Sex: Female

ID Number: 4849

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 4 Years 11 Months (Birthdate: 5/29/2015)

Size: 66.0 lbs. (Large)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Dog Friendly: No

Cat Friendly: No

Kid Friendly: No

Adoption Fee: $75

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Name: June
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Age:  4.5 Years 
Size: Large   66 lbs.    ~Large range: 61-100 lbs
Adoption Donation: $75 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check
Other: Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip, NO other pets, Older/Considerate children, and must have a fenced-in yard.


June is looking for that special forever home!


Foster Home Feedback

        * NO other pets, Older/Considerate children (due to doors opening), and Must have a fenced-in yard.

12/30/19:  Oh Junebug!  I’ve been fostering her for a couple of months now and she is so easy to fall in love with.  We’ve even had other volunteers visit just to see her as she is so loved by those who have spent any time with her.

June is such a good girl; she’s a great house-guest and only asks for plenty of cuddle and couch-time with fuzzy blankets, and to have one of her beloved stuffed animals on hand to cuddle with (any photos of her with a stuffed animal are not staged – it’s ridiculously cute). 

I believe the stuffed animals are a bit of a safety blanket as she does struggle with anxiety.  I don’t think June's anxiety is due to her life before the rescue, I just believe she struggles with it as many humans do.  Maybe you can relate or know someone who also struggles.  I waited to provide feedback on her time with me as we have been working with a vet to start her on anti-anxiety medication.  It took some time to get in her system and I’ve noticed a difference as it seems to take the edge off.

June’s anxiety is easy to forget about as when she is with someone, she is the happiest girl, so chill and quiet and great in the car – she is such a good listener.  But she does struggle with being left alone.  We are working to help her be more comfortable being alone for short time frames, however, she may always need extra attention and understanding to manage this.

How sweet is June?  She accidentally cut her lip a few weeks ago and they had to sedate her briefly to add a couple of staples.  When the vet and vet tech brought me back into the room, they were both chuckling as apparently June, although sedated, never stopped wagging her tail through the whole procedure.  When getting the staples removed, she was so good, they didn’t have to sedate her again.  On my days off, she allows me to sleep in until as late as 7:30 but no later – like an alarm clock she comes and gently wakes me up so she can have her breakfast on time – it’s quite adorable.  When going outside, June sometimes brings a stuffed animal – if she forgets to bring it back in, I ask her “where’s your toy” and she immediately runs back out to grab it and bring it inside with her.  Another volunteer had her over for several hours one day and June and her son became best friends instantly – she just fell in love with him and he would join her in watching out the window so she didn’t miss anything.

June really needs a special family with someone who understands a little about anxiety or is willing to learn to help her.  Her ideal home would be with someone who is retired, or works from home, or otherwise can make sure she isn’t alone very much – she just loves people (all people) so much it’s hard for her to be without them.  

10/7/19: Miss June is a bundle of cuteness and anxiety. June has some separation anxiety. If she's crated and home alone, we've noticed that she tries to gnaw the wire kennel and will bust her way out through the weak spots. If she is going to be left alone, it should be kept to short lengths of time or benefits from a dose of her anxiety medication. I have brought June with to work and she LOVES saying hello to all my coworkers. She goes from office to office, waddling her way down the hallways, spinning in circles when someone wants to pet her and gives gentle little kisses to anyone that sits down next to her. After she has said hello to everyone, she curls up on her blanket in my office and takes a snooze. June has seemed to appreciate having the time where she can just let her mind relax and enjoy cuddle time with her humans when she is comfortable.

Are you looking for a sweet as pie companion to brighten your day, no matter the weather? Do you or someone you know, struggle with anxiety, and understand that animals can have anxiety too? Miss June would love to meet you! 

9/19/19: June is an expert cuddler; at bedtime, she will wriggle up alongside you, lick you and tuck her nose under your pillow. When relaxing, she will lean into you for pets or lay down on top of you for a nice snooze. 

6/25/19: June went to Fargo's StreetsAlive event this past weekend and was thoroughly loving life! She had a constant smile across her face and didn't react to any of the wild sounds from the event, including runners, bikers, skateboarders, kids or any of the dogs that barked at her from their backyards. She just kept on struttin' her stuff and happily beached herself when we got home for the rest of the night. 

6/16/19: June has a lust for life and a sweet soul. She gets so excited when you tell her she can jump up to join you on the couch and leans back to look at you with that loving Pittie smile. She proudly keeps the neighborhood safe by chasing away the squirrels and we found out that under that pretty coat of hers is a wannabe Dalmatian. 

Miss June would do best in a home with a family that will understand her anxiety. The first week she was with us, she was panting constantly and had a hard time relaxing. She was prescribed an "as needed" anxiety medication that has really been helping her.  

6/4/19: Oh, Miss June! June has been with us for about a week and is such a darling. When you look at her and call her name, she immediately perks up, waddles over and leans into you for pets and belly rubs. She has excellent manners and is crate/potty trained.  June loves spending time outside soaking up the sun (with a little baby sunscreen for her sweet face). At night, she sleeps on the dog bed or on the floor. She's slowly been more comfortable cuddling with us, but I think it will take her a little while to learn the art of cuddling. 

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