Sex: Female

ID Number: 5495

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier (short coat)

Age: 2 Years 3 Months (Birthdate: 11/17/2018)

Size: 55.8 lbs. (Medium)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Dog Friendly: No

Cat Friendly: No

Kid Friendly: No

Adoption Fee: $75

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Name: Tahiti
Size:  ~Medium range: 26-60 lbs 
Adoption Donation: $75 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:  Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip, No other pets, No children, and must have a fenced-in yard 


Tahiti is a very sweet dog!


Foster Home Feedback 

      * Tahiti needs a home with No other pets, No children, and must have a fenced-in yard 

2/21/21 Volunteer Feedback: I have been thinking about all of the things that make Tahiti such a great dog:
1. No separation anxiety
2. Kennel trained - she loves her kennel and is quiet in the kennel
3. No accidents in the house - she is 100% housetrained
4. Doesn't whine or beg for food at dinner time. She will just lay down and patiently wait for her turn to eat
5. Is not destructive or a chewer of furniture or pillows
6. Very smart and a dog that wants to please
7. Loves back massages and cuddles on the couch
8. Does not bark at the doorbell
9. Loves people
10. Content to sit and watch you vacuum or do household chores
11. Loves to play fetch, tug, or find the bear (her stuffed toy) hidden under a blanket
12. And most of all, she does not want to go on walks when it is -10 below. That is an intelligent dog!

2/7/21 Volunteer Feedback:  I cannot believe that this incredible girl has not been adopted yet!  She is so smart and has really thrived with a schedule.  She is good at letting you know what she needs and is getting so good at self-soothing while I'm working - by grabbing a toy or a bone.

Her eyes are beautiful and also act as an almost mood ring.  I can tell when she's tired and just needs a nap when the skin around her eyes gets a little pink.  At night, she normally sleeps in the kennel and when she doesn't, she will sometimes go to the kennel anyway to stretch out and turn off her brain for a bit in a quiet space.  

I swear she understands most of the words I say, and she catches on so very quickly with even subtle training.  Her only asks are for a walk or two a day (sometimes fetch will suffice) and plenty of cuddle and quality time with her family.  She needs mental stimulation and some exercise to help her relax and enjoy the cuddle time even more.

Whoever gets this girl will be incredibly lucky!

1/9/21 Volunteer Feedback: Tahiti is a very special dog and we love spending time with her.  Since Thanksgiving, Tahiti has been a regular visitor to our home several times a week. She is so loving and wiggles with emotion.  Tahiti is a people-person dog, she immediately liked my wife and son.  She also meets strangers well (such as neighbors and other family members that stop by). She does not react or bark when the doorbell rings - quite different from our previous dogs! She loves back rubs especially after she’s been playing hard.

Tahiti is reactive toward other dogs but has shown a lot of improvement over the past months.  If we are walking down a sidewalk and a dog is barking at her from inside a house - she shows no concern.  If a dog is barking from a fenced area, she will look but redirects easily. If a dog is walking on the same path toward you she will throat growl.  At that time, we turn around or turn down another street. She will redirect well.  Yesterday we had two surprises on our walks:  the first one coming to a blind corner and meeting up with another dog about 25 feet away.  It surprised both Tahiti and me!  I said come and we walked quickly across the street.  Tahiti didn’t bark or growl.  She just moved alongside me. I was so proud of her!  The second was a dog turning onto the street we were on about 40 feet away.  We just turned around and walked in the opposite direction.  Again, she did not react with growls or barks. She did look back occasionally but would look to me when she did!  So proud again!!!  This morning I let her out in our backyard.  Our neighbor's reactive dog heard us and immediately began barking, Tahiti turned around and ran back in the house!  I couldn’t believe it!  So proud of this girl!!! 

Tahiti is a great dog, and once you learn her cues it’s pretty easy to understand what she wants. She needs her nap time and will kennel and sleep easily.  She needs low stimulation- one toy at a time, and a back rub when you’re done playing is her cue that we’re done. She likes to watch you vacuum or prepare dinner. Tahiti likes to lay on the couch while you watch tv - but doesn’t sleep (so that doesn’t count as nap time).  When she’s overtired, she will force herself to go-go-go, like a toddler.  When she gets like that she’s almost relieved to go into her kennel and sleep.

She is completely house trained and knows her basic commands.  She loves the kennel and the quiet security it provides for her to rest. Tahiti loves balls and stuffed animals and Bully sticks.

I believe Tahiti will be a great addition to your home, and she really deserves a place to call her forever home. She is a good girl who shows her love for human contact through kisses and plopping her body down on your lap. I think a home without children would be ideal and she needs to be the only dog (pet) in the house as well.

1/2/21  The two most scientifically accurate words to describe Tahiti: Squishy Wigglebutt!  I LOVE THIS GIRL!  She is so loving and sweet and wow is she smart!  She really catches on fast - maybe more than any foster I've had.  She understands commands quickly and thrives in an environment with a schedule.  Tahiti knows what time it is and what to expect.  You say "kennel" or "nap time" and she runs to the kennel and waits for her treat before laying down for a nap or to go to bed.  She sleeps in her kennel as we realized that she has trouble turning off her brain to really rest at night and during naps.  Without the downtime she kind of turns into a "cranky toddler" - that's the best way to describe it as she's just overtired and doesn't know why.  But really she's a 98% completely awesome dog and maybe 2% cranky toddler who needs a nap.  Don't let that scare you off - I really think she'll outgrow it as she matures. 

As mentioned she would do best with a schedule and continued training to reduce her pulling when walking (she just gets so excited).  With some consistency, and as she just catches on so quickly to positive re-enforcement training, I think she'd do amazing if someone continued working with her. 
She can get bored if she doesn't get a walk or two (or a couple of games of fetch in) during the day.  She hasn't been destructive and has had no accidents, she goes to the door when she has to go outside.  We are working on Tahiti learning to self-soothe and to go grab a bone or something to chew on when she's overstimulated, but she is still young and just needs some direction and patience.

Tahiti's a champion snuggler who is ALWAYS EXCITED to see people!  She loves walks and playing fetch and listens pretty well, given she's still a youngster.

Whoever gets Tahiti will be one VERY LUCKY FAMILY!

11/24/2020 Volunteer Feedback: Hanging out with Tahiti (aka the dog of a million kisses) for the Thanksgiving break. Tahiti is probably the most affectionate dog I have ever met. She loves her people!

We’ve been on a couple of walks and she did great ignoring garbage trucks and people. She is house trained and will go potty outside on command. She loves to play fetch and did well giving back the ball by the end! And she absolutely loved her green squishy ball!

11/23/2020 Volunteer Feedback: Each and every day, us volunteers get to learn a little bit more about Tahiti as she starts to come out of her shell. This little wild child loves to go, go, go! We enjoyed some time out and about this morning and chilled in a home setting. She was very excited to be there and wanted to make sure she was a part of everything. 

Riding in the car made her a little anxious, but with the help of some cheese (and a good doggy seatbelt) we made the ride a success. We ducked into Petco for a little bit too, and she enjoyed all the smells that they had to offer. She got a little grumbly when another dog was barking at her a lot, but she redirected easily and was much more interested in treats. She LOVES people, of all shapes and sizes. She wanted to make friends with every person, a little social butterfly!

11/21/2020 Volunteer Feedback: Tahiti is absolutely the people's dog. She is sweet as pie and will give you enough love that having another pet won't even cross your mind. She wants to be your one and only, the princess in her very own castle! And oh, does she deserve it.

While she may not like other animals, Tahiti makes up for it tenfold in all of her qualities. She has a zest for life that just can't be ignored! She loves every single person she meets and everything she does is done with a wagging tail and wiggling butt. She loves to give kisses and be close to her people. Tahiti adores toys and carries them around with her like they are the greatest prize she has ever received.

While she may not want to live with other dogs, she isn't reactive on walks. She gives them quiet indifference when passing by and doesn't give them a care in the world. Tahiti does need a little work on her basic manners, but luckily she is very treat-motivated and a quick study! She doesn't ever make a mess in her kennel, but she does get a little sad to be left by herself.

I think she would love a family who wants to be active as Tahiti has a lot of energy and wants to get as much out of the day as she can! She is just an absolute love and is sure to be the perfect 4-legged addition to your family.

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