Sex: Female

ID Number: 6075

Breed: Mastiff / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

Age: 2 Years 7 Months (Birthdate: 5/18/2019)

Size: 93.5 lbs. (Large)

Other: Spayed, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: Yes

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Dog Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Lainey
Size:  ~Large range: 61-100 lbs 
Adoption Donation:  $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:   Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip 


Lainey would luv a forever home!


Foster Home Feedback 

12/20/2021: Lainey girl is simply the best. She is majestic in every way. She runs through the snow like a panther. She loves and cuddles so hard. You can flip her in any direction while she’s sleeping and she doesn’t care or wake up. She is very ladylike when she waits for her food. Her new trick is laying down when we are eating. She also can shake both of her paws, it’s super cute. I’ve been calling her Santa Paws because now that she can shake for treats, she loves to paw your hands while driving. She will do anything for treats. Lainey loves playing and cuddling with our bloodhound. She also loves to sleep in bed with us, she tends to hog the bed, so if you need her to, she will sleep in her own dog bed too, we just love to cuddle her. Lainey isn’t a kennel girl, so she and Roger love to hang out in the living room together when we are gone. We are working on sharing toys when other dogs have them. If she wants it, she likes to steal them. Lainey is a 90lb puppy, so she is a big girl with a lot of strength. If she gets too excited she likes to jump up and grab at our arms, she thinks she is playing, but we are working on calming her down and helping her learn to play nice. Older kids would be best for Lainey, as she is a big playful girl, and strong too!! She does love a dog friend to spend her days with, preferably a more submissive one when she likes to get her way. She loves her fitness, so she would love a family that takes her on walks and adventures as she loves to be active, but at home, she can also be a very lazy girl!!! If you looking to add a beautiful mastiff mix to your family, Lainey is your girl!!! 

8/9/21: Gosh, this girl is a sweetheart!!! We just love her at our house!! Miss Lainey is looking for a home with another friend. She LOVES dogs!! She is a big girl, so a friend that likes to play and can handle her size would be best for her!! 

We have a 50-pound dominant female, a 110-pound dominant Mastiff, and a 110 pound very submissive Bloodhound and she does great with all of them!! Our female and our Mastiff are very dominant dogs. If Lainey is ever too much when playing, they might growl at her and she respects that- she’s never tried to show any dominance with them. Our Mastiff doesn’t like dogs, so it took a while to introduce the two of them, and we finally are able to let them play and Lainey loves to play with him!! 

She also loves her family so much that being with a friend gives her comfort when we leave. Lainey has never been a kennel girl, so at our house, it works best for us to leave her out with our other dog and she loves that!! She will keep your house safe too!! She likes to protect our house and let us know if someone is coming to our door. A family with a flexible schedule would be great for Lainey!! She loves to be active, so a fenced-in backyard and a new family that enjoys going on walks would be great for her!!! She has the kindest heart. Lainey’s so sweet and loves to cuddle with her fur siblings and foster family. If you share your bed, she will be a little cuddle queen.

We are working on walks right now, she gets excited when we see new things, so we are working on leaving things behind and not being reactive when things pass us. Bikes are interesting to this girl, but she will do anything for a treat!! 
If you are someone with a flexible schedule, looking to add a sweet, loving mastiff in your house, currently have a dog, and are able to leave this cutie out and about, this girl is for you!!! 
I mean look at her, she’s gorgeous!!! Lainey can’t wait to meet you!

7/8/21: Lainey is such a cuddle bug. She absolutely loves to cuddle whenever she can. If you share your pillow with her, she's down for it. She always sits before she can eat and go on walks. Lainey loves playing with dogs and being active. She goes on daily walks and plays with her foster brother in the backyard. She likes to play pretty hard, so finding her a dog friend who will love to play with her would be best for her. Lainey gets daily zoomies, so a fenced-in backyard would be great. She is lazy, yet loves to get her energy out. If she is exercised, she is one happy girl.

We leave Lainey out in our house during the day with our other dog and she does great. Being confined isn't really her thing, but she does awesome if you give her space to be let out and toys to play with. Lainey is still very amused by all the things we see on our walks, so she gets excited and wants to go see all the things, like dogs, bikes, people...the usual. So we are working on our walking etiquette. Overall, Lainey is one happy sweetheart. She is such a good girl and we can't wait to find the perfect home for her!!


6/26/21: Hi my name is Lainey, my foster family calls me Lainey Lou and I’m a Mastiff mix, around 2 years old, weighing in at about 93 pounds, but people tell me I’m all muscle, you should see my booty, but hey, that might be moving too fast!

Let me tell you a little bit about me: In a nutshell, I love to cuddle, I’m very playful, enjoy long walks, and love playing with other dogs. My mom likes to take me to this place called Starbarks and the treats there are great, they are my favorite. I spend most of my days going to work with my foster mom, playing with other dogs- I love dogs, going for walks, and cuddling. As far as dogs go, I love them. I love to play and snuggle with them. I even like to share toys with them, I don’t mind if they take them from me either. 

I’ve met a couple of kids with my foster parents and they said I did such a good job with the little girls, they were very nice. Sometimes guys can startle me, but otherwise, I love people. 
I’m a very strong girl and sometimes like to watch for birdies on my walks- my mom says she really has to hold tight at times, but I’m learning to leave them alone- they are just kind of fun to chase!!  

At night I really prefer to sleep in those big human beds, but I’m okay sleeping in my kennel if my family is in the same room. I don’t really like that thing when my family leaves me, so they let me stay out with my big brother in the living room and we like to take naps when our family leaves, but my foster family is helping me like that thing, I always get fun treats inside, so that’s always nice.

I am a Mastiff, so I do get a little protective over my family. I like to watch the door and make sure my family is safe, but if my family says it’s okay, I’ll let you inside. Right now I am looking for my forever home and I am really excited to get a family of my own!!! If you are looking for a big snuggle bug, who loves other dogs and just wants to be loved, that’s me!!! I’m your girl!!  ~Lainey

**  Lainey is Lyme positive. This is a tick-borne illness, and she has undergone treatment with Doxycycline. 

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