Sex: Male

ID Number: 5589

Breed: Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 1 Year 7 Months (Birthdate: 3/7/2020)

Size: (Large)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Dog Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Nubbers
Size: ~Medium range: 26-60 lbs 
Adoption Donation: $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:  Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Not apartment-friendly

*  Nubbers is on medication for anxiety. The cost of this medication is about $20.00 per month.


Nubbers is so cute and check out his little nubbin tail!


Foster Home Feedback 

7/15/21: Nubbers has had a busy summer so far!  He spent most of June with 3 different sitters.  These families were so amazing to welcome Nubbers into their homes.  After slow introductions with each new sitter, Nubbers was ready to learn more about his new temporary home along with the new dog and human friends that lived there.  We are so proud of Nubbers for adapting to all of these different settings and for doing so well at each one.  After a short adjustment period, he became part of the family.  While "vacationing" with these families, he enjoyed walks in different neighborhoods and parks, playing with several different dogs - large and small, and following his sitters around to see what they were up to.  If they stopped to relax, he made sure to lay by them.  Nubbers really liked spending time with a teenager - showing him how goofy, playful, and sweet he can be!  

Since Nubbers has returned to his foster family's home, he has shown progress with accepting guests that come to visit.  He is not the type of dog that wants a lot of attention from guests - in fact, they can ignore him completely!  It's hard because he is so handsome, but he prefers to check them out on his own once he feels comfortable.  He is curious, but would rather explore the backyard than worry about the people sitting at the patio table.  Being in the backyard is one of his favorite things to do.  There are birds to watch, new smells all the time, and room to run and play. 

He would love a forever home with a fenced backyard to continue these activities.  Nubbers is content out there while we garden, read, do yard work, or visit with friends.  Since the weather has been hot, we have been taking a long walk in the morning before it heats up.  This is a great start to the day for Nubbers and then he is ready for a nap after the exercise!  

Nubbers continues to show us how smart he is and that he has the ability to adjust to different situations when we are patient with him.  Each new situation and experience allows him to gain the confidence he needs to be the best dog he can be.

6/1/21: Let me tell you about my holiday weekend with Nubbers. We did a meet with Nubbers about a week before he was set to stay with us. Slow introductions & lots of treats (he is very food-motivated). He wasn’t 100% on board, but his foster mom did a great job at reading him & knowing when he was ready to go home. A little interaction with my small dog but absolutely zero aggression or resource guarding.

The morning of the drop-off, he was again not fully on board. I walked next to him & his foster mom a bit, dropping treats as we went. Pretty quickly she gave me his leash, I kept him distracted with treats, & she was able to just walk away from us. We continued on our walk with Nubbers searching for her but not in a panicky way. We got back to the house where he had another slow re-introduction to my dog in the backyard. Again, zero aggression, just curiosity. Nubbers never fully warmed up to my mom, but he could have cared less about my dad for the most part. We tried an intro with my sister after letting him settle in a few days but he still didn’t appreciate a new person in his weekend “safe space”. I am sure he is used to getting introduced to new people with his fosters there helping him, so I can’t say I blame him for that one. No major issues, just a lot of barking – or maybe saying “hi” really loud. I was able to redirect his attention at times & after she left, Nubbers searched the house for her. Again, not in a panicky way, he was just curious.

We went on a lot of sniff-aris & for the most part, he did great. Some barks here & there if a stranger got too close, and some pulling if a bunny or squirrel crossed our path, but otherwise I was able to handle both dogs pretty easily. The two of us also went on a lot of walks just by ourselves – a nearby park was his favorite to explore. We would stop & people watch even.

We did some enrichment games a couple of days with the towel treat burrito. He is so stinking smart! And funny...SO funny! Between the new environment, the enrichment games & the sniff-aris, he got tuckered out pretty quickly. For a bigger dog, Nubbers snuggles like he’s about 30lbs smaller! Which I didn’t mind at all. I rarely left his sight – some shadowing tendencies. I took that to mean he was very comfortable with me & I was “his person” for his time with us. Nubbers completely stole my heart. We went on a couple of car rides, he slept in my bed every night, & gave me so much love. My dog slept with us the last night & he didn’t mind sharing the space at all. Our last morning was probably my favorite. It was like he knew it was his last morning with me. He snuggled in so close. When he was ready to get up for the day, he shoved his head under my pillow a couple of times to make sure I knew he was ready to tackle the day.

Nubbers will always have a special place in my heart. He’s a good, smart, funny, & playful boy. Beautiful white eyelashes, big brown eyes, & never-ending kisses if you’d let him. I can’t wait to have him overcome his stranger danger mentality. Whoever adopts him will be so lucky. And a big thank you to his foster family for all their work & for sharing Nubbers with me.

4/29/21:  Nubbers has been making progress with meeting new people and having guests at our house.  We are learning ways to help him feel more comfortable.  He likes to have a calm space when guests arrive.  Once the guest is settled and ready with a bowl of treats, he is ready to meet.  Recently he was happily retrieving treats that the guest was tossing on the floor.  When the guest stopped, he barked.  It wasn't his anxious bark, it was a "give me more treats bark"...he is super smart!  Nubbers had to wait until he stopped barking, then received treats once he was quiet! 

He truly picks up on how things work really fast!  If you are worried about feeding him all these treats, please know that he isn't picky.  He is just as happy with pieces of his regular food as he is with fruits, vegetables, cheese, or actual dog treats.  If it's dog-safe food and you're sharing with him, he is all about it!  

Once the treats were gone, a quick bark or two, but then he was redirected to lay down and rest while we had dinner.  Nubbers just needs your patience to help him work through his anxiety, but he is starting to figure out that certain situations don't require so much anxiety!  We love seeing this progress and are proud of him!  

He recently tried out a harness for walks that has helped reduce his pulling.  He loves his morning walks, but would happily walk whatever time of day works for you!  Nubbers is up for the adventure.  

4/20/21:  Nubbers continues to make progress.  His most recent accomplishment was spending two nights at a pet sitter's house.  His foster parents were nervous because he takes time and space to adjust to new people at their house, but he proved them wrong!  

He does best meeting new people outside where he has more space to adjust.  One of the pet sitters won him over, by dropping tasty treats near him.  After a few minutes, he got to meet one of their dogs.  He is easily distracted by other dogs (who isn't?!?).  This proved to be just enough of a distraction for his foster parents to sneak away.  If he noticed, he didn't make a big fuss.  He was too busy seeing what new adventure he was going on! 

Over the course of the two days, we heard that he adjusted to the pet sitters and even snuggled with them on the couch within a few hours.  He didn't like sleeping in a kennel in a separate room at night and told them so.  He is used to sleeping in the same room as his foster parents and then sleeps through the night without making a peep!  He rests best when his favorite people are nearby. 

The pet sitters' dogs were all smaller than him.  He doesn't quite realize his size and can be too much for small dogs.  He is working on adjusting to different-sized dogs.  Right now, the resident dog he loves playing with is his size.  We think that a home with a similar-sized dog would be best so that he can use up his playful energy with a friend.

He still doesn't love spending a lot of time in his kennel when his foster parents have to be gone.  He has learned the word "kennel" and will go in there on his own.  He gets to eat his meals in there (with the door open) and because he loves food, he is happy to go in there!  We help him pass the time if we have to close the door and leave by giving him a Kong filled with frozen treats.  He will bark for a while when we leave, so apartment life wouldn't be for him, but he settles in and works on his Kong after a while.       

Once he learns that you are a trusted human, willing to share tasty treats with him, he has so much love to share!  He has goofy moments, like when he comes running in the room shaking the rope toy or "hiding" behind the curtains (shown in one of the pictures).  He shows how smart he is by coming when he is called and sitting for treats even when is so excited that even his "nubby" tail is trying to wag.  My favorite time of the day is when I finally sit down on the couch to relax.  He is right there, ready to join me.  He snuggles up close and takes a good nap. 

4/7/21: Nubbers loves playing with toys.  He is happy playing with someone or will entertain himself with the toys!  He does best with routine and picked up on ours quickly.  He knows his basic commands such as sit, lay down, off, and come.  Nubbers is a great traveler and he just lays down for longer car rides.  

We are still working with him to help him feel less anxious with strangers.  It helps for him to meet them outside of our house.  We have found our fenced-in backyard is a great meeting place; Nubbers has the space to feel comfortable without feeling trapped.  He shows curiosity about new people but just isn't sure yet.  He does his best without much fanfare from guests.  He just likes to adapt at his own pace.  

He wasn't sure about spending time in his kennel when we had to be gone, but now he eats his meals in the kennel.  Nubbers is more than happy to "kennel up" when that is where food is served!  He still doesn't love to be left alone in the kennel, but a Kong with frozen treats inside helps calm him.  

When I didn't feel good, Nubbers knew we were having a day of rest.  He snuggled on the couch with me and didn't complain that we didn't go outside to play much that day.  He is so sweet!

2/24/21: Nubbers has been with us for 3 weeks now and has settled in!  He is still nervous about new surroundings and people so he does best by meeting new people outside of our home.  

He loves car rides and doesn't hesitate to jump in the car to see where we are going.  Nubbers does this with or without the resident dogs.  He is a great passenger and patiently waits for us to return if we run into a store.  When he sees people outside of the car, he will sometimes bark at them.  

When guests come to our house, he barks at the person but is not aggressive.  When a friend brought his young dog over to play, Nubbers barked very little at the human and played great with the dog.  He had no issues meeting this dog and quickly found a new best friend.  

Nubbers is still young and loves to play.  The only time we have seen any aggression is when a tennis ball was thrown and one of the resident dogs was going to fetch.  He seems competitive with fetch and focuses on the other dog, not the ball.  Aside from another dog going after a thrown ball, Nubbers shows no aggression towards special treats or toys.  Other dogs can have tennis balls and chew on toys and Nubbers is fine with it.  

His nails were very long when he came to us.  We were told he doesn't like having his nails clipped.  We took him to a local place with an awesome groomer who was able to clip Nubbers' nails quickly and make it as stress-free as possible.  She noted that he was not aggressive just unsure of what was happening due to inexperience.  We will continue to give him opportunities to socialize and find out that other people and places are not scary.  He did great while we waited at the store.  Treats help him feel comfortable in these situations. He was also rewarded with the job of cleaning out a peanut butter jar.  He was a pro!   

Once he had his nails trimmed, he was ready for a bath.  He was a great sport and didn't complain about his bath.  He just loves the individualized attention!  He is also learning to wait his turn to get his paws wiped before coming inside.  

When one of his foster parents comes home, Nubbers gets so excited he jumps up.  He just can't help but be excited!  We are working on his jumping since he is a big boy!  He is learning that in order to get our undivided attention, he can't be jumping upon us!  

He really wants to please his favorite humans!  

2/8/21: Nubbers has been with us for a week and is adjusting to our routines.  He was unsure about getting in the car but now jumps in after seeing our dogs do it.  Once in the car, he is a great passenger!

He is unsure of other people besides his foster parents so we are working on slow introductions with others.  Currently, when someone has come to our house, he barks at them.  This continues off and on at them for the duration of their visit.  Other than with guests, Nubbers barks very little. 

Nubbers gets along well with our 2 resident dogs, who are similar in size to him.  He loves to be a couch potato once he has had a chance to play.  He does well on walks and likes playing with our male dog.  He can get pretty excited while playing and sometimes needs a reminder to chill after the other dogs are played out.  Nubbers is still young and learning!  He is smart and is treat motivated.  He knows sit and we are working on lay down and waiting to go out the door.  We feel he would do well as an only dog with enough exercise and mental stimulation and benefit from another dog to play with if their personalities match up. 

He is house trained.  Nubbers has found all of our dog-approved toys and loves chewing on antlers, bones, and rope toys! He sleeps in bed with us and will be happy to snuggle and keep you warm!  Nubbers would be your lap dog if you let him.  Since he is around 70 pounds, we are working on awareness of people’s space as he is a little big for our laps! 

Nubbers is a sweet boy looking for the right home to bring joy to.  He really just wants to make you happy! 

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