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Sex: Male

ID Number: 5923

Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 1 Year 10 Months (Birthdate: 8/29/2020)

Size: 50.5 lbs. (Medium)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: Yes

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Dog Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Callahan
Size: ~Medium range: 26-60 lbs 
Adoption Donation:  $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.    
Other:   Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Not Apartment-friendly


Callahan is looking for a loving forever home to give him good ear scratches!


Foster Home Feedback 

* Callahan would benefit going to a new home with another dog-friendly dog as he loves the company when outside or when his owners are away for short periods of time. 

6/22/22 Foster Feedback: Mister Callahan went to another sitter last weekend. The sitter had children approximately 10 years old and he did great. They commented on how quiet he was during his stay.  I gave him a bath once he got home and he did even better than his first bath. He was very exhausted, from his stay. He also had another exciting event and passed his assessment at doggie daycare and boarding. This guy is expanding his horizons and loving it, but would love to go home to his permanent home. 

6/17/2022 Foster Feedback: Callahan went to Bull Dogs Tap tonight and hung out on their patio. He was so friendly with all pups and sat pretty for any treats being offered to him or other pups. Everyone comments on his great, calm behavior and soft fur. So if you are looking for a great public dog that can socialize with everyone, he is your guy. He even ran into a veterinarian staff that adores him and so wishes she could adopt him, but her home limits the number on pets.

6/8/2022 Foster Feedback: Hey there it is Callahan!!  I went to Bark in the Park tonight.  I got to meet all sorts of new doggie friends, like my foster mom says "I have not met a dog that I don't like".  My fosters have been traveling so I have been to the sitters on a regular basis and they just adore me.  I really like my foster home, but I really would like to settle into my forever home.  I go into my kennel all the time while it is open and my foster left me there alone for a short period of time.  I missed my doggie friends and howled for a while, but eventually just gave in and waited for my sitter to pick me up.  I love to get pets and snuggle with my people.  I can't wait to meet my new family, so we can grow old together! I am really fun to be around!

5/5/2022 Foster Feedback: Callahan is still waiting for his forever home. He went with us to an event at my families house and did great with everyone and the other dogs. He is so dog friendly. When people pet him they always note his soft fur. Callahan also had a sleep over at my sisters with her 15 lb pup and did great. The pups just played and played. My niece took him roller blading for 3 miles and he seemed to finally start to pant. He would do best in a home with another dog and ideally a fenced yard. My sister’s family adored him, but they don’t have a fenced yard. He isn’t overly excited when he meets new people and the last time he went to an event, he laid down in the middle of the room and took a snooze.  Please consider adopting this regal guy, he is really worth it. 

4/4/2022 Foster Feedback: Hi there! Just Cal checking in. I love going for walks and just being with my humans or foster brothers. As you can see, I love to snuggle with my foster brothers. I really like to sleep with everyone in bed even though it gets to be a lot. I have been eating my meals in a slow feeder while in my kennel. They leave my kennel door open and I go in and lay down every once in a while. My foster brothers do too, so it seems like an ok thing to do. I still do well left with my foster brothers when the humans leave. They have cameras so they can see me just hanging out. 

3/22/2022 Foster Feedback: Callahan is still waiting for his forever home.  Everyone that meets him really likes him.  He is receiving a kong in his kennel during the day to give him some down time.  He slept in his kennel all night without a peep with a doggie friend. He really prefers a doggie friend to keep him company.  

3/8/2022 Foster Feedback: Callahan went to the Home Show at the Dome and adoption days at Petsmart.  He was very well behaved and loved all the people he met and dogs he met.  He took treats gently and stood still for all of the free pets. Everyone guessed he was a greyhound due to his height. We walk when we can and he loves to sniff all the smells. He continues to look for his forever home.  

2/22/2022: Here are some things Callahan loves and dislikes:

Loves: doggie friends

Running around the back yard
Dog toys
Hanging with his people 
Training -so smart 
Doggie mind games

Not having company when left alone aka doggie friends. 

2/16/2022: Callahan is doing very well. He is left with my big dogs in a restricted area and does great while we are gone (he doesn’t like kennels and can be destructive of left alone). My boxer and Callahan love to play. He is just a young dog learning all things to be a great pup. He has really settled in and is a good pup. A DNA test was done and this guy has a ton of Husky in him, specifically Alaskan Husky, so he will need an active family. He really is a cool dog with legs for days. He likes to help in the kitchen by laying in the middle of the kitchen so I have to watch my step.

2/1/2022: Callahan has been with us for a week. He plays nice with my large pit bull. He can be a little rougher with my submissive boxer mix, but he redirects well. He likes to instigate play with my blind chihuahua and cat. So I am sure no cat or tiny dog would appreciate his attention as mine does not. This guy is solid on his potty training, not one accident, he will put on a show to let you know he has to go (grumbling and bouncing around). He is very tall and lean. Callahan wears clothes and has no issue with them. He isn’t the worst walker but could use guidance. He has a nose for the ground and will pull if he gets a scent.  He rides well in the car and I haven’t had to leave him alone, but such a plus he loves going everywhere with you. He doesn’t bark while waiting for your run around town. Callahan is very quiet in the house but a few household random noises make him bark but he corrects them well. He sleeps in our bedroom with us with no issues. He is a gazelle, he runs super speeds in our fenced yard. He leaps over another dog with no question. He is such a goofy dude and still learning his legs. 

11/1/21: Hello, I am Callahan. I’m tall, lean, lovable, and still a puppy in my mind.  My favorite things are walks, car rides, and snuggling by or on you. I just want to be where you are.  You will be amazed at how flexible I am, bending this big body into a small ball.  I haven’t had any accidents in my foster home, I’d rather go outside, so consider me potty trained.  I am looking for someone who is home a lot and has a big yard for me to run and play.  You must be willing to work with my anxieties of being left alone, maybe another dog to keep me company would help.  I would not be good for an apartment setting as I bark and whine in the kennel. I have been left out to roam in a small area, sometimes I’m good, but have also been naughty.  I am very willing to learn if you will take the time to train me. I know basic commands, like treat puzzles, and am the best dog ever if you are with me.

Please come meet me, I just want to be loved in a forever home.   Callahan

9/18/21: Callahan came to 4 Luv of Dog Rescue with a fractured radius and ulna. He was quickly given the care he needed which included a plate and screws. He was also put into a splint to stabilize him through the healing process. Following his procedure, Callahan came to my house for the first few weeks of the healing process. 

Callahan was kept on strict crate rest these first few weeks in rescue. He was crated while I was at work and kept in a pen-type area during his healing process. He received a lot of mental work since he was physically unable to exert energy. Callahan was let out briefly to do his business and then would have to go back to his penned-in area for the first 2-3 weeks. After some time, Callahan was approved for short leash walks so was started walking a couple of houses down from mine. He knew his limits and would pick up his leg when tired. 
As Callahan began to get more comfortable in my home and started to feel better. He is a young pup who did as well as he could being on restricted activity. We got through the first few weeks by using positive training techniques, puzzle toys, lots of chews, and most importantly snuggles. Callahan was very interested in wrestling and playing with my resident dog which meant he needed to be kept in his pen more often than he preferred. Callahan also happened to not love his kennel and pen area. 
From day one, Callahan has been sweet, curious, playful, and a little bit mischievous. He would love a dog friend to play with and people to snuggle with! Callahan is just a young pup with his whole life ahead of him. If he could talk, I think he would say thanks for being rescued and being given relief from the pain he came to the rescue in. 

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