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Sex: Male

ID Number: 6006

Breed: Terrier / Mixed (long coat)

Age: 13 Years 8 Months (Birthdate: 8/27/2008)

Size: (Medium)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: Yes

Adult Friendly: All

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Barklee
Size: ~Medium range: 26 - 60 lbs
Adoption Donation: $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.
Other:  Neutered Male, vaccinations current, Microchip, Older Considerate children only

**  Barklee qualifies for our  Seniors for Seniors Program. This program places senior dogs (age 8 or older) with senior citizens (age 65 or older) at a reduced adoption fee of $65.00. If you qualify and are interested in participating in this program, please fill out an application online and type "SENIOR" after your name.

** Barklee is on medication for elevated liver enzymes, the cost is $50 per month.

It is recommended that his liver enzymes be monitored every 6 months by his veterinarian.

** He also has arthritis throughout his joints, he is on two pain medications that cost a toltal of about $95 per months. He should also be on a joint supplement like Dasaquin or Cosaquin.

** Barklee has a sensitive stomach but does well on Hills Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach Adult, Chicken and Vegetable flavor. It costs about $2.89 per can and can be purchased online through pet supply stores. He eats a little over 1 can per day.


Barklee is a super friendly guy! He is waiting for you!


Foster Home Feedback
4/26/2022 Foster Feedback
Wanted:  A nice quiet retirement home for Barklee. This little 25 pound gentleman is looking for a home where he can snuggle on a blanket and go for walks.  He is good with other dogs and cats, is friendly with adults and strangers…but wants a home free from children.  

Barklee is 13 years old and thus qualifies for our Senior for Senior adoption fee of only $65 if you are 65 years young.  As with most aging dogs, Barklee has a couple of meds to help with some arthritis and his liver values.  He is a very agreeable little guy who is usually quiet and sweet… but on occasion can get a little spunky.  Do you have room for him on your couch?
3/1/2022: Mr. Barklee has been with us since October and he's finally at the point where he can start his search for his forever home! We've been working through some minor medical things and he's now stable and healthy on some medications for his arthritis and a liver supplement.
Barklee has been SUCH an easy houseguest! He gets along beautifully with our three Pitbulls and tolerates our cat for the most part (he's gotten upset with her a few times for reasons only the two of them know about, so if he goes to a house with cats he will probably just need some supervision to make sure he's a gentleman.) He also has loved all the adult people he has met. He's very sweet and mellow-mannered when meeting new friends. He wasn't a fan of the children in his previous home though so we are requiring that he does not go to a home with kids so he can live out his retirement years in peaceful happiness.

Barklee absolutely loves his walks and is the perfect gentleman on a leash. He kennels great and sleeps through the night with no problem. He's not really a barky dog but will let us know if someone is about to trespass through our neighborhood. He's very low-key, he's usually found curled up on his favorite blanket taking a nap. Barklee is also potty trained BUT in new environments, he wears a belly band because he wants to make sure all the land is known to be his (ie: he marks). He tried marking around our house when he initially came to us so he wore a belly band for about a week. After a week or so he was fine to be without his belly band. Easy peasy to manage! He does have an old man bladder though and has to go outside to pee quite frequently so someone who is home a lot is best. He's great at letting us know he has to potty! Barklee rides ok in the car but can get whiny so isn't going to be one of those dogs who loses his mind when asked "wanna go for a ride?!". He's a sweet little homebody this guy. Don't let his age fool you, he can be a mischievous little guy still and show some sass!

Barklee is a serious catch. He really, really wants to find his forever home that is going to love him as he is, respect his wishes, and spoil him rotten as he deserves. We're going to miss the little guy when he gets adopted but him finding his forever home is our ultimate wish!

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