Sex: Female

ID Number: 5476

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 4 Years 11 Months (Birthdate: 3/16/2016)

Size: 73.0 lbs. (Large)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Exercise: Low Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Digit
Size:  ~Large range: 61-100 lbs 
Adoption Donation:  $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.
Other: Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Older considerate children only


Digit is super sweet and happy!!


Foster Home Feedback

              * Digit has allergies and requires 2 medications to control them, one is a daily tablet and the other is an injection given every 4-6 weeks. The daily tablet costs about $99 per month and the injection costs around $135 per injection

1/23/21: Digit has been with us now for over two months and we are really starting to learn her personality. She loves her sleep; she honestly spends most of her day sleeping unless she thinks you are doing something interesting that she needs to follow you. Digit doesn’t like the cold. She will hold her bladder for a long time in an attempt to not go outside but she’s never had an accident. She goes out and does what she needs to do as fast as she can so she can get back in the warmth. We were working on walks but haven’t been out a lot since it’s gotten colder out.

We leave her out of her kennel at night and she’s good about sleeping in her bed, although if you wanted her to sleep in her bed with you she would definitely not turn you down. Digit does well in her kennel when we are gone. She is in there for some extended hours when we work and never rips up anything or has an accident.

Digit does well with our resident Chihuahua. Our Chi doesn’t want much to do with her and Digit is good about leaving him alone. Sometimes she gets playful and tries to play with him and it’s obvious she doesn’t realize her size but listens well when told to leave him alone. She does well with our cat also. Our cat isn’t very nice and perches above her and hits her but Digit doesn’t retaliate.

Digit has always been friendly when anyone comes to the house and wants all the pets. In her previous house, she lived with 3 young kids and did well; she just again doesn’t realize how big she is so older kids would be for the best. Digit is still on her meds for her allergies and is doing well with those.

12/10/2020: Digit loves people, she will follow you around the house and rest at your feet. She gets along with dogs and cats. She does well in the kennel. Digit is potty trained and has never had an accident with us. She is a pretty chill, low energy dog. She really enjoys relaxing in her bed or on the couch. She will get bouts of playfulness and loves a good game of catch.

Digit gets excited for walks, but they are a work in progress. She has protective/anxious tendencies. We have been working on some behavior modifications and she is very treat-motivated.  Her bark is worse than her bite and by that I mean she never bites but has that low, protective pit bull bark. Digit has allergies and takes Apoquel once a day and does a Cytopoint injection once a month. She takes her pill very well though. Digit would love to meet you and show you how good she is at snuggling.

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