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Sex: Male

ID Number: 6210

Breed: Shepherd / Mixed (medium coat)

Age: 2 Years 2 Months (Birthdate: 3/4/2020)

Size: 56.2 lbs. (Medium)

Other: Neutered, Vaccinations current, Microchip

Housetrained: Yes

Exercise: Moderate Exercise Needed

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

New People: Friendly

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: No

Kid Friendly: Yes

Adoption Fee: $250

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Name: Darnold
Size:  ~Medium range: 26-60 lbs 
Adoption Donation:  $250 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.  
Other:   Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Dog-savvy cats only

** Darnold has recovered from severe bacterial infection on his skin, the origin of this infection is unknown. Though it is resolved now he may require allergy meds in the future. It is recommended that his ears are cleaned and that he has a medicated bath every 2 weeks for maintenance.


Darnold is a friendly guy who needs his new person to help him learn to be the best-est dog guy!


Foster Home Feedback 

            *  Dog-savvy cats only

5/11/2022 Foster Feedback: Thinking of adding a well-behaved dog to your family? If so, Darnold is ready to make that wish come true! He is a gem! At two years old and only 56 pounds, he is a great size and past all the puppy shenanigans. Darnold is smart and has mastered sit, down, stay and kennel...and is now working on touch and leave it. He has been great with kids 3-6 years old and will try to join in on their fun, cuddle with them on the couch, or curl up with them in bed. He also is dog friendly and good with dog-savvy cats.

Darnold has been good being left to free roam while his foster family is gone, but ok with being left in a kennel as well. He loves attention, treats, and praise. He would LOVE to have a fenced backyard so he can run and play fetch, and will bring the ball right back to you! Darnold rides nicely in the car and has mastered loose leash walking. When he was surrendered to the Rescue Darnold had a terrible bacterial skin infection and was miserable. That is all healed up and all he needs is a medicated bath every two weeks. He loves to give kisses and is working hard at not jumping up to give them to you.

Handsome Darnold is such a sweet guy and is looking for someone to love and give him the best life ever! He has sooooo much love to give! 

4/18/2022 Foster Feedback: Darnold is such a happy guy, he almost has a smile on his face. He has settled in and is enjoying the dog life. He loves attention, and pets, and will give you all the kisses. We are working on not jumping up on people, but it’s just so hard to reach faces for kisses when they’re way up there. He did so good at meeting new people this weekend and loved it. Loud or startling noises can scare him at times, but he just looks for reassurance from you that he’s safe. Surprisingly loud children do not scare him, and he will try to join in on their fun. He can knock them over when he gets moving too fast but does well at listening to when he needs to move on to a new dog activity. 

Darnold loves walks, playing fetch, running, and playing. He does not like puddles and tries to avoid them. He also is figuring out he needs to wait to get his paws wiped off when coming in from wet, muddy, snowy weather. Darnold would love to have a home that is active and with a fenced-in yard, so he can run and play. He is such a sweet guy and is looking for someone to love and give him the best life ever.

4/6/2022 Foster Feedback: Darnold loves being around his people! He has not been destructive when left out and tends to wait by the door for your return. He can be a little vocal when you are first leaving or returning but quiets down quickly. He does bark when someone comes to the door, or if there are dogs walking past the house, so an apartment may not be ideal.  

Do you enjoy walks, and stopping to smell the roses? Because Darnold loves to smell the roses, trees, bushes, rocks, street signs, grass, and basically everything he sees! He likes to inspect his surroundings and then will continue on the adventure. He walks very well and only pulls when his nose catches something to be sniffed. He will whine at other dogs, as he wants to play. 
Darnold is friendly with other dogs, but slow introductions are encouraged as he does get a little too excited with new friends. He has been known to show this excitement by humping, but is easily redirected, and begins to understand it’s not encouraging the behavior.

Darnold loves snuggling with kids on the couch or at bedtime and will curl right up. He knows who enjoys playing ball and will continue to bring you his favorite one to toss around. 
He continues to be infatuated with our cat but has not been aggressive. He really just wants the cat to be his new BFF and would love to chase him around if allowed.

Darnold knows to sit, down, shake, and kennel. He is smart and loves to please. 
Darnold can be a little hesitant when meeting new people indoors, or in a new place, and will look for his person to rearrange. He is such a good boy and is looking for someone to love him and help him be confident and feel safe. He has so much love to give!

3/19/2022 Foster Feedback: We have loved having Darnold with us. This dingo doppelgänger is such a sweet boy. He loves so much! People, kids, dogs, treats, cats, balls, squeaky toys; pretty much everything!

He does need a dog-savvy cat, as he can get too interested, but can be very calm around cats too. He has taken cues from our resident dog well and knows when to give him space. He loves to play fetch and will bring you the ball directly to your lap. Or he’ll toss it down the stairs if you’re not living up to his expectations. 

Darnold kennels well, he does at times bark for a few moments but quiets quickly. We have left him free-roaming on his own and he has not been destructive. He has been known to counter-surfer, so make sure food is put away. 

Darnold loves attention, treats, and praise. He is so smart and would love to have a yard with a fence so he can run and play fetch. He will sniff out all the sniffs for you. We are working on not jumping (friendly) towards other dogs. He is the best boy and will be such a great addition to his forever home. 

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