Sex: Female

ID Number: 4453

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier (short coat)

Age: 9 Years 4 Months (Birthdate: 1/4/2011)

Size: 15.0 lbs. (Small)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Fence: 6 foot

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: No

Cat Friendly: No

Kid Friendly: No

Adoption Fee: $75

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Name: Nyx
Breed: Jack Russel Terrier
Age: 9 Years
Size: Small   15 lbs  ~Small range: Up to 25 lbs.
Adoption Donation:
$75 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid with cash or check.
Other:  Spayed Female, vaccinations current, microchip, Older considerate children (7+) only, No other pets, Needs fenced-in yard 

**Nyx qualifies for our Seniors for Seniors Program.  This program places senior dogs (age 8 or older) with senior citizens (age 65 or older) at a reduced adoption fee of $65.00.  If you qualify and are interested in participating in this program, please fill out an application online and type "SENIOR" after your name.


Nyx just wants to be your girl and get lots of love and attention.


Foster Home Feedback

      * No other pets, Older considerate children (7+) only, and Fenced-in yard 

     * Nyx is on medication for her allergies, 2 different medications for cardiomyopathy and 1 medication that helps with her anxiety. These medications cost around $120 each month. 

8/13/19: Hi, I’m Nyx! I’m sure it’s my absolutely adorable face that has caught your attention, right? Look no further!

I know that there seems to be a lot of restrictions here on my profile, but don’t let that scare you. I promise I’m the sweetest dog around! Everyone tells me so. I have so much love to give! I’m SUPER smart. I love to do tricks and I listen so well. And I LOVE to love my humans. I love my humans so much that I get so excited to see them even if they’re only gone a few seconds. And don’t get me started on bedtime – I love to cuddle in the covers. Humans are just the best! Except the really little humans scare me and I prefer to not be around them, so a home with older children would make me the most comfortable. The same goes for other pets -- I prefer to have my humans all to myself (you know, because I love them so much.) They call me a “One-der” dog – get it? Because I’m wonderful! I swear, us One-der dogs are just as friendly and loving as other dogs (maybe even BETTER....) Please give me a chance to prove it to you! Are you my forever family? I sure hope so. 


12/26/18: Have you been missing the perfect welcome home committee in your life? Feeling sad when you walk in the door and there is no one excited to see you?

Well, look no further! Nyx is the perfect dog for you! Nyx is always happy to see you when you walk through the door. Even if you've only been gone for 30 seconds to check the mail! 

Nyx is so smart; she can do several tricks and I have no doubt she could learn more. She communicates so well. She actually will "remind" me when she needs to take her meds. I think it's about peanut butter "treat" for her. Nyx isn't a cuddler but definitely as a lot of love to give. Unless it's bedtime, then she'll crawl right in the covers with you.

Nyx doesn't do well with other pets or small children. She does bark when someone is at the door. A family home with a fenced-in yard where she can play will be best for her.

12/18/18: Nyx is very sweet. She communicates so well; she actually will "remind" me when she needs to take her meds. I think she knows when it's about time for her peanut butter treat. Nyx loves to snuggle under the covers at bedtime. 

She needs a home without other pets and she does bark, so I don't think she would do well in an apartment. All the commotion would stress her out too much. Nyx has a couple of tricks; she can sit, lay down, spin and shake. She is so, so smart! This little sweetie is so special. 

10/3/18: Nyx would benefit with a family that has a backyard. She likes to patrol the perimeter and check things out. She can get some exercise herself but would also benefit from someone that will go out and play with her or take her on walks. She needs exercise of some kind.

Nyx needs to be in a home with no other dogs or cats or small children. She is perfectly content to hang out where you are but doesn't feel the need to follow you everywhere you go. She is house trained and kennel trained. I would not leave her out loose in the house as I believe this makes her anxious. Nyx doesn't have accidents but if left out she will get into trouble. She does fine in her crate during the day if we have to be gone. She doesn't run into the kennel if you tell her it's time to get in her kennel but she also doesn't fight you when you put her in. She doesn't have accidents in her kennel. 

Nyx is very loving in her own way. She's not a snuggler, except at bedtime, but shows affection and "hugs" you with her head. It's weird but so sweet. I think she wants to snuggle but just doesn't know how to relax her body. She likes to hang out and watch TV and she snuggles up in bed. She shakes when she is excited but it doesn't seem to be a negative thing, just too much adrenaline. 

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