection. It’s like she knew she needed to win him over and it absolutely worked!! A couple days later Reptar and Pepper Potts met and they hit it off perfectly. I guess it was time for us to get a second dog! We renamed her Adele because Reptar has a million nicknames, including many that are incredibly similar to “Pepper”. Reptar
To say adopting a rescue dog is easy is the biggest lie I could ever tell. We thought Reptar was a lot of work until we got Adele. Adele had extreme separation anxiety. She escaped from kennels and crates at her foster home, so knowing that would be an issue, we put 25 zip ties on her metal crate. What I didn’t expect was for her to shred the bottom of the crate and move it from one room to another, putting holes in the wall and shredding clothes on the floor in the process. When I was sobbing in our hallway because I was at my wits’ end, Andy suggested we return Adele, but that was absolutely not an option in my book. I took Adele back to the vet and let the vet know every non-prescription remedy for separation anxiety just wasn’t cutting it for Adele. She prescribed fluoxetine - we had to up the dose a couple times - but we’ve never looked back. We also added 60 lbs of landscaping pavers to the bottom of Adele’s kennel so she can’t move it even if she tried! 
To say adopting a rescue dog is absolutely worth it is completely true. The love Reptar and Adele have for us is unbelievable. I honestly don’t remember what life was like before them! It is so rewarding to see them learn something new. Adele didn’t know how to “dog” for about a year but she awkwardly initiates play now and it brings tears to my eyes. Reptar loves to play fetch and tug and is an epic snuggler. Adele loves to chase birds and bunnies and gives an obnoxious amount of kisses. I am so proud of my babies and I’m so grateful for 4 Luv giving these dogs a chance at life. Our family wouldn’t be complete without your rescue efforts so for that we thank you!

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Happy Tail for Jeter!



We have had Jeter (formerly Gypsy) for almost a year now, and she has been such a blessing!

Jeter was a bit timid the first few days, but warmed up and adjusted very well. She is such a happy dog, who loves perching on the couch to keep a lookout on the neighborhood, digging for rocks at the lake, going on runs, wading in her pool in the summer and destroying every new toy she can get her paws on. She is very smart! Sometimes mischievously smart, but we love her adorably spunky attitude. She wants to be best friends with every dog she meets, and loves every human friend she has.

Thank you, 4 Luv for everything! We cannot imagine our family without our sweet girl.

Posted by admin on May 24th, 2017 @ 4:20 pm

Happy Tail for Via!



I wanted to drop you a quick “happy tail” for Miss Via, who came to live with us a little over a year ago. At first, Via was a little anxious around her new dad, but took to the rest of the family immediately. After a few weeks, all anxiety was gone and Via had fully settled into her new family. Via is such a sweetie – she gives “hugs” to greet us and is only slightly delusional in thinking she’s a lap dog (even though she weighs about 65 pounds)! J Via gets along really well with her older beagle brother, and is an excellent family protector. She has a lovely dog bed, but has claimed her spot on the master bed each evening. With this cute face, who could kick her out!?!

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Happy Tail for Thor!



Hi my name is Thor (formerly known as Barrow). I am about 9 months old and loving my new home! I have been here for about 7 months now as I came as just an 8 week old puppy. I may have a big bark sometimes but I wouldn’t hurt a fly. I love it when my mom spoils me, which is usually a lot! We go to the dog park, the pet store, long walks and to visit my fur cousin, Sulley (the Great Dane)! I may be a smaller, 45lb pitbull but I can hold my own when we wrestle. I hardly sleep when we are together!

I get along great with people of all ages, and my butt goes crazy when I greet them! I’m a big fan of stuffed animals, I have been since I was at 4 luv of dog. My favorite thing to do with them when I get tired of them is rip all the stuffing out, mom doesn’t like that very much because she has to clean up after me. But I know she still loves me. I could not be happier in my new family!

Thank you to 4 luv of dog for saving me and my brothers and sister! I’m so happy to have found my furever home with my mom. Thank you again for everything you do for my fellow dogs around the community!


Thor and Whitney

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Happy Tail for Daisy!

daisy1Daisy Mae’s first year of life was pretty rough, but someone stepped in and brought her to 4LOD where she came to me as a foster. “Want to foster a super cute little pitbull who was just surrendered?” Silly question! I’m certain my eyes watered from cuteness overload when I first saw her. My other 4LODR, Miss Molly, and I loved her immediately! We fostered Daisy Mae off and on for approximately a year before I finally admitted to myself there was no way I could let her leave again. After numerous failed adoptions (no fault of her own!) Daisy Mae understandably developed some mental health issues. Those issues, coupled with her serious allergies made for a long road. I’m so thankful I stuck it out with her-she was previously failed too many times and I couldn’t do that to her again.

She loves going for walks, playing with her fur-sister, pontoon rides, but most of all she loves to cuddle! She is a tiny little bundle of energy and love! Who wouldn’t love those crazy ears, sweet smile, and huge heart? Thank you to 4LODR for your commitment to the dogs you rescue!  daisy2


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Happy Tail for Tracker!



We met Tracker in February of 2016 while on a random trip to PetSmart. We were casually talking about adding another fur-baby to our family, but weren’t really looking. On that particular day, 4 Luv of Dog was having a Meet the Dogs day. We stopped at each dog and played for a little while and chatted up the foster parents. We were just about to leave, when my husband saw a precious little (not so little) lady looking right at him. I saw the look on my husband’s face, and I knew he fell in love. We walked over to where she and Gale (Tracker’s foster parent) were standing, and Tracker instantaneously rolled over for a belly rub. That sealed the deal for my husband. While my husband sat on the floor and fell more in love, I talked with Gale. Before I knew it, we were walking Tracker around the store, and I fell in love.

One week later, I was on my way to Gale’s with Copper (my handsome fur-baby) to have them meet and bring Tracker home. I was really nervous about Copper and Tracker meeting due to Copper having some social anxiety. Within a half hour, they were both getting along well enough to know that within a few days, they would be inseparable.

Fast forward a week, we were becoming a very happy little family. Tracker and Copper acclimated to each other really well with little to no issues. And we found out who the real princess of the house was. She figured out that those belly rubs were the best way to get out of trouble with her daddy. We also had our first vet visit within this first week. I felt horrible having the second car trip I have ever took her on was to go to the vet due to a deep sliver in her paw that became infected. Poor thing was stuck in a new home with a new brother and having to wear an e-collar. But, she still made sure that everyone knew that she was the princess sore paw or not.

From that week on, we knew that we were hers. She had become our second child. We couldn’t imagine our lives without our independent, stubborn, bossy, loving, cuddly, goofy, little girl. She had filled a little spot in our hearts that we didn’t know was empty. 

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Happy Tail for Nigel!




This month marks a year since I adopted Nigel. He was a very nervous dog in the beginning. He is still apprehensive around new people but he is totally relaxed at home now. He very quickly showed that he is a big snuggler at night. Nigel enjoys playing fetch with his toys, chasing bunnies, pointing at birds, and barking at squirrels. When Nigel arrived Rupert gained a snuggle buddy and shadow. Nigel loves having Rupert as his leader. He also finds Rupert convenient as a pillow when they nap and as his hurdle when he zooms around the yard. Thanks to 4 Luv of Dog for taking care of him until I found him!


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Happy Tail for Bram!

PicsArt_1483206462468In late October, my dad, who has volunteered with the rescue for many years, told me about a road trip he was taking to rescue a male dog. A few days later, just out of curiosity, I checked the 4 Luv website to see if the dog he’d rescued was listed. I saw Bram (formerly Braham), and, based on my dad’s description, thought he might be the one. Turns out, he wasn’t. I showed his picture to a couple of my friends, because I thought he looked like such a sweetie, and that was that. Or so I thought. 

Three weeks passed, and I had not been able to get Bram off my mind. I wasn’t looking to adopt a dog. His wasn’t the first listing I’d seen from a rescue. Lots of dogs, sadly, need homes. But there was something about him that wouldn’t leave me alone. After more than a week of questioning myself and my capabilities, and talking with friends, I decided I had to try to give him a home. He’s large, he’s black, he’s a senior, and he’s cosmetically flawed, which, to many, means he’s unadoptable. I knew I could not sit back and not at least try to save his life. So, I submitted an application.
Bram and I met on November 22, 2016. A friend of mine captured our meeting on video. It was love at first sight. He gave me his ball – something I was told he just did not do, and I knew I was chosen. He came home with me on November 23. On the drive, he didn’t stop smiling. He leaned over and licked the side of my face. I cried, and promised him (yes, out loud) that I’d take care of him for the rest of his life.
Today is February 15. To this day, he has not had one accident or marking incident in our home. He hasn’t chewed anything he shouldn’t, damaged the apartment or anything in it, or been aggressive. He greets people at the door with sniffs and kisses instead of barks and jumps. He’s been a great listener and learned from the start, and only improved with his weekly classes at Down Dog, from which he’s since graduated. Everyone who’s met him loves him, and he’s become something of a social media star. Facebook and “Instabram” posts about him are always hits, and I get requests for pictures and videos of him on Snapchat almost daily. This “unadoptable” dog is the ultimate good boy, despite a rough history.
In addition to the notches on his ears, Bram has a lot of external scarring around his neck from either a chain or a rope being used on him at some point in his life. He also has internal scarring, which caused a limp and limited mobility in his back right leg, from some kind of injury. There are a handful of physical and behavioral issues that point to an unfortunate history of abuse.
Still, in spite of these things, he dances when I scratch or rub his rump and hips, and he perks up his ears, smiles, gives me kisses, and wags his tail when I scratch or rub his neck while telling him that he’s my beautiful boy. He now sits, lies down, and climbs stairs with ease, and his limp is long gone. His resiliency inspires me. I love him so much, and am so grateful that I found him. We’ve been together for almost three months now, but it only took a few days before I had a hard time picturing my life without him in it. 4 Luv didn’t just change his life – they changed mine. We are both “furever” thankful.

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Happy Tail for Barrett!



Barrett has been in his forever home for almost a month now, and already we can’t imagine our lives without him! Barrett really enjoys running and playing in the snow and coming to work with his moms. He touches the lives of the residents living in the nursing home we work at with each visit. Barrett has done amazingly well adjusting to his new home that is so full of love for him. He also enjoys watching animal planet and making new friends on our walks in the park. Barrett loves to cuddle and currently weighing in at 49 pounds, somebody forgot to tell him that he’s not a tiny lap dog haha! Also included is a picture of Barrett from one of his first nights home with us and we soon realized his passion for makeup particularly my bronzer haha!  We have never met a more friendly and silly pup before and we are beyond blessed to make him part of our family! 

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Happy Tail for Vader!




Vader (previously Thatcher) came into our lives on July 26 when he was just 8 weeks old and we couldn’t be more thankful! He is truly a blessing and growing into such a smart and adorable dog. 

He spent his first summer at the lakes and loves it out there, but not too sure yet about all the water since he was so young. However, he ABSOLUTELY LOVES sunbathing. He also enjoys going for walks/runs, working out with mama, going to doggy daycare and the dog park. He is extremely friendly and plays well with other dogs. Vader also found his way up to our bed (which we said we would never do haha) and he quickly claimed his spot between us. Vader is a quick learner and doing very well with training.
We are forever grateful for 4 Luv of Dogs and everything they do for all the dogs they take in.
Thank you,
Shannon and Tyler 

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Happy Tail for Matthew!

Desktop12Hello friends, it is Matthew here checking in. When I first came to 4 Luv of Dogs, I was in pretty bad shape, but boy has my life changed since then! Thanks to 4 Luv of Dogs rescue and my wonderful foster moms, I am a happy and healthy boy and I live everyday to the fullest! 

I moved into my forever home in April and it didn’t take me long to feel right at home. My mom and dad chose not to rename me, but have given me the nickname of Matthew McConaughey (I am assuming it’s because I am so handsome).  

In my forever home, I have a brother Simon and a sister Daisy. My sister Daisy is my best friend and we have so much fun playing together, we could play all day.  Since being in my forever home, I have really come out of my shell. If one of my humans forgets to play with me,  I am sure to remind them of how much I love to play. In my spare time, I enjoy chasing after chipmunks, taking my human’s for a walk, and taking naps on my favorite blanket.

I am eternally grateful to my friends who saved me at 4 Luv of Dogs rescue! Without the dedicated volunteers and donors from 4 Luv of Dogs, I would have not had my second chance. 

Much Love,


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Happy Tail for Betsy Rose!



 My name is Betsy Rose; I was called Betty White when I was living with you but when I came to live with Grama Jo, she changed my name.  I love to sit on the back of the couch and look out of the window where I can see a lot of the neighborhood.  A beagle named Lucy lives next door and we don’t hit it off too well.  I like to go for walks with Gram and also for rides in the car. 
We go to the Dairy Queen once a week and I get a puppy sundae with a milk bone.  Gram gets a pecan mudslide and one day when she wasn’t looking, I took a lick of her sundae; it was very good. 
My cousin Amber volunteers and she is an officer for the MN Humane Society.  She is the one who told Gram Jo about me and so here I am loving my new home.
Gram says that I am definitely a keeper and I haven’t had an accident in the house in the 16 months she’s had me.  She tells everyone about me and tells people to choose a pet from the shelter, you won’t be sorry !!
Betsy Rose

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Happy Tail for Simon!

 Simon snugglingI’m Rosemary and just wanted to let you know that Simon the Chihuahua, who was adopted by me in August 2014 from 4 lov of dog, is really doing well here. The last 2 years have flown by.

Simon is 10 years old now and shares the home with my husband, our other rescue Frankie the Minpin (from Marshmallow Foundation in DL)  We’ve had Frankie for 6 years now.  We have a 13 year old cat since she was a kitten, Bella, as well.   Simon doesn’t like cats (he ignores them totally)  NOR does he like men with baseball caps on.   We all have our quirks.

Simon is enjoying either sitting in the sunspots with his brother (Frankie) or napping contentedly in bed with Frankie.  And then he likes to protect us all from baby bunnies that are outside and then also loves to snuggle in the evenings.  He also enjoys eating,  ear scratches and walks in the yard. 

I wish everyone would know that to adopt a senior dog is all pure joy and I’m glad that I get to have them in our lives.

Thanks again for allowing us to have Simon join our family.  He has a great retirement! 

Rosemary Sandau

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