Sex: Female

ID Number: 6024

Breed: Labrador Retriever / Poodle (unknown type) / Mixed (medium coat)

Age: 4 Months 22 Days (Birthdate: 7/14/2021)

Size: (Large)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: No

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Hiccup
Size: (Once fully grown)  ~Large range: 61-100 lbs 
Adoption Donation:  $250 (applicable sales tax included).  Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:   Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Older considerate children only


Hiccup wants lots of snuggles and walks in her forever home! 


Foster Home Feedback 

      *  Hiccup could benefit from a home with another dog – she needs a dog buddy to help her feel comfortable and confident!  

12/3/2021: It has been almost four weeks since I (foster mom) brought Hiccup home. She has blossomed into a sweet, sassy, and silly puppy. She has enjoyed playing with her foster sister, snuggling in my bed, and going for car rides. She has even tried to cuddle with her feline foster brother! A big reason Hiccup has come so far in her fearfulness is because she has had a dog companion to guide her and show her that new things are okay. This is why we want Hiccup to go home with another dog. 

Now that she is getting more comfortable, she is exploring new things. We traveled out of Fargo for Thanksgiving and she did wonderful in the car. She was very nervous when meeting the new people and wanted nothing to do with them. She would woof a little, then run to me or her foster sister. When by herself, Hiccup would be very shy, trying to hide from the new friends. However, when her foster sister confidently ran up to them, she was much braver and even got a few pets. 
Hiccup is making progress on her potty training (about 90% there) and she can confidently go up and down the stairs and elevator in our apartment complex. We have been working on "sit" and "touch" and she is quite a quick learner. She would love to go to training classes and further her training. 
I am so happy at the growth Hiccup has had in these past four weeks! She is kind, inquisitive, and a truly joyful puppy in the presence of her humans and canine pals. She still has fearful spells, but once you get her trust, she is fantastic. If you are a patient human who has a playful resident dog, PLEASE consider adopting this little lady!

11/14/21: Hiccup is a very sweet but shy puppy. She arrived at the rescue with three siblings and all were extremely undersocialized and scared. Hiccup was not able to walk through doorways, on the carpet, cement, or anything that was not grass. I (foster mom) had to carry her everywhere. With a lot of treats, positive reinforcement, and some guidance from her foster sister, I have gotten sweet Hiccup to walk on all of these surfaces on her own! 

Hiccup will require a very special home. Please read the below information BEFORE applying.

As mentioned before, Hiccup is very shy and fearful. She is not sure how to be a dog. When Hiccup is scared, she freezes and starts to panic. It's hard to get her attention, even with a treat. We have been working hard on trying to keep her attention and reward her for good behavior (such as being calm and pottying outside) before she has the opportunity to freeze and panic. So far this has been going really well!

Once she trusts her humans, Hiccup is much more willing to respond to cues and food. She responds very well to positive "baby talk" and positive energy. Hiccup is a sensitive little pup. She does not respond well to any tugging on her leash, yelling, or any form of aversive behavior. We are trying to show her that the world is not scary and it is a fun and exciting place and these negative behaviors cause her fear to elevate.

I feel like Hiccup would strongly benefit from going to a home with another dog. Because of her fear, she doesn't always trust humans and doesn't know how to be a normal dog. Hiccup does significantly better when her foster sister is with her. Where her foster sister goes potty, she goes potty; if her foster sister can confidently walk down the stairs, she will (slowly follow). Each day she gets more confident and follows her foster sister's behaviors. Going outside with her foster sister has really helped her conquer some of her initial fears.

Kennel Training:
Hiccup spends her day in her kennel when I am at work and does pretty well. She can be a bit vocal at first, but soon settles down and sleeps. When I first started fostering her, I had her sleep in her kennel at night as well, however, I'm a big pushover and she eventually started sleeping with me. She sleeps through the night but usually has to go potty as soon as she wakes up. Because Hiccup was so scared when I brought her home, I tried to make sure she had a safe space to decompress in her kennel. She spent the majority of her first day in her kennel with the door open. It is important for her to have that safe space and sense of security.

Potty Training:
Hiccup is about 75% potty trained. She does really well on a schedule but still has a couple of accidents throughout the day. Once outside, it can take Hiccup quite a while to build up the courage to go potty. I always try to allow plenty of time on her potty breaks to ensure she goes potty. Hiccup has really benefited from going outside with her foster sister and is starting to understand the concept of pottying outside. When her foster sister goes potty, she usually goes right after in the same spot.

Most importantly, Hiccup is going to need a very patient home. She is learning how to be a dog and needs a lot of guidance. Once she lets her guard down, Hiccup is so incredibly sweet and loving. She is very loyal and loves to be around her humans. It will just take her a while to be comfortable enough to do so. Hiccup is a gem and we are going to be very selective on the home she goes to as she needs to find those special adopters to cater to her fearfulness.

Alright, you did it! You made it to the end! This seems like a lot of information, but it is important that Miss Hiccup finds the best home possible that is suited for her needs. I love this little pup so much and can't wait to see her confidence grow in her forever home!

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